February Good Morning Stretch Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | February 6, 2020 | Workouts

A new month means a new Good Morning Stretch Workout! For February, I did a 5-minute workout that will get your blood moving and your body stretched from head to toe, to promote circulation and overall health – including the health of your heart! Perfect timing since February is Heart Health Month!

Did you know stretching is good for your heart? Along with cardio and strength training, stretching is a wonderful way to promote a healthy heart. The calming effect of stretching can help to minimize unhealthy stress… which is linked to poor heart health. So really commit to doing this Good Morning Stretch Workout every day this month – for your heart, your peace of mind, and your body!!

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Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out!!

Video Transcript:
Happy February Everybody! Yes it’s a great month, all about love. Love your body. Let’s begin with our morning stretch, working side to side. I love to stretch in the morning. Do my five minute Wake up Workout my morning stretch to feel good. You know why it sets your day up, right? Get that mindset to say, good morning. Wake up happy. Be grateful. That’s right. Each and every day. My goal is for you to wake up and do this five minute morning stretch. Let’s work side to side. That’s it. Just that’s it. Take some deep breaths. Move your hips, move your body, Good, a little tai chi, chi means energy – more energy today. Wake up or down. Good. Two more. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful, and now smooth work your arms and your legs just smooth stretch and tone. That’s it. Really feel the body reach. It’s a great way to breathe. Inhale. It’s like a moving meditation. Inhale, exhale. That’s beautiful. Up stretch to the side. Elongate your spine. That’s it. Stretch for a better day today. You can do it loud and make it a great day. What a fabulous way to start with a great exercise routine. Just five minutes. It’s all it takes. Stretch it to the other side. Stretch elongate the spine. Your spine is your lifeline. Keep it healthy today and what you’re doing, work out. I want you to smile. Walk into a room with a positive attitude. That’s right. Okay, let’s turn your hips to the side. Hi Boo Boo, My little dog, he’s here with me. And slowly extra stretching your legs.

Great for leg circulation. That’s it. Start your day off right, mentally and physically. Great. Now walk yourself all the way through to the other side. Hold the stretch. That’s it. Hold it up. Nice and tall. Beautiful. Stretch it up through the hips. So good to keep our hips flexible and slowly reach forward. Lift up, stretch your legs. Feels so good. This is one of my favorite stretches and to the other side, stretch up, up, up, up, up, up. That’s it. Stretch and flat back all the way up.  Now let’s work the legs.  Lift your legs up and up to the side. This is toning this sides of your waistline. Lift and down, also works the saddlebags right on the outside of our thighs.  zipping up your app. Think good posture today. All day. Think about pulling in your back is straight. The more you practice that, the better your  tummy will stay naturally tucked in. Last one and release. Let’s go the other side so it’s down and lift up. You got beautiful. You can do it. Just always do the best that you can. Give 110% come on. It’s your body. Love your body. It’s February. Yes! Good. Two more. Last one. Beautiful. Stretch your legs a little. Lift up. Lift all the way up, and now down.

Yeah. There’s your beautiful smiling face. Good. Turn to the other side. Lift up. Tuck your chin to your chest, relaxing all the muscles of your neck. Just beautiful. Lift up. Let me see. Stretch side to side. Make it your best day. Take a deep breath, bringing that oxygen equals energy and exhale out any stress. Now you could have a fabulous day. You can do it. Love you guys.

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