June Fast and Fit Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | June 3, 2021 | Workouts

It’s summer – so let’s keep our bodies and minds energized and feeling great so we can enjoy all the fun summer activities!!! The best way to begin? With an all new Fast and Fit Workout! I loooooove how popular these workouts are with my readers – and I am not surprised, because they are such a fun way to get fit, in a short amount of time. And since every little bit counts, adding these to your existing routine can just give you better results and benefits!!

It takes only 5 minutes, and will make you feel so wonderful – so let’s do this June Fast and Fit Workout together! And don’t forget that Father’s Day is this month – happy day to all the dads out there – love you! xoxo

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Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,

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June Fast and Fit Workout Video Script:

Welcome to your June fast and fit workout. Are you ready? Let’s get ready for the summer. You can do its five easy minutes that you can do every morning. Wake up and workout with me. Let’s begin with a fabulous full body reach, stretch side to side, through your spine, feeling so good. Wake up those muscles, keep going, get the oxygen to flow. That’s it. So you think better, you feel better. You start your day off, right? With movement something positive. Yes. Two more stretching ok last stretch. Okay, let’s go side to side to stretch to the side. Reach your arms straight across. That’s it. Waking up those muscles. You got to use them. Beautiful. I love summers. My favorite time of year. That’s it enjoying yourself? Okay. So we get up. Oh, breathe in and out.

Exhale and inhale. Good circulation. And step side to side. Really dynamic stretch working all the major muscles of your body. We have 640 muscles. Let’s get them firm. firm and tone. That’s it. Let’s go ahead and stretch up and back, reach up and back. Stretch your hamstrings. That’s it. Oh, body stretch. Last one. And hold, hold toe comes up. Hold that stretch. Your back is strong and straight smile. We’re going to burn some calories and start our day off, right? That’s it great. Okay. Let’s go. The other side, stretch up and lean back. You did, you know the lift and the stretch. That’s it – Just really lift and stretch it out. My favorite stretch for the hamstrings stretch your back, stretch your toe up. Feel the back of your thighs, stretching. Beautiful. And now for the inner and outer thighs, that stretch side to side, working through the legs.

That’s it. And reach your arm through. That’s great. Great for the spine. That’s a wonderful way to start your day. The little movement almost feel like this is moving meditation in the morning. That’s great. Got to just do the best you can. This is for you. Okay. Let’s stretch it to the side. Feel the inner thigh come up. Hold the stretch. Neck is long hold up in the view. Legs, stretching. That’s what it’s all about. Let’s turn to the side and thinking about good posture. To cut down all the stress all the way up and down. Feel the stretch through those hip flexors, hold this and to the other side, let’s think about good posture. Back is strong and straight. now come up, stretch it up. Vertebraes each is stretched, stretch and release. Okay. Now let’s work on those abs. Hold your tummy up and in. That’s it. Bring your elbows behind you. Thinking about a crunch here, standing abs, pull your abs up in feel then initiate from the lower tummy and let that little twist snap great for the waistline. That’s it. Twist. Pull that knee closer to your chest. That’s it. Great. Beautiful. Two more. You got it. Last one. Oh, okay. Let’s stretch off your arm. Placing your hands behind you.

Open up the chest for better posture and stretch it out. Let your head just, rest. And slowly come all the way up. Let me see that smiling face. That’s it beautiful and stretch out through the hips. Keeping your hips healthy. Are you ready for a great day? You can do this each and every morning with me. You’ll feel so good. It’s a fabulous way to start your day because movement with some form of oxygen flow. Okay. Let’s breathe in. Breathe in that oxygen, breathing in that energy and exhale out any stress. Just let it go, go out and make it a great day. Love you guys. Thanks for bringing it out with me.

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