January Wake Up Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | January 8, 2019 | Workouts

Wake Up workout:

Hi Everyone! Today kicks off a new series to look forward to all year long: My Wake Up Workout videos! Each month I will bring you a new workout to help you start the day. It’s a great way to introduce the concept of self care into your life in 2019: These mini workouts will help promote wellbeing, your personal health, and add a lift to your day!

I love starting the day with workouts like these: it helps wake you up, gets the blood flowing, and sets a great tone for the day. You can do these right when you get out of bed – no equipment needed!

Today’s Wake Up Workout is a whole body workout, touching on different parts of the body: the waistline, your hips, legs and thighs, and more – including a wonderful stretch that will loosen up the bed after a night of sleep.

Try to make it a point to do this Wake Up Workout with me each day for the rest of the month… trust me, you will feel so good when you are doing this consistently! A great addition to your regular workout routine. A new Wake Up Workout will be coming in February, so keep an eye out! And for more inspiring, effective workouts, join my 10-Week Whole Body Plan! I have almost 200 workouts of differing lengths that you can squeeze into your day. Cardio, target-toning, lengthening and strengthening… you name it, my 10-Week Plan has it! You can start a 7-day free trial right now, and I will guide you on the path to a healthy, fit you!


Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,

Video Transcript:

Good morning everybody! This is your Wake Up Workout. It’s five minutes and you could do it. Try to do it every day of the month. Each month I’ll be doing new workouts for you, so let’s begin. Inhale up and exhale out. Just loosen up those shoulders. Good morning, that’s it. Just to loosen up, get the energy flowing through the body, give you a wonderful way to start your day, stretch your arms all the way back. Smile we’ll wake up happy every morning, loosen up with me. You’ll love it. You’ll feel great. It’s all you need. Soon as you get up, get out of bed, get on those sneakers, exercise wear and move. That’s the whole idea and stretch side to side. You could even do these exercises right out of bed, simple and easy, working a little waistline right now. Stretch it out, stretch side to side, working on the sides of the waist.

That’s it. Two more, just like that, and let’s go forward a little ease into the day, stretch side to side reach for those inner knees. That’s it. Stretch it out. You’re doing great. Smile. You can have a great day to day. Sure. Starting off healthy, doing something good for you. That’s the whole idea. It’s a mindset gets you in the mood to eat better, to move more today, to feel good, improve the attitude. Okay, now let’s just hold it there. Twist, twist, twist. Feel the stretch in the spine, so good for our spine, our back end to the other side. Stretch. Oh, doesn’t that feel great in the morning, hold that stretch. Beautiful, and let’s turn to the side and let’s begin a little toning for their legs. Each day we’re going to firm up our legs, our tummy, and our arms. That’s it. Target tone, firm up.

Really feel those muscles working. That’s it. We got two more. Last one. Beautiful. Now hold it there. Hold it. Hold it. Stomach is in back is strong and straight. That’s it. Hold it and release a great hip flexor. Let’s go to the other side. Take it down and up. toning your hips, thighs and buttocks from and stretch at the same time. That’s it. Target toning those muscles. They work miracles on our metabolism. It gets you motivated for the day, the energy is flowing and you feel so good. Last one, we hold it for a great hip flexor stretch. So important in the morning. That’s it. Can You hold your body upright? Back is strong and straight. Squeeze the buttocks a little. That’s it. And release. Oh, let’s take it down for the buttocks. Now, just mini squats. Morning squats. Make it easy into your day. Feeling good.

That’s it. Put a smile on your face all day. Walk into that room, healthy, happy. That’s the whole idea. Every day. Make a great mindset to be positive, to be optimistic. This is working, that tushy to lift that rear end. Last one, hold it, hold it. Hold it. Beautiful. Back is strong and strict. Great. Hold it, hold it, and release. Let’s do some ab workout. Stretch to the side and pull for the size of the waistline. Now we’re target toning through the core muscles, the center of your whole body. So important. Every day to do something for those abs. They keep your spine healthy. That’s it. We got two more is a little mini wakeup workout. Oh, okay. Let’s go to the other side. Reach up, pull. That’s it. Just pull work in the size of the waistline, cinch in that waistline. Great you guys. I’m proud of you.

That’s it. Two more. Last one. Okay. Back is strong and straight. Think about good posture. Bring your knees towards you. It’s all about those lower abs. That’s it. Back is strong. Feel good posture in the morning. That’s it. Set it right there for the day. Stomach in back is strong and straight. Knees or lifting. That’s great. Now can you place your hands behind you? Hold it up. That’s it. Suck in the gut. Great workout. Lift up higher now. Double it up by twisting. Now you’re working the waistline and the lower tummy. That’s it. Come on, work at tone, shape, and sculpt. That’s one. Okay. Deep breath. Inhale, bring in the oxygen. Exhale out any stress. Go and make it a great day. Love you guys.

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