September Fast and Fit Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | September 2, 2021 | Workouts

Hi everyone – it’s a new month, which means a new Fast and Fit Workout! I love these workouts, and so do you – they get so many views, and it makes me so happy to know that people respond to them. Every little bit counts when it comes to exercise, and this Fast and Fit Workout series is such a great way to start your day. So set aside 5 minutes and let’s move! Let’s get the blood flowing, and the oxygen pumping, and our muscles loosened up! It’s a great way to start the day – so let’s do it!


Make it a goal to do this workout every morning in September – it’s a wonderful way to keep joints and muscles supple, especially with the fall weather just around the corner!

And three other things I want you to do for yourself this month:

  1. Every Sunday, plan out your healthy meals for the week. Even if it’s just breakfasts or lunches, if you can know ahead of time what you will be eating, it will help you eat better! Try these meal prep tips to help you stick to a yummy and healthy diet!
  2. Every night before bed, focus on the positives that happened to you that day. Positive thinking is so powerful, and can shift your entire attitude in just a few weeks, if you work on it. I love being positive – it’s so much more fun!!
  3. Practice self care, all month long! Self Care can be anything from taking a bath or a breather, to treating yourself to something fun. Check out my tips, and make sure to care for yourself – you are worth it!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out!

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September Fast and Fit Workout Video Transcript:

Welcome to your September Fast and Fit Workout. Five minute workouts. Are you ready? Wake up every morning with me and let’s get going. Get that oxygen to flow because you’ll feel better. Oxygen gives you energy. So get those muscles moving. That’s what gets the oxygen to flow to the bigger muscles of the body. Get it done faster. And that was our hips and buttocks. So get down there, use your thumbs, go down and there you go. Good. You can do it. Really feel that reach now. Over-exaggerate the stretch. There you go. Morning stretch. Good morning. I’m here for you each and every morning with our five minute wake up workout and let’s twist it out. Just twist it out. Just such a good way to get going. You’ll feel the energy flowing. It’ll give you a right mindset for the day. Positive energy. Yes. Two more last one. Okay.

Inner thigh workout. Let’s go into inner thighs. That’s it. A good stretch here. Great for circulation in your legs. That’s it, wonderful way to start your day. Yes. Do some breathing exercises and do this five minute workout. Just to get started. Just to get going. That’s it drink some water. You got it. Last one. Okay. Let’s do a nice, good squat down. And these are going to be all the exercises that I like to do each and every morning, wake up. Lunges and squats are so good for balance. Where are those muscles that we all need? Leg strength, functional fitness. Work those arms. Sit back there. You got it. Last one. Okay. Let’s do a nice lunge. Down and back up. There you go. Just like this. Let’s bring the arms off the top and press lift and lower, good reach and low.

Two more. You got it. Last one. Oh, okay. Let’s go to the other side. Lift and lower stretch and use your muscles. We’re not doing many lunges, so don’t worry. You can do this. You got to stretch up and down. We’re getting all the major muscle groups of the body. We’ve got two more. Last one. Beautiful. Okay. Stomach in back strong and straight. Just lift your knees. Place your hands behind your head. Lift. Work. Those lower abs hit those core muscles engaged. Get moving. Activate those muscle cells in your body. That’s it. Then let’s twist it out. Pull it the belly button. That’s it. Beautiful twist twist. Good. Pull the tummy in. That’s it. Draw those abs up and in towards your spine. Tighten it. Good. You got two more. Last one. Beautiful. Now we’re going to doing another important move to do everyday. Bend your knees slightly, slide your hands down to your legs, almost to the ankles back as straight like this and come back up.

And as you come back up, tighten up that tushie. Good, again. Hamstring stretch. Good. Hold it back. Strong and straight. Reach for the shins. Use your buttocks. Keep your abs strong and straight and squeeze again. One more. Notice my hips go way back. My arms are straight. The back is one of the most important things, straight and strong and really squeeze that tushie. All right, stretch it out through the legs. Stretch those hamstrings. Beautiful. That’s it. And to the other side, toes come up great for the calves if you wear heels, but I love my sneakers. New, Easy Spirit sneakers! Last one. Beautiful. And now stretch the body to the sky, lift your arms up and over and stretch it back. Buttocks, bend your knees and release. Come all the way up. Let’s do a side bend for the side, body, lateral bend. That’s it stretch to the side. We’re getting all the major muscle groups of the body. That’s it stretch and tone together. That’s it. Take a deep breath, inhale and exhale. Go out and make it a fabulous day because you are worth it. Let me guys see you tomorrow. Thanks for working it out with me.

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