May Wake Up Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | May 2, 2019 | Workouts

Welcome to my May Wake Up Workout! These quick, effective 5-minute workouts are a wonderful way to start the day… get the blood flowing, helps you clear your mind and get your muscles and joints loosened up and ready for wherever the day takes you!

This May Wake Up Workout is all about your mood: what a better way to enjoy Spring than with a positive, sunny outlook on life?! Positivity is so important to not only your emotional well-being, but your physical health, too. People who are optimistic tend to live longer, a  great goal to have!

People ask me about having a positive outlook, because I tend to have a sunny outlook, and I think there are a handful of things you can do to stay positive: Liking yourself, appreciating yourself – that’s a big one. My 10-Week Plan includes a lot of positive self talk suggestions, to help all of us be our own best champions! So is avoiding negative words – instead replace them with positive ones. And laughing – a lot! That always helps!

So make it a goal today to do this positive, inspiring workout, set your mood meter to optimistic, and all day long, focus on the good. At the end of the day I think you will feel great about how your day went – give it a try!


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Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


Video Transcription:

Welcome to your May wake up workout. It’s all about taking good care of you to improve your mood, your outlook on life. So begin that, stretch it all the way up and stretch the sides of the waistline and to the other side. That’s it. Starting your day off right gives you that great foundation to feel good all day, to stay active when you can get out of the chairs often as you can today. Okay. It really does help keep your body nice and healthy. Good circulation standing burns more calories than sitting. Okay. Arms out to the side and let’s shift our weight side. Decide your back is nice and straight stomach is in. That’s it. No reach, great for the waistline, great for your back. That’s it. And now reach to the side and to the other side. Great for that tummy too, pull in those abs, think positive.

You can do this May Wake Up Workout every day. Wake up and work out with me. That’s it. Really starts your day off, right side to side. That’s it. Two more. Last one and let’s hold it out to the side and twist. Look up, up, up, up. It’s great for your back, twisting your body on the sides. That’s it. And let’s go to the other side. Great for that spot. Wake up, workout. Hold that stretch breach. And now slowly bring your hands all the way to the ground. Relax your neck. Let your head hang. Let everything just hang down. Relax the spine, relax your neck, relax your legs. That’s it. And just stretch now, slowly, one vertebrae at a time. Come up and take your time. Usually leg muscles strengthen the thighs. That’s it. Come all the web. The reason that beautiful smiling face, and let’s stretch to the side.

That’s it. Taking good care of yourself will help me feel better. That’s it. Stretching is one of the best ways to get rid of tension. Anytime you feel tension, I want you to just stand up and do these stretches. It feels so good. Twist one more to the other side. Twist. That’s it. And let’s now stretch the legs all the way down. Flexing your toe. Reach your legs all the way. Lengthen your thighs, great for your legs, great stretch. Staying flexible. Help me feel good. That’s it. Stretce through the quads thats great. Standing straight up. Now lift your hips up. Stretch your body. Lengthen and balance. That’s good. Pull your abs in. Push your hips forward. Get the extra stretch. That’s an area we all need extra help. The hip flexors, especially if we sit, we need to keep these open doc. Keep them flexible. If not, they tighten and shorten and then you have bad posture.

Okay. The neck stretches for the hip flexors. Pull your hips said, squeeze your buttocks like you’re really tightening up that tissue and feel the stretch all through here.. Ah feel so good. Such a good stretch and relax. Let’s go the other side. Come down, get scored. Squeeze the bottom. That way you linked it through the hips, keeping your hips healthy. That’s it. Hold that stretch now hold it. Hold it. Good. Now for your calf, stretch your back of the calves. That’s it. He’ll is flat. Stretch forward like you’re on a balance beam. One straight line and to the other side. Stretch out those calves. Sometimes they get tight in the middle of the night or you get cramps. This is why it’s so important to stretch. Prevention is the best medicine and stretchy and keeping your muscles toned really helps. And let’s lengthen the spine and right here, just cool.

Yoga position. That’s it. Hold stomach. It’s in back your strongest straight and laser together. Squeeze your inner thighs together. That’s it. Such a great position. Posture is important. Reach up and now come slowly up. One more time into chair pose. Come down, hips, go way back. Pull your tummy. That’s it. Oh breathe. Inhale and exhale and release. Did you know just five minutes can really help improve your mood, your attitude. Just moving gets the circulation going. The oxygen fills your body for better moods. Last one, and let’s all take a deep breath together. Inhale and exhale and go out and make it a great day. I’m happy.

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