February Wake Up Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | February 2, 2022 | Workouts

Good morning – welcome to your February Wake Up Workout! This is a quick, 5-minute, mini workout that will help you start the day right! We will do some stretching, work your upper and lower body, your waistline… and get your blood flowing for a good boost of morning energy! If you missed my January Wake Up Workout, check it out! You could even double up and a good 10-minutes of movement in to start your day!

I think getting up and getting the day started on the right note is so important for your outlook. My morning routine always includes some sort of exercise… whether it’s a shorter 5-minute workout like this one, or I dive right in and do 30 minutes of cardio, or strength training and stretches, I am always happy I did it afterwards. Even if I was resisting it, I feel better once I am done – even I don’t want to exercise sometimes!

So make it a point to get some movement into your morning routine – this February Wake Up Workout is a good place to start – set your alarm for 5 minutes earlier and get up and start each day with me!


Let’s live EVER BETTERâ„¢ – together!!



Video Script:

Welcome to your February wake up workout. It’s heart health month. It’s beautiful Valentine’s Day month. It’s all about love, so let’s begin. Love your body. Inhale and exhale. Our morning workout together, having a beautiful day because you’re doing something good for you. One more deep cleansing breath, bringing in the oxygen for the day, inhaled deeper, deeper, deeper, and exhale it out and let swing side to side. Relaxing your arms, your shoulders. Just relax all the muscles. That’s it. Wake up, work out. Get the energy to flow a little bit. Breathe in energy. It’s all about being healthy and happy this month. Okay, we’re going to wake up happy. We’re going to move. We’re going to get the muscles going and the oxygen to flow. That’s it. Reach all the way up now, circle your arms back, open up your chest. This is important for good circulation, opening up through the lungs.

You breathe deeper today and feel every stretch. That’s it. No more tension because you did something good for you today. You deserve this. Wake up feeling happy, energized, ready to take on that day. That’s it. Last one, and stretch to the thigh. Stretch out your legs, your back. We got that. Can you reach your arm? All that we have now reach this hand around the thigh. Give it a good stretch. Oh, I feel so good. You guys and to the other side. Reach up, reach over, stretch it out, good for your back, your spine, and bring your legs together and swing your body. Take it down. Take it down, stretch up, take it down, lift up, and stretch elongates the spine. This is so good for your back lift. Got One more ticket down. Stretch your leg to all the way up now my favorite stretch in the world is this one.

Stretch to the side. Your legs together. Squeeze your buttocks great for your hips. Great for the opening up of the spine and release great for the whole body. You’re gonna feel good today because you started your day off with a little. Wake up workout. That’s it. It’s only five minutes, but it’s a regular routine for you. That’s what I want. Now stretch your arm all the way behind you. Now look up. Can you feel that opening up through the shoulders? Great attention begins there. We’ll stop it in its tracks. Good stretch. Hold that stretch and release, and now stretch your legs. Cross one leg over the other. Lift up and stretch all the way down. Take yourself all the way down. Relax your neck muscles. Let your head hang and just let everything go. Just let it go. No neck tension. That’s it. And switch legs.

The other leg comes in front. Let it just go down and relax. So good to think better. To think a little more alert today. Bring your knees together. Now Bend your knees, roll up one vertebrae at a time. Let me see that beautiful smiling face. Now we’re going to open up through the chest, lift up through the chest, look up, open up through the heart, open up the heart, through the chest. That’s it. Great for your scapular and relax through the shoulders. Now, today you’re going to feel so good. Make it a positive day. That’s it optimistic. Think about heart health every day. Eat healthy each day. Today you’re going to eat healthy, eat clean. That’s it. Stretch, I love February Valentine’s Day. It’s all about love. Love your body and hold right here. Hold. Bring your legs together. Chest up, stomach in strengthen your thighs. Strengthen your legs. Keep your tummy tight here. Hold it lower, lower, lower, lower, and now come all the way up, pressed up, press up. That’s great. Let’s take a deep cleansing breath together, bringing the oxygen, oxygen equals energy and just relax. Reduce any stress. Just let it go. Go and make it a beautiful day. Today. You can do it. I’m proud of you.

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