January Good Morning Stretch Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | January 2, 2020 | Workouts

A new year means a new wakeup workout, and this year it’s all about the Good Morning Stretch Workout!! Every month in 2020, look for a new good morning stretch workout to help you start the day on the right foot!

Stretching should be a part of everyone’s daily activities – especially as we get older, when joints and muscles tend to feel stuffer and we can lose flexibility. By keeping your muscles and joints limber and flexible, you will promote stability, better posture, and feel better overall. Yoga and Pilates are two great ways to get some stretching into your daily movements, as is this nw Morning Stretch Workout!

This is why I make stretching part of every workout I do – there is always a warmup and warm-down to help ease you into and out of a workout. I do this not only for my free videos that I put in my blog and on my Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram (subscribe to all three so you never miss a new workout!!!), but also in my DeniseAustin.com workouts! Even back in the day on my TV show workouts, whether it was yoga and Pilates in the mountains and desert, or fat-blasting cardio on one of the many beautiful beaches where I filmed, a stretch was always part of the mix. You can check out almost 150 of my TV show workouts (plus new studio workouts tailored to YOUR level of fitness!) when you start a free trial of my DeniseAustin.com membership!

So try out this all new January Good Morning Stretch Workout – a wonderful way to start the day AND the new year!!


Let’s get fitter together – inside and out,



January Good Morning Stretch Workout

Hi everybody. Here’s a quick and easy workout that you can do in just a few minutes to blast a little fact. Let’s go! Lift your hips up and crest forward. That’s it. Working your inner and outer thighs. A great exercise. All right through here from tone and shape up. That’s it. Now add the arms correct. Press out. You got two more on the sun. You can do it quick and easy, but very effective. Last one, press okay, move to the other side. Take it down and dress up. Take it down and lift up. Do use your Ab muscles. Core muscles. Really work. That’s a push shot. Beautiful. You got to, we’re on the side. Great for your hips, your thighs, your buttocks, your arms, and your abs. Last one and release. Now let’s do a little buck techs down. Squeeze up, shift your hips way back to really reshape that bottom half to make it your matter. You can do it. Just a couple of these help. Keep your muscles toned him from all the areas of the body. We need to turn to tone. We’ve got two more. Last one and release. Tell. Let’s work on the mace. Take it down.

Take it down. Lifting the hips. You got beautiful back of your legs. Let your arms, tricep toners. Last one on the other side. Take it down. Shift your hips. That’s it. Really feel strong because you are worth. That’s it. Strengthen your muscles. Last two. Beautiful. And now let’s stretch in between and stretch. Drape your inner thighs and your buttocks. And when you twist a little, you’re getting a little. That waistline worked out. Great. Reach forward, side to side. Get two more. Last one and hold the stretch. Reach all the way up. Feel the stretch a stretch and tone. Work out. Hold it up there and shift your weight to the other side. Stretch. Look up great for that way. We’re burning some fat and release. Let’s take it all the way down into a plank position.

Straight back. Tuck under your hips a little bit and pick strong leg, strong arms and core. That’s it. Hold it up and now lift your hips up all the way up in the downward facing dog. Stretch your hips up all the way and shift your hips, Maria, down to a play. Strong arm, strong legs. Squeeze your buttock muscles. Pull up in in your ass. Last one left up and stretching the downward facing dog. Push it away. Put your hips and now press your heels down. Gorgeous. Now lift one leg all the way up. Hold it up there and release. And now the other leg. Lift it up, up, up, up, [inaudible] and bring it all the way through and hold independent. Feel that beautiful. Stretch hips, the buttocks. That’s it. Slightly more. You get a better stretch. Ooh, I can feel it.

Can you? I hope so. It’s a total body stretching tone. Now lift the legs up in the plank. So what’s the like route and hold all that stress. [inaudible] this area. Getting a great stretch. Oh, I love it. Did you know a lot of times women have tight hips and it creates a lot of tension. So just stretch out those hips. So important. That’s it. Okay. Now slowly come all the way up. You’re bringing your knees down. Bring your elbows down. I lift your leg up. Hold it up. Little baby pulses, buttocks, lift, lift and tone. Your rear end. That’s it. Great. Hold it up. Pull your tummy in. That’s it. Great. Two more. Last one, and switch legs. Get the other leg up. Squeeze the buttocks. Take that tissue. You can do it. Look great. From behind. Two more. Squeeze and release. Now onto your hands.

You’re going to let the leg, tricep toner and push up. Great triceps, Anna. One more. Add switch legs. Three tricep toners, strong arms. Push away. That’s it. Last one, and really beautiful and let’s do a nice side strap all the way up. Stretch and do the other side. All the way up. Straight stretch. If you were to violate through the spine, your spine, your lifeline, keep it healthy, keep it strong and slowly come down. Let’s take a cleansing breath together. Bring in the energy, bring in oxygen and exhale out any stress. Just let it go. Beautiful. One more. Inhale up and exhale out. Go on and make it a fabulous day. You deserve it. Stay fit because you are worth it.

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