July Fast and Fit Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | July 1, 2021 | Workouts

Let’s stay fit each and every day this month of July!! It’s another of my popular five-minute Fast and Fit Workouts! Did you know five minutes of movement is soooooo good for your body? Getting in just a little bit of movement can:

Help to set a healthy tone for the day – when you start the day with a healthy routine, it naturally carries on to the other hours you are awake. You may make healthier food choices, especially if you are on a diet, and even opt for even more exercise throughout the day. Exercise also helps you sleep better, so this July Fast and Fit Workout will even benefit your sleeping hours, too!

Can boost your mood. Exercise is one of the best ways to turn a bad mood into a good one – and five minutes can make a difference! This July Fast and Fit Workout is like a mini meditation to help level set your outlook, so do it anytime during the day if you need a little emotional self-care boost!

Can help to slim and trim your body – including your waistline, booty and legs. Get that summer body when you add this workout to your daily exercise routine (you can start your free trial of my Whole Body Plan to really get that firm, toned, strong, sexy body for summertime – start your free trial now!)

Can boost your metabolism, so you burn more calories throughout the day. Just five minutes continues to benefit your weight, so make sure you do this workout every day in July with me!

You can do it, and you are WORTH IT – set aside five minutes and do my July Fast and Fit Workout with me now!!

And don’t forget – when you start your free trial of DeniseAustin.com I will help guide you to achieving your healthy goals! Whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, lengthen and lean your body, have better posture, promote heart health… I can help! Almost 200 workouts – with new ones added frequently – can help you be a healthier version of YOU! Plus I have a customizable eating plan filled with easy, delicious, nutritious meal ideas to help boost your metabolism, get in more healthy foods, and stay satisfied. Let’s celebrate July together – start your free trial today!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,



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July Fast and Fit Workout Video Script:

Welcome to your July workout! 4th of July, summer’s here. It’s time to stay fit each and every day. Five minute Fast and Fit Workout. Let’s get started. Okay. Five minutes every day. This is your wake up workout. Yes, it gets you ready for the whole day. Great mindset. That’s it. Move your body because you are worth it. All right, let’s punch it out. Here you go. Get the energy flowing through the body. Great, lunge down. Yes. Pump both arms down all the way up, that way you really get the heart rate up. That’s it, burn extra calories. You’re doing great. That’s it! Our fast, effect workout for five minutes. Did you know just five minutes gets your metabolism boosting? So just move. That’s it, that’s one. Okay. Now hold it right here. Let’s do some ab workouts pulling your tummy in, pull it towards you.
We’re now working on the waist. The sides of the waistline. You got it. Good, pull your tummy in zip up those abs. Last one. Okay. To the other side, reach and pull, you got it. Great. Good. Couple more. You can do it. This is a wonderful way to slim and trim the waistline. Two more, last one. Oh, okay. Great. Now just walk yourself side to side. Now we’re going to bend at the waistline, working the waistline too, that’s it. Keep moving. Good. Bend. Now a little more to the side, working the sides of the waist. So important. Slim and trim the waistline.
Work the obliques side to side, two more, last one, now lets’ work that tushie. Down and up, down and up. Come on. Squeeze the tushie. If you don’t squeeze it, no one else will squeeze it either! Squeeze it – tight, tight, tight, right there. Last one. Okay. Do the other side, reach up and release. Lift. Squeeze that bottom. That’s a great way to shape, to sculpt. Good. Couple more. Really squeeze. last one. You got it. Okay.
Inner and outer thighs. Now stay right here. Reach your hand right through and towards the inner knee. This is now shaping and toning the insides of your legs, also works the booty, that rear view. That’s it, touch, so o good for our legs for the summer. That’s it, great July five-minute workout you could do every day. It’s easy. You can do it. You can do it before a walk before a workout. Maybe go for a walk, come back and tone up with me. We got two more. Last one. Okay. Bring your arms up and stretch. Feel as though you’re working on toning your arms, that’s it, your stomach is in, your back is strong and straight. You’re working the upper back muscles to reach. Good. Last one.
And how we sweep down and up, inhale and exhale down. This is like a moving meditation. That’s it – reach and release, reach higher, All the way on your tippy toes. Up high, squeeze your buttocks. You got it. Last one. Oh, okay. Release and relax your arms. Just take it back. Beautiful arms. Open up your chest. So you’ll breathe better. Deeper lung capacity. That’s it. It’s all about deep breathing, inhale and exhale. That’s it. Beautiful. Stretch it back. And let’s go side to side. Almost like in Tai Chi. That’s it moving the energy through the body, giving you energy today. That’s it. Great gratitude. You got this. Make it a beautiful day today because you did something good for you. That’s it. Last one. Okay. Let’s take a deep breath together.
Inhale and exhale. Beautiful. Relax your neck. Just stretch it out through the sides of your neck and t the other side. That’s it, release. Open up the chest to improve your posture. Chest goes open, open, open. That’s it elbows go back, so good for you and release. One more. Open up, up, up, up, up, improve your posture. The lung capacity, improvement, inhale and exhale. Beautiful. Go out and make it a beautiful day you guys – love you. Happy July!


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