Fast and Fit Workout: February

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | February 4, 2021 | Workouts

A new month means a new fast workout: Your February Fast and Fit Workout! Try to make it a goal to get up 5 minutes earlier every day in February and do this workout with me – it’s so good for your health, including the health of your heart … and since February is American Heart Health month, it’s the perfect time to give it some extra love!

One reason to add this short, effective Fast and Fit workout to your exercise routine is that it really will help encourage you to live a little more heart healthfully… sometimes all it takes is a fast workout to set the right tone for the day to eat foods that are good for your heart, get in a full 20 or 30 minutes of continuous cardio, and set the tone for a day that is more positive and less stressful!

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Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out!


February Fast and Fit Workout Transcript

Hi everybody. It’s February. Welcome to your fast and fit workout. Five minutes to get you started in the day. Good morning. You got this. You can do it. And February is awesome. National heart health month. Let’s keep that heart strong. My birthday. I love February. So let’s all get fit together. Let’s start with a good stretch for the whole body full body reach. Come on, lift your arms and your legs using your thighs and your arms. It’s great for the waistline too. That’s it. Every day, do this workout to get energy, to get the blood circulated, to feel good to give you the right mindset to start your day off. Right? Every day, five minutes in the morning. Just do it. Yes. It’s twisted out. Beautiful, good stretch and tone. That’s what’s all about fast and fit quick and easy. You got it. Two more.

Let’s go. That’s one. Okay. Swing it through. Use your arms. Use your legs. That’s it. The more muscles you use, the more calories you burn. Move those muscles, stretching side to side smile. We’re going to burn some calories. We’re going to think about stretching today. Thinking about eating, right. We’re going to make it a great day. That’s right. Positive. Be optimistic. Two more. Last one. Okay. Take it forward and take it back. That’s it. Take a blurry and beautiful. Now I want you to kick it out. Kick you out at back. Good. Use your arms and your legs. That’s it. Beautiful. You got it. Good. Can I do a little more cardio since that helps with heart healthy. That’s right. Good. We got two are here. Love is in the air. Last one. Okay. Kick it up and back. Kick it out. You got it.

Great. Try to use your arms. Get a little lower. If you can give it all. You’ve got this workouts for you. Five minutes of getting you going. That’s right. The energy will flow. You’ll feel better? Yes. Good. Two more. Kick it out. Last one. Oh, okay. Let’s all stretch side to side. That’s it? Just stretch it up. This is now targeting the sides of the waistline. Yes. The air. We all need to target Tone. You got it. Beautiful. And they’ll bring it down and Oh, that’s it. Legs apart and stretch all. They’re so good for your back. Your waistline. It stretches your leg. Oh, I feel so good. That’s it. Get those legs going energy through the body, using all the major muscle groups in the five minutes to make it fast and to get me fit. Good. We’ve got two more of these.

One more. Beautiful holding up here. That’s it. Hold it up. Good. And now slowly go forward. Stretch your hamstrings off. Good morning stretch. That’s it. One more stretch forward. Stretch your legs, your hamstrings straight out your back. And then these beautiful, their hands right here. Let’s now target. Placing your fingertips right here on your shoulders. Think good posture. That’s it. Strong bodies. Strong minds, because you are worth it. Self worth. Yes. This is why this is worth it to do this. Where your body for you for your mental health, physically, mentally, and emotionally to more has one. Now let’s just add a little twist to it. Just a little twist. That’s for the waistline. You got it. Good. Could you pull your belly button and feel as though that belly button is pulling toward your spine? Yes. Hollow it out. Good. We got two more last one.

Okay. And stretch it. Yeah. Bring your knees together now. Inhale and circle your knees. Your ankles. Good circulation for your legs. Keeping your knees healthy. That’s right. And go the other direction. All the way around. Good circulation. That’s it. Great. And now placing your hands on your hips, going all the way around for your hips, your sides of your waistline. Stretching out through the legs. So good. Full body stretch. That’s it.  Really use it. That’s it go all the way around. So good. Last one. That’s it. Stretch it out. Good. And now just stretch to the side. Stretch your other side. That’s it. Good. Just feel that stretch. Good. One more stretch. Inhale and exhale. Take a deep cleansing breath together. Breathing in the oxygen equals energy, inhale and exhale out. One more deep. Bring your inhale through your nose. Inhale in your nose. This time, exhale out your nose. Beautiful. Go out and make it a wonderful day. You did it. Your five minute fit, workout. That’s emphasis. You can do it. Have a great day. You guys see you tomorrow. Okay.

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