3 Moves For Sexy, Toned Legs!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | April 11, 2019 | Workouts

Sexy Leg Workout

Today it’s all about legs! I get asked a LOT about how to keep our legs toned and sexy … and here are some tips PLUS a sexy leg workout video targeted just for your legs! Keeping your legs healthy is important as we age – healthy legs can prevent varicose veins, promote healthy blood flow, and keep leg muscles healthy and strong, which can help to promote stability and prevent falls. Plus healthy legs will make you look and feel great! So get ready for summer dresses and shorts – let’s get your legs looking fabulous in just 5 minutes!

When you want to tone your legs, there are three areas to focus on: The thighs, the front and back of the legs, and the calves.

  1. Thigh exercises: You will really want to focus on specific, targeted movements for the inner and outer thigh areas, as this area is not used all that often in our day to day movements. Try my inner thigh workout for a quick and effective way to tackle that thigh jiggle!
  2. The front and back of the legs: No doubt about it, lunges are the way to go when you want to really firm up your upper legs! Learn how to do the perfect lunge, and add lunges to your workout routine to really firm and shape your legs!
  3. The calves: Your calf muscles will look and feel terrific once you add in little, specific movements to target that area. A consistent walking, running or dancing routine will help, too – check out my 10-Week Plan for my Walk With Me workout and plenty of fun dance workouts, too!

Now let’s put this in action – try my 5-Minute Sexy Leg Workout! It’s perfect for lunchtime, when you wake up, or when you are cooking – it’s only five minutes, and it is soooo effective! And take your sexy leg goals to the next level – start your free trial of my 10-Week Plan today for over 70 workouts that target the legs! I have special 12-month pricing going on right now, so don’t wait!!

Sexy Leg Workout Video:

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out!

Sexy Leg Workout Video Transcript:
Hi, it’s Denise Austin!

Today our focus is all about legs. We are going to do five minutes of toning and firming up our legs, so let’s get started. Take a deep breath, inhale and exhale out. Let’s move to the side, side lunge and lift back up. Let’s go to the other side and stand up. That’s it. Keep going down and push away beautiful down and up and now you’re working the legs, inside the leg as well as the outside and the back of your legs.

Great. Take it down. Really push away good, two more just like that you got it last set, think about good posture. That’s it Beautiful now were going to do a lunge forward, good and a lunge back, a lunge forward and a lunge back. good – push away through the heel, and through
the heel of the front foot. That’s it, great, you got it, Great lunch series to really blast the fat in the legs. That’s it, to give you beautiful looking legs. We’ve got two more, last one Forward and back it’s a little hard but you can do it For anyone who has compromised knees just go halfway
Modify it just go a little bit in the front and a little bit in the back.

It’s okay, you’re still toning your legs for those of you who aren’t let’s get into it. It’s a workout that’s really going to work for you, results driven. Give it all you got, last one forward, think good posture, and back. That’s it perfect.

Okay now it’s time for a deadlift What you’re going to do is shave the back of the leg by
taking it down, and then lift it back up. Notice my back is strong and straight Knees bent protecting the spine. And use your thighs to get you back up okay. That’s a perfect deadlift.
Use your thighs all the way up squeeze here squeeze all the way through That’s how you do it right, pull, squeeze through the buttocks.

That’s great do a couple more just like that good posture though, last one That’s it, beautiful okay. Now we’re going to do a little ballet. Take it forward and take it back Take it forward
this will save the entire leg. That’s it, stand up nice and tall beautiful posture stomach is in You can even put your arms out here if you need a chair for support, that’s okay too.
Just do what you can, this workout is for you to squeeze in every day. Last set, squeezing around, last one, great.

Okay switch leg, great for your thighs for your back of your legs for your entire leg
Take it forward and back. Point your toe feel as though you’re a ballet class. Everything is lifted through the ABS that’s it your arms everything is stretched out You’re squeezing through the back of your legs, no more cellulite, come on. That’s it, no more cottage cheese look come
on we got it. We got two more, give it all you got, that’s it okay.

Okay inhale, stretch out the leg, get down there, and release Get down there low stretch
your inner thighs out that’s it. Beautiful, really reach back there, yes great for your inner thighs You got it two more of those, reach. Last one great Now it’s time for a calve muscles they shape
your legs too. So now go up on your tippy toes and back down. Up and down up and down lift up on the balls of your feet and down. That’s it, beautiful, it’s all about the calves muscles, that’s it beautiful shapely legs. Strong thighs, strong legs, lean legs. That’s if we got one more, all the way up in your tippy toes, that’s it hold it there hold it there hold it there,
Okay, stretch it out. Stretch out those caps, oh, it’s the best part of the whole time. The stretch at the end, you deserve it, that’s right stretch out those legs. Oh I love this especially if you’re hustling around all day, stretch your legs. And to the other side, feels so good. Calves muscles, see the whole leg is getting a good stretch, and hamstrings And switch, Inhale up together and exhale. Congratulations beautiful looking legs.

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