October Wake Up Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | October 3, 2019 | Workouts

Welcome to my October Wake Up Workout! These are so popular with my readers and social followers, and I couldn’t be happier, because waking up in a positive, happy way sets a great tone for your day… that will translate to a great tone for the day for other people, as well!! Plus my October Wake Up Workout (and my other Wake Up Workouts, too) are good for you!! They get the blood flowing, loosen up your muscles, help you stay flexible and promote balance. So let’s do this – together! It’s only 5 minutes long, and I want you to really commit to doing this at least twice per week this month – you can do it!!

This October Wake Up Workout is also a great way to get warmed up for my all new Walking Challenge – we just started it up, it’s 4 weeks long, so sign up today and join the thousands of people doing this free Challenge!!

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Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out



Transcript: October Wake Up Workout

Wake up, work out! It’s October. Good morning everybody. Are you ready to start your day off, right? Inhale together and exhale. That’s it. Lift your chest up, jump over head feeling good and release. You’re going to have a great day today because you’re gonna set it right. A good mindset. Say, okay, today’s a day. I’m going to feel good. I’m going to have a positive attitude. I’m going to be grateful. Put a smile on your face. You’ll get one back, I promise. Okay. Stretch out through the shoulders. Now get rid of any tension. That’s it. That’s it. Stretch. Given the oxygen. Oh, I call this my moving meditation in the morning. Easy as you into the day. I’ve got one board. Stretch it side to side. I really feel the length through the spine. Wake up that back. That’s it. All the energy is through the body.

That’s it. Using those muscles give you oxygen and oxygen gives you better. Put a great way to start your day moving. It’s only five minutes or you can do it each day. Yes, it’s good. One more time to the side and now hold it there and just stretch. Elongate your spine, pole that tummy and you wear all day. Pulling in your ass. Taking good posture throughout the day today and think good, happy thoughts. Let’s go the other side. Linked in through the arm so you’re feeling the stretch in your side body. Feel the length. It’s rate to give each vertebrae and I stretched space between excellent and come all the way back up. This time I want you to turn to this side. Hold it down there. Pull up the name of your apps school. Use your buttocks lightly. Then that can be different texture that [inaudible] in through the nose and now come down the other side.

That’s it. Your back is strong. Strait it. Good posture that’s stretched in chest. Muscle opens up the lungs to breathe more deeply. Acid it, stretch out the inner thigh. That’s it. Great for your circulation. Starts your day off feeling guy stretching. Totally easy habits reach or are you fix level twists that you can go great to wake up that spine. Your spine is your lifeline. Keep it healthy. Keep it moving. That’s it. Other side, just pull the stretch. Great and understaffed or beautiful. And now bend both knees. I wanted around your back. Stretching the spine again. Round your back up, pulling your tele, tailbone up. Nicely put in and I’ll slowly all the way up. Lengthen your arms over again. Pull your legs together and stretch your spine. Great for your back. You can look up, gives you an extra stretch in the hips and in the other side, keeping your hips.

That’s it. All the way. Stretch. Look up at me again. Squeeze the buttocks together. That’s it. And all the way up and the backs open up through the chest. Now opened up a fellow bows bent just like a little tree top. Open up the chest. So pretty back. One more time. Look up, open it up, squeeze the buttocks, open up the chest, gives you better deep reading throughout the day and release. Good. But just relax your shoulders and more shoulder tension. Go and make it a great day today cause you did something good for you. That’s it. Could you start it on the book break track today? Never. Re things you choose, how you’re going to feel. So be happy. Also, choose what you’re going to eat. So eat healthy and you choose how to get a boon to get off that chair when you can’t and move your body. It’s all up to you. Okay? Round the back. You see at least stretch the spine and inhale all of melting held together. Exhale, nice, deep breath. Close your eyes here. Okay. Go out and make it a great day, you guys, and that’d be all.

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