March Good Morning Stretch Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | March 5, 2020 | Workouts

A new month means a new Good Morning Stretch Workout! With spring on the horizon and the long, dark days of winter finally behind us, let’s take 5 minutes every day this month to stretch and appreciate our bodies! Isn’t a wonderful feeling, to be able to stand and bend, move around, feel the stretching from your fingertips to your toes? It’s one of my favorite things to do first thing in the morning! An amazing good morning stretch workout to get the blood flowing… to set a positive, optimistic tone for the day… to lay out the groundwork for a healthy, productive morning and afternoon… I love it!

In addition to this good morning stretch workout, today I want you to think about three things you love about yourself! Maybe it’s your strong body, or that you can do a crossword puzzle in pen! Or that you are a caring, loving mother or partner, that you are a good listener or make a mean spaghetti sauce! Anything that you like about YOU is a valid answer!! We need to love ourselves in order to love others, so think of three things and write them down – you are worth it! And also make sure you are taking care of yourself – join my plan! I have hundreds of workouts, from 5 minutes to 45 minutes… they will help you stay in shape and feel wonderful! Plus an eating plan to take the guesswork out of healthy eating, and inspiration and support! It’s everything YOU need to feel good and live your best life! The first week is free so try it out today – there are NO commitments if it’s not for you!!

Now take 5 minutes and do my all new March Good Morning Stretch Workout!

Let’s get fitter together – inside and out,


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Video Transcript

Welcome to your March morning stretch. Let’s begin taking a deep breath. Inhale and exhale, stretching. So good for you each and every day. Work out with me. Wake up happy. That’s it, and stretch it out. Open up through the chest. This is a great way to get your oxygen flowing, to feel good. You have energy for the day. That’s it. Take it way back. Open up that chest band or lung capacity to breathe deeper, better. That’s it. Last one, and release. Let’s take it to the side. Take it down and think about towing those stretch and tone today. That two more. Last one, that whole discussion. Stretch out your calf muscles. Your heel goes flat and stretch or Oh, it feels so good. Reps, those muscles, we have 640 muscles. Shift your weight back and that stretch the hamstrings, the back of those guys. Hold that stretch.

Your neck is long, your toe is up. Hold it, and let’s go to the other side. To the nice lunch. They get down and they need about good posture. Your front knee stays that 90 degree angle. It’s just kind of a mini squat, a mini lunge. That’s it, two more. Last one. Okay, let’s take it all the way for good calf muscle strength. Oh, so good for your legs. Stretching for good circulation. Circulation is what helps heal your body. Okay. Shift your weight back and flex that front foot. Sit way back. Feel the stretch in the hamstrings. Feel so good. Stretch it out. It’s great your back keeping your flexibility in your legs, but keep your back healthy and let’s lean slightly forward and go side to side. Reach further. That’s it. This is now where we do the slide, two legs and that’s it.

Reach you got it. Smile almost spring time. Yes. Woo. Fresh. Good. Two more. Last one and that, just stretch it out. Come all the way down. Flex your toe up, inner thigh strengthener and shift your weight to the other side. Toe comes up. Peel the inner thighs. That’s it. So good for us. And now turn all the way to the side. Look up your chest and lean forward. Left jump. You’re now through the hip flexors. So important to keep flexible. Lean a little more down and reach up. Oh, okay. And now flex your toe. Your chest feels so good.

Excellent. Nice deep breath and release. And walk your hands over to the other side. Leverage it out first. Reach your arms all the way up. Shoot your hips forward, keeping that stretcher, wrap on it. Good the hips Release any tension in your neck. It’s just a lift, a stretch, stretch back. Really shift your way back. Placing your hands right on the floor. Toe comes up, bullocks, your feet and a long beach. Your neck. Oh, you should feel wonderful. Stretch off. Great. Now slowly bring your leg nice and straight. Breech. What are up for the waistline. Twist, twist. Really keep your thighs lifted off your knees. Your knees are slightly bent to protect the back and the other side looked up all the way up. Get back, tummy is pulling up right now. Your arms go across and they slowly using your leg muscles. Use your leg muscles. That’s it. And jump together. Taking a nice deep breath. Inhale up. Stretch your inner thighs together. And now to the other side every day that great attitude be positive today you are worth it. Love you guys.

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