September Wake Up Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | September 5, 2019 | Workouts

Welcome to my September Wake Up Workout! September is Healthy Aging Month, and this Wake Up Workout will help to stretch your body, promoting healthy joints, flexibility and balance. It’s a great way to start the day, and the best part is it’s only five minutes long! Make sure you squeeze it in at least a few days every week this month, or better yet: Do it every day with me! It really will make a difference in how you feel!

My Wake Up Workout videos are so popular, and for good reason: They get your blood flowing, they set a positive tone for your day, and they can encourage you to do more movement throughout the day! I am a big proponent of getting in some form of exercise most every day, and this September Wake Up Workout is a great way to promote that! And if you want more healthy aging exercises, recipes and lifestyle suggestions, join my site! Your 7-day free trial gives you access to workouts that can help you stay flexible and lean, nutritious meal plans for any age, and so much more – including a vibrant community to connect with! Start your free trial now and check all my healthy workouts and recipes!

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Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out



September Wake Up Workout Transcript

Good morning everybody. It’s your wake up workout for September national healthy aging month. Yes, we’re all aging, so let’s stay fit because the most important thing to do to stay young and vital is to move. So here’s my five minute wake up workout for you. Stretch and tone. Every day you could wake up and do this stretching, tone, workout. You will feel so good and it gives you a healthy mindset. That’s right. Two more. Last one. Squeeze your buttocks. Tighten that tushie. Great. Okay. Relax your shoulders. No more shoulder tension. Ease into your day. You can do it. Be Positive today. Eat healthy. Think optimistic. Yes, that’s right. It’s a wonderful life. You can do it. Be grateful. Everyday you wake up. It’s a gift. Yeah. Two more. Last one, and it stretch it. Side to side. Working the whole waistline, the sides of your waistline.

Great way to kind of wake up your spine. Yes. Healthy back. Wonderful. Pull it the abs. Stretch and keep your muscles moving. That’s the whole key. We’ve got one more. Reach it out and reach up and over and stretch out. Elongate this. Fine. Hold this stretch. Inhale and exhale. Lengthen through your back. Give me each vertebrae stretch. Good body alignment. That’s it. And the other side. Lean into it. Place your elbow right here and it helps to support you and they’ll feel the link through this spot. Feel it. Stretch it, tone. That’s nice. Great for flexibility. Be Mobile. Move as often as you can. That’s it. And release. Now try your legs together that stretch it back your legs, spine, and they’ll slowly come all the way up. Flat back if you can. Got Back. Good, strong. That’s it. Zip up the abs. Let’s go again.

Bend your knees, hips, go back. Long neck. That’s it. Hold it back is wrong. That’s it. And keep it back all the way up. That’s beautiful. And let’s stretch out through the legs. The hands during that lecture told great for the Mae. Excellent for circulation. That’s it. And switch. The other one comes up, tokens up, stretch out those cows. Ready to take on the day because you did something positive. You worked out. You got it. Going. Circulation is what helps heal, that’s it. And let’s slowly circle your hips. Just circle. And this is great for your low spy, great for your tummy. Pull in those ads, like really pull them up in, in asset circle and reverse all the way around. Loosen up those joints that it. Aw, so healthy. Keeping your back and your hips in. Something last one. And now shift your weight side to side. Feel the stretch. Feel that stretch. Good and better balance. Stretch your arms out to go out. One more to the other side. Beautiful stretch and relax. Let’s take a deep cleansing breath together. Bring in that fresh off the deck, bring it in, and let it out. Go and make it a fabulous day, you guys.

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