If you rest, you rust… so let’s get moving and make this the Summer you look and feel your best!

Look Great In Your Favorite Summer Outfits!

My Summer Slimmer Challenge is all about committing yourself to making a change in how you look and feel. For 14 days, you will work out, have fun, and get fit – just in time for swimsuit season!

Tone and Burn Fat

  • Promote weight loss and burn calories with my Los Angeles-based cardio fat-blasting workouts!
  • Have fun with my retro TV workouts to tone and target problem areas – all from fun beach locals around the globe!
  • Practice my yoga-based workouts to promote a lean, long body.
Healthy Tips

Make The Most Of Your Summer

  • Learn how to choose sunscreen, protect your eyes, and stay hydrated through foods and more!
  • Check out my brand-new mocktail recipes for fun drinks to serve to friends!
  • Keep yourself healthy so you can enjoy all that Summer has to offer
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