November Good Morning Stretch Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | November 5, 2020 | Workouts

Can you believe the holiday season is here??!! Let’s try to make the most of the end of this year by setting a positive tone for every day. And you know what I am going to say – one of the BEST ways to set a good tone for the day is to start it out with a little exercise! It really helps you to open your mind, loosen up your joints and muscles, take in some deep breaths… all of this is beneficial to your mind and body! So really make it a point to do this mini workout every day you can this month. It will not only set a good tone for the day, it can help you to stave off that holiday weight gain that so many of us experience when all the yummy holiday treats start appearing!

And if you want more ways to work out at home and stay fit and healthy throughout the holidays, try a free trial of my membership! You get 30 days FREE to access all my workouts – I have almost 200 workouts for you to do, right in the comfort of your own home! Anytime, anywhere – that’s the way to get started and stick with it! Make exercise and fitness fun and work for you!! (And speaking of fun, if you are a Disney fan, I have some of my Disney World workouts in my member area – 20-minutes of warm up, cardio and toning – each one is different!)

I also have challenges to help keep things fresh – whether you want to try a yoga plan, eat a healthy plant-based menu for 7 days, do a Summer Slimmer plan any time of the year – I have you covered! These plus so many more are ready for you!!

So start with this free, 5-minute November Wake Up Stretch Workout, then start your free membership!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,

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Video transcript
Welcome to your November Wake Up Workout. Yes, November one of my favorite months to give thanks. That’s right. I’m thankful to all of you exercising with me. I thank most of my family, my friends and you guys being grateful every day, working out with me. You’ll feel so much better. And November is the time to think about your good health to be thankful for good health, for good friends, for closeness and for connection. So let’s work out together, beginning with a deep breath, inhale up. Let’s stretch the spine, reach it from side to side. While you do this pull in your abdominals, that’s it feel like your inner thighs are squeezing together. Squeeze your buttocks such a great side stretch for the spine. We’re going to work our whole body. Head to toe a quick workout. You can do this when you first wake up, you can even do it for a little energy in the midday or also in the evening.

Just squeeze in a little workout just for you. We got one more stretch to each side. That’s it. Beautiful and relaxed. Okay. Switch and reach the arm up and over really feel it. That’s it stretching the arms, opening up the chest. That’s it inhale and exhale. Moving meditation. Thinking about good posture, good health. How are you going to start your day? Your mindset. Be positive. Be optimistic. We got one more and now hold it here for a good stretch. That’s it. Stretch your spine late through the back. Lift up. Squeeze the buttocks. That’s it. Great. And slowly relax. Let’s go to the other side. Sweat. Lift the arm up, bend over. It’s a good stretch. This is getting the oxygen flow to all the major muscles in the body to every cell in your body. Oxygen equals energy. That’s right. Keep moving. That’s a whole idea.

Inhale and exhale. We go one more circle all the way around. Turn your hips. That stretch out the back late in its stretch. Good. Really reach it. Squeeze that too. She back there. Hold that stretch. You’re doing great. Thank you for everything for always exercising with me, connecting together. I love this community. Okay. And relax. Let’s reach to the side to side. That’s it. That’s great. If you can reach inside your legs and stretch your inner thighs so important for circulation, circulation is what helps heal your body move. That’s it? What a great way to wake up and get in a quick, it sets your day, puts you on the right path, the right mindset. That’s my goal for you. We got one more. Now we stretch it out. Can you reach your hand to the ground? Reach the other one up. We’re now rotating through the waistline.

So good for your spine. Working your spine in all directions. That’s it. Let’s go to the other side. Stretch, stretch. Feel the stretching your inner thighs. No more. Just hold that stretch. Lift up. Wonderful and slowly. Stand up now extend through the spine. Lift up all the way. Ooh, baby arch. You’re extending your spine and now you’re flexing your spine. Relax, flex, flex, and extend, inhale and exhale. Now just move through this motion. Very flowing. That’s it very peacefully to stretch the body. That’s it stretching and toning. All at the same time, we got two more to stretch it up. Last one, inhale and exhale. Beautiful. Now slowly come all the way up and hold right here. That’s it for good squat position. It’s called yoga. Sit back. Almost feel as you’re sitting back, lifting the chest, relaxing the shoulders. That’s it. All the stretch.

All the firming of the legs, the inner thighs hold, hold, hold, inhale and exhale. Beautiful. And now it’s time to really work. Those arms really circled arms back and forward. Really press open and work those on stretching. Can you see those beautiful muscles? You got to use them. That’s right. If you rest you’ll rust, you got to keep moving. That’s the goal today. Okay. Be thankful for your body. Yes. Be grateful every day. Right? Three things you’re grateful for each day. You’ll feel so good about that. Last one. Good. And let’s reach to the other side, press open, lift and stretch. That’s it. Press. Let me see those muscles kind of flex your muscles. That’s it. You got it. Good stretch. Hold. We got two more. Good stretch. Last one. Great. And now stretch all the way down. Her inner thighs. Hold the inner thighs. That’s it good. Now I’d like you to hold your hands right here on your eyes and twist. Feel the shoulders open up the back. Yes. And the other side stretch. Good, wonderful, good morning or evening stretch am or PM. Good stretch. And low back. You got it. Stretch. Got two more one on each side stretch. Oh, they’re so good. And inhale together. Bring in the oxygen and then out any stress, just let it go. Have a wonderful day.

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