Summer Sexy Thighs Quick Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | July 11, 2019 | Workouts

One of the hardest parts of our body to tackle can be our thighs… but that all changes with this summer sexy quick thighs workout video!! So many women ask me how to firm up the thighs, and the key really is targeted movements, like those I show in this workout, as well as eating a sensible diet and an overall cardio plan.

When it comes to food, the best thing to do is eat sensibly. I focus on eating a healthy diet of whole, fresh foods (check out these summer food suggestions) such as produce, whole grains, lean meats, organic dairy and – of course – plenty of water!!! My Stop The Clock Nutrition Plan has over 150 pages of healthy recipes, eating tips, food swaps and more… including a 28-day eating challenge and 7-day recipe plan!!

For cardio, I love to walk: it is free, needs hardly any equipment except a good pair of supportive shoes, and if you are lucky enough to do it outdoors, you get some fresh air in there, too! (And if not, walking is easy to do indoors, too – either with a treadmill or in your living room!) My Stop The Clock Fitness Plan includes a great Cardio Walking Workout – it includes different levels, a treadmill variation, plus ways to up the intensity for even more fat-burning benefits!

And finally… target toning for sexy summer thighs! This video has some great moves to target the saddlebag and outer thighs, inner thighs and more. Try it today – it’s short enough that you can just tack it on to your existing workout, or do it first thing in the morning or when you have a break during the day!!

So do this thigh workout, and check out my Stop The Clock Bundle!! You can save when you buy both the Fitness and Nutrition Plans… hundreds of pages of effective, tried and true workouts and eating tips!!! The best summer read you could give yourself!!!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,

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Video Transcript: Summer Sexy Thighs Workout

Hi, it’s Denise Austin. Welcome to your summer set workout for your legs. Get summer sexy thighs. Let’s begin. The first one’s for our outer thighs. Come down to the floor. Lie On your side, sitting up nice and tall. Flex your foot, elongate your leg and let’s do outer thigh toners. Lift and lower the outside leg. Who really feel it right here? I call it my saddlebag slimmer. That’s right. You trim and slim, that outer part of your legs, but you have to make sure your stomach is in. Pull it in. Zip Up those abs. That’s it. Flexed up foot. Really make it straight, elongate the heel way out there. You got it. Lift and lower. Got Two more. Last one. Lift it up. Hold it. Now hold it up there holding. Ring your other leg nice and straight and do little baby lifts. Lift. This is working the inner and the outer thighs.

Yes, look great in those summer shorts. That’s it. Get ready for your swimsuits. You can do it. Be Summer Ready. You’ll look your very best. Maybe even wear a bikini this summer. Come on. You can do it with these certain exercises that really zero with specific areas of the body burn to shape and to really trim them up. Last one. That’s it. Hold it up and released. Let’s go to the other side. Think about good posture. Elongate the leg. The leg is nice and strong and straight. No. All you do is lift and lower. Feel as though this leg is really reaching out. That’s it. Zip Up those abs. Think good posture. Did you know that body alignment is so important? Now when you’re exercising, that’s it. To always feel like you’re pulling your tummy in, zipping up those abs. You’re lifting a lower than leg, nice and straight.

It’s all about the outer thighs right now. No more saddlebags will slim down those thighs. I promise these exercises work as long as you’re eating healthy, lean, clean and green, and also exercise and cardiovascular. Going for walks, burn some fat. Do my fat burning workouts, my kickboxing workouts, anything for cardio. I know. Lift the leg up, straighten the bottom like and baby pulses up. Now. Lip like a beat up. This is now working your inner thighs. You’re out here. You got it. You’re going to look great. I promise you the best you can. That’s what it’s all about. Have the best summer ever. You are worth it. You deserve to look and feel your best. Yup. One more. Lifted up, up, up, up, up, up and released, and bring your legs together. Lift your hips off the hold your body up right and just hold and squeeze the bottom. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and release. Take a nice deep breath. Inhale up. Exhale out. You did it your summer. Get sexy legs!

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