June Wake Up Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | June 1, 2019 | Workouts

Good morning!!! It’s a new month, so let’s kick it off right with an all new Wake Up Workout! If a morning workout is something you have been looking for, here you go! These have been so popular, and for good reason – they are only five minutes long, and are a wonderful way to start the day! This morning workout will help you stretch out from your sleep, get your blood flowing, and set a GREAT tone for the rest of your day! So let’s do this together – make a commitment to do this mini-workout every day this month, you will feel great, and all you need to do is set your alarm for five minutes earlier! It’s that simple!

And if you want to take it one step further – and I know you do!!! – start your free trial of my 10-Week Whole Body Plan! You can work out with me every day with a different morning workout – I have cardio for weight loss, strength training to help boost your metabolism, yoga and Pilates to help lean and lengthen and stretch your body, and more – including dance and Barre workouts!! Plus an eating plan that will help you achieve your healthy goals. Start your free trial today!

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Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


Video Transcript:

welcome to your June’s wake-up workouts let’s begin taking a deep cleansing breath bringing good oxygen oh and just release any tension you may have again real big deep breath inhale and exhale wonderful let’s loosen up through the shoulders open up through the chest that’s it stretching in the morning we’ll get you energized for the whole day give you that great mindset that you can do it that’s right make it happen today wonderful day because you are feeling good energize yourself with simple stretches that get you going that’s it just stretch up and out big circle beaut up all that said smile away you’re gonna have a great day because you are doing something great for your body your mind and your spirit last one okay now bring your arms together and out this is grapefruit chest muscles warming up through your legs that’s it great leg circulation through the chest open up that’s it think good posture today wherever you’re going today pull in those ABS stand up tall and proud good posture is the key to a healthy body that’s right last one and let’s just stretch to the side elongating the spine stretch it out feels so good Oh hopefully you had a wonderful night sleep that’s it it’s sleeping so important getting near seven eight hours if you can and let’s turn to this side stretch it up beautiful leg stretch extend through the body and release let’s go to the other side reach up and over stretch it out stomach and pull it in that’s it great hold the stretch really lean into the stretch oh it’s so good for your spine your spine is your lifeline healthy let’s turn to the side stretch it all the way up elongate your spine give me space to each vertebrae that’s it and now let’s stretch side to side forward and side great for your waistline great for your hips inner thigh stretch that’s it feels so good wake up worked out yes feel so much energy today just by starting and up right you know positive mindset we got two more last one okay let’s work on those tummies now back is strong and straight think about pulling in the ABS that’s it let the knee come to you now you’re working the lower part of your abdominals a great exercise accident but you have to make sure your shoulders are relaxed down in the back that’s it and you’re standing up tall let’s add the arms now pull down pull down great that’s it I love this exercise you know why it works your abs cuz you’re pulling your tummy in belly button in works your upper body and it works your legs getting all the major muscles go into the same time last one and release placing your hands behind you let’s do a slight twist slight twist that’s it great for the back great for the waistline and those love handles good we’ve got a couple more just twist twist pull the belly button in that’s it belly button to the spine pull the navel in that’s it last one and relax we’re gonna reach all the way up now stretch up overhead you long get the spine and stretch down relax your neck this is my little boo boo he loves it in the morning here and slowly bend one knee and then the other that’s it just stretch it out so good got two more good morning boo-boo last one okay I’m all the way up let me see that smiling happy face and release great now let’s just stretch to the side of the waistline stretch that’s it great for your back and to the other side wonderful stretch it’s great for that waistline and you long eat the body and slowly stretch it out that’s it stomach in squeeze your buttocks together squeeze your thighs together and release open it up to the other side that’s it Oh open up the chest so improve your posture that’s it take good care of yourself that’s it zip up those ABS and take a nice deep cleansing breath and go out and make it a wonderful day love you guys!

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