April Wake Up Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | April 2, 2019 | Workouts

It’s another great way to start the day – let’s do my new April Wake Up Workout together!! A quick wake up workout first thing in the morning is soooo effective for getting your blood flowing, the oxygen moving through your lungs, your muscles warmed up after a night of rest. It can also help you set a positive, optimistic tone for your day, and clear your head. This series has been so popular this year, and I hope YOU are enjoying these quick AM pick-me-ups as much as I am!!!

My April Wake Up Workout is all about positivity and springtime! It’s a new season, filled with hope and renewal. I love watching the flowers bloom, beautiful weather in which to soak up nature… its one of my favorite times of the year! So let’s move our bodies, work those arms, legs, feel the stretch throughout our bodies, head to toe… so wonderful, so effective. It’s only five minutes, you can do this!! Try to do this April Wake Up Workout every day this month, it will make you feel so good afterwards!! Just set your alarm for five minutes earlier – no equipment is needed! And take it a step further and really challenge yourself with other workouts. My 10-Week Plan has 10-minute workouts, 20-minute workouts and 30-minute workouts! All it takes is a little commitment and you WILL change how you look and feel!

You can target-tone specific areas with my targeted workouts for your legs, arms, booty and abs…. you can burn calories and fat with my cardio workouts… and you can stretch and lengthen and lean with my Pilates and yoga workouts and Yoga Refresh mini-challenge! It doesn’t matter what level you are at, I have you covered!! I have a free trial going on right now – check it out for 7 days – FREE! See you soon!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,



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Video Transcript:

Good morning everybody. It’s your April workout. Yes, wake up and work out. It’s just five minutes and you could do it. Take a deep cleansing breath, bringing in the oxygen if equals energy and let out any stress. Beautiful. Let’s warm up those legs. Get him going. Larger muscles of the body really waken up. That’s it. Wake up workout. You’re going to feel great today. You started off right beginning with a wonderful way to stretch and it hone your muscles. That’s it. Great. Now strengthen the arms and stretch them out. Opening it up through your clavicle. That’s it. Cause you might’ve been a little scrunched like this while you’re sleeping. So open it up. Feeling good and energized. Spring is here. I love it. It’s beautiful. That’s it. A great positive day. Yes, you can do it. Optimistic and let’s just stretch to the side. Placing your hand right there.

Your elbow right into the side and stretch up and over. Oh, just that feel great. She’s lean into it late, all through the side body and let’s go to the other side. Then your knee slightly lean into it. Stretches over. That’s it. I love this. It’s wonderful way to start your day off, right? That’s it. We’re just a quick warm up, a quick release of any tension. That’s it. And lift up. Let’s begin working the legs and the arms lift up and back down. Stretch that lift and lower you. Oh, we’ll just inhale and exhale. Let it go. Inhale up and exhale out. That’s a two more really Really smooth flow of your body. That’s it. You can do it. Smile because you are worth it. Beautiful. It’s relax the shoulders now. Good one for the shoulder. Stretch it back. Open up there, the checks, that’s it. And stretch it back like you’re pulling your hair back. That’s even better through this chest. Open it up through the heart. That’s it. Good for circulation, great for posture. Getting oxygen to every cell of your body. Great and released. That’s now. Bring your legs together. Tighten up through the abs. That’s it. Zip it up and stretch. Stretch diagonally. How you’re opening up all through the shoulders. You can have a great day. That’s it.

Oh, it feels so good. And this one. Now hold it all the way back and now lean slightly, but squeeze your buttocks. Tighten up that tushy good. Open up up up and release. And now let’s just stretch your legs. Bring one leg in front. Ah, stretch the hamstrings. Flex that tone up and shift your hips back so you get this wonderful stretching opening through the back of your thighs. It keeps your spine healthy. Everything is connected, especially through the hamstrings and legs where a lot of us get tension and release. Try it with the other foot. Toe comes up. Shift your hips way back there. That’s it. Hold that stretch. Oh, can you feel that hamstring just release. Oh, I feel so good. Such a great stretch. And now slowly lift your hips up and look in a twist every day. I want you to do a rotation right here.

It’s good for the spine, your spine is your lifeline, and make sure your legs are slightly bent to protect your back. And let’s go. The other side’s smiled and open up through the chest. That’s it. Beautiful. Hold it. Inhale and exhale. And now hands on your hips and straight neck, getting up. Now, nice straight back good Let’s practice flat back. Hips go back knees slightly bent. Hold and come back up. Lift up, up, up. Squeeze your buttocks. Tighten up that tushy. Great. Let’s do that again. It’s almost like the beginning of a dead lift like this with weight. Oh, we’re just warming it up. It’s morning so you want to make sure you really ease into the day. All right, the positive way. That’s it. Flat back. It’s bright and sunny today and it’s a great day because you’re doing something good for you. Last one, flat back. Inhale and take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale and give yourself a big hand. You did it. I’m proud of you. Go out and make it a great day.

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