How Can You Improve Posture In Your 60s?

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | September 19, 2019 | Workouts

Want to help your muscles get and stay strong and healthy as you age – and help improve posture in your 60s and beyond? Check out my Ask Denise video below where I show you how to stay healthy as you age and how you can improve your posture in your 60s!

In addition to eating foods that promote healthy aging, doing flexibility and balance exercises, and having a positive attitude (attitude is everything I always say!!), doing movements that include light weights is important. This is because light weights can help you keep your muscle tone, which encourages a healthy metabolism to help stave off age-related weight gain and also promotes energy, balance, can improve your posture in your 60s and more. So keeping your muscles engaged and strong is important!

Improve Posture:

My video goes over some of my favorite moves, including:

Triceps moves – great for the back of the arms, helping to build muscle tone and minimize the appearance of bra overhang and jiggly arms.

Side lunges with a bicep curl – lunges help joints stay healthy and firm, promote healthy, strong legs, and the bicep curls add a little extra movement to keep the upper body healthy.

Upper back exercises – these help to improve posture in your 60s. My favorite exercise to help improve your posture are in my video – all you need is a set of light weights!!

Leg strengthening exercises that do not hurt the knees – see how to strengthen your thigh muscles without putting strain on your knees. I’ll show you how to promote balance and flexibility!!!

So don’t miss out – these exercises are good for all ages, but especially women in their 60s. And if you want more healthy exercises for your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond, try a free trial of my membership! I have hundreds of workouts, including my popular TV workouts, in varying levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. They range from 10 minutes to 40 minutes, and can easily be broken up into different segments depending on your skill level and how much time you have. I am all about easing into a workout, because if you overdo it, you may not want to stick with it… and sticking with it is the KEY to aging gracefully!!

Check it out – a membership also includes access to all my mini-challenges, my customizable eating plan, and so much more. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, promote flexibility and balance … I have you covered!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


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Video Transcript: Ask Denise:

How To Improve Posture In Your 60s?

Hi everybody. It’s Denise Austin. It’s time for an Ask Denise segment. Okay, I get asked all the time, Denise, what do I do in my sixties for exercise? Oh, well you’ve got to stay fit. This is our time. We gotta do this together. Hide fit 60 so I totally understand and I know what works, tried proven exercises and they all are about weight training because we want to protect our joints. We want to stay mobile and be very fit to move more and to feel flexible. Wake up happy. So one of the best things that I do are lightweights. I really believe in them because it works the muscles. Work Miracles on your metabolism. So if you have muscles, you won’t droop and Sag as much. So here’s some of my favorite moves. The first one is for the triceps. This is really great for the back of the arms, so when you wave goodbye, nothing will jiggle.

This is where gravity takes over. So we’re going to fight it, okay? We’re going to build our muscle tone, which is so important. Arms looking sexy and tone. Okay. To next exercise. I like to do is a little bit of a side lunge with a bicep curl. So now we’re working on your thigh muscles to keep your knees healthy. Did you know if your muscles around your knees are healthy? It helps the joint stay healthy and trim and fit. Last one good. The other great exercise for your upper back. We need to improve our posture as we age. No shoulders like this. Push him back. Here’s my favorite exercise to improve your posture. So you’re going to lean slightly forward hinge. You’re going to hold your tummy in and we’re gonna do an upper back row. This is now targeting the back muscles. That’s it. No more bra overhang.

Also, it improves posture, so important in your sixties keeping those muscles strong helps your whole body stay fit and healthy. Got One more. Last one. Okay. Now I’d like to show you something from your legs to strengthen your knees and not do lunges and squats because a lot of us have issues with our knees, so let’s keep our knees healthy by strengthening the muscle surrounding. Here’s why. My favorite exercise. You could put a chair here if you want for balance, but now you’re strengthening that thigh muscle without bending the joint too much for you. That’s it. So hold the chair. If you want a kitchen counter, you’d ever tapes or try to work on your balance. So important too. As we get older, that’s it. I say as we get younger, always do both sides. This is great, but notice my back strong and straight, thinking about good posture. That’s it. Inhale, exhale and lift those legs. You can also do those exercises sitting down if it’s easier for you. All you have to do is do the leg lift from the chair. All of these exercises really help. Your muscles are 640 muscles of the body. We need to keep strong because you can do it. Strong body, strong minds because you are worth it.

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