August Fast and Fit Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | August 5, 2021 | Workouts

Happy August everyone!! A new month means a new Fast and Fit Workout!! These fast workouts have quickly become some of my favorite to share with you at the first of each month, because everyone just loves them! They are fun and so easy to fit in.

Make it your goal to squeeze at least five minutes into your day for YOURSELF, you deserve it!! Getting movement some sort of movement during the day helps in so many ways. It will improve your mood, boost your energy, help you to sleep better, and might even allow you to fit into those jeans you’ve been saving!! Try to get this Fast and Fit workout in as many days this month as you can. I like to get it done first thing in the morning and then have a nourishing breakfast to start my day on a positive and healthy note! Start today and get it done with me!!



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August Fast and Fit Workout Video Transcript:

Welcome everybody to your August fast and fit workout, yes summertime! My older daughters birthday is in August, I love August. So lets start with a deep cleansing breath. Bring in your oxygen it equals energy to every cell in your body, that’s it and release and lets stretch out the arms, beautiful, wake up workout, that’s it. Starting off with a good warm up to stretch to tone, to get the blood circulated, that’s it oxygen helps you feel better, and think better. Lets take it side to side, side to side, just wave your arms like the ocean, smooth like the water swimming through it, a little tai chi energy, moving the air through the body, that’s it, last one and lets stretch up and out to the side, stretch your hips stretch your back, so good for your whole body. That’s it now lets stretch to the other side. Stretch and lean it out. Beautiful, stretch and tone every day, you’ll feel so much better. Even if it’s just five min a day, okay bend your knees and lets twist through the waistline, working through the abdominals, keep your core tight, that’s it. Stomach in, bend your knees to help protect your back, that’s great, pull your belly button in towards your spine. Keep your abs engaged and now reach it out, okay just reach it out, beautiful, that’s it really stretch through the sides of the waistline, those love handles that we don’t like, okay last one and swing it through use your thigh muscles. Burn calories at a quicker rate, fast and efficient, side and release, lift up and release, that’s it stretch and tone, you got it great for that booty, last one up and now just hold that stretch, calf muscle stretch, tuck under your hips and lean a little into a lunge. That’s it, feeling a fabulous stretch right through here, oh I love it. Now for the hamstrings, sit back, that’s it, shift back the hips so you feel it all through the back of that thigh. I hope you’re feeling good, smile we’re going to burn some calories, tone some muscle and stretch it out. Okay lets go to the other side, up and back, lift the bottom and tone your back, good, lift and down great for your legs, great for the booty. Lift it, tone, firm, shape, that’s it. Boost that belly too. lean into it, stomach in that’s great. Beautiful up and hold the calf muscle stretch. Lean your body slightly forward and stretch the back of that whole leg. Perfect, okay take it down, stretch it out all through the hip flexors. So important especially if you’re sitting, they get real tight and they shorten, keeping your back healthy. Your spine is your lifeline, keep it healthy. Do it with me five minutes every morning, feel the hip flexor stretch, hold it and now shift your hips back to a beautiful hamstring stretch in the back of your thighs keeping your back healthy hold the stretch, breathe into it, beautiful, and relax. Now lets slowly work the inner thighs. Great for circulation. just shift your hips side to side, sit way back there, now reach your arms, keep your tummy tight, pull in those abs, core is tight and engaged really reach side to side, great, feels so good. Energized for the day the perfect mindset to begin your day, we’ve got one more, last one. Okay stand up nice and tall, good posture lift your knees towards your chest this is now working the core muscles placing your hands behind you to engage the ab muscles a little more, and to improve your posture knees towards your chest, pull the belly button in towards your spine. This is great standing abs, last one, great take a deep breath and inhale and exhale. Give yourself a big hand, you did great have a beautiful day!!




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