April Good Morning Stretch Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | April 2, 2020 | Workouts

It’s springtime… and while we may be indoors celebrating this wonderful season, it’s still worth celebrating with my April Good Morning Stretch Workout! This month’s stretching workout is a great way to address some issues a lot of you are telling me you are having: anxiety, stress, and difficulty staying positive.

This is a difficult time, for sure, but one thing we can do is try to stay positive best we can. And exercise and movement is a wonderful way to improve your mood. Yes, it’s great for your physical health, too, but exercise is also amazingly effective on your emotional health, too. That’s why this April Good Morning Stretch Workout is something I really want each of you to commit doing as many days a week as you can. It will really help you wake up, get a good stretch in, warm up those muscles… and it will help set an amazing tone for the day! A good mood can make all the difference, so let’s choose to have a good one today. OK??

So let’s do this – it’s just five minutes, and you’ll feel great afterwards!! And if you want more stretching workouts – like yoga, Pilates and Barre workouts – start you free trial of my DeniseAustin.com plan! Right now I am offering a limited-time 30 days of free access to new members, so join today!



Let’s get fitter together – inside and out,


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Video Transcript:

Welcome to your morning stretch. It’s April, spring time, but there’s a lot going on. It’s unnerving. I know that exercise is one of the best preventative medicine, so we all need to keep our bodies healthy right now. Stay at home, stay healthy, and here’s your five minute, good morning stretch, wake up workout. Inhale up and exhale out and lets work side to side with our leg, with our arm or ring up Stu retching and Tony working the whole body from head to toe. That’s it. Let’s take good care of ourselves. Keep our body healthy, keep our lines strong. That’s it. Two more stretched out all the way up and swing with your arms up. Just reach it side to side. Really rate the through the spine. That’s it. Keeping your abs tight. You’re doing great. Stretch and tone. Wake up, work out, sets your day right?

It’s only five minutes, but mentally you feel better that you did something energizing for the day. That’s it. curve and really stretch over and relax and now just twist it out. Just twist it. That’s it. Laid them in straight through  is a movement in all directions. That’s great. This is where you curve  your waistline your back. Your spine is your lifeline. It’s twisted out. Oh, loosen it up. Good and down. Let’s go. Side to side and side. That’s it. Stretch it out. Really feel that stretch your inner thighs. Stretch your legs, your arms. Be good posture. Keep your tummy tight. That’s it. Decides to rush it out. Great. Good. Two more. Asked one wonderful, and now come all the way down right there. Hands on your thighs. Warm up your spine under your hips and stretch it out.

Low back, stretch. Good, and really bend out. Flat back all the way up. flat back. One more time. Flat back. Strengthen your spine. Strengthen your legs. That’s it. Hold it right there. Now Use your thigh muscles to come up. Up, up, up, up. That’s it. Beautiful. One more time. You have a blade and the stretch at the same time. That’s it. Great. Okay, let’s stretch out those legs, the length of your spine. Stretch your legs. Full body, stretch, exalted, worry, trench up, up, up. Feel it all through your inner thighs, your hamstrings, your thighs, right here in the hip flexors. Reach all the way up. Hold it. Inhale and exhale. Great. And come all the way down. Slide your toes back. That’s it. And now can you roll down? Bring your hips down.

Feel that stretch, but you’re extra flexible. You can get your elbows down to place your heel down and flex your toes. Strengthening and lengthening your legs. Now, good stretch for your hamstrings. Stretch the back of your thighs. Oh, it feels so good. Can be healthy or be strong. That’s it. All through April do this every morning with me. Okay, and let’s stretch to the other side. Lengthen through the spine and beautiful a warrior. You’re strong. You lean, and then slowly bring your hands down in the middle and back down. Feel the stretch all through the room. Hip flexor is so important to keep your hips healthy. Can you go all the way down? You can breathe and lift back up. Let’s stretch out. You could place your hands on the floor or the stretch. Breathe, that’s it, and now slowly come all the way up. Let me see that smiling face. They’ll go out and make it a great day. Cause you deserve love. You guys stay healthy. Stay at home. You can do it.

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