How To Shrink Your Waist!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | April 25, 2019 | Workouts

Shrinking your waistline is one of the top reasons I get for women wanting to join my 10-Week Whole Body Plan… which is not a surprise because it can be hard to know how to shrink your waist! Plus, as we get older, the waistline tends to expand. But I am here to tell you, you CAN shrink your waistline! All it takes is some dedication (think 5-10 minutes every other day of targeted waist-shrinking movements and exercises), a few minor adjustments to your diet, and a positive outlook… mainly because that makes everything better! So let’s learn how to shrink your waist!

First off – why should we want to maintain a healthy waistline anyway? Well, according to numerous studies, it is suggested that a waistline of 37 inches or more for women can lead to premature death. This is because a waistline of that size indicates you are carrying excessive abdominal fat… this is linked to conditions that are related to obesity, such as high cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure, as well as other heart conditions and type 2 diabetes. So the more we do NOW to help prevent or reverse a larger waistline, the better our health will be!!

There are really two steps on how to shrink your waist: Exercise and diet.

Waist-Shrinking Exercises
The best way to keep an overall healthy body is through cardiovascular workouts. These can be anything from walking or jogging to riding a bike, swimming or dance. Cardio workouts keep your heart healthy, burn calories, promote energy and sleep… the list goes on of the benefits of cardio! Getting a consistent cardio routine into your lifestyle is important for maintaining a healthy weight AND helping to keep your waistline at a healthy size. That’s why I designed my 10-Whole Body Plan to include over 100 cardio workouts! Whether you are a beginner or advanced, each week you get cardio workouts designed to complement your lifestyle. All in the privacy of your own home, you can do my Walk With Me Workout, my Mother-Daughter Dance routine, Fat-Blast Cardio and more… including my popular TV Show workouts!! I have a 7-day free trial for you so start today!

Another way to really shrink your waist is through targeted workouts. By focusing on the different parts of the midsection – the lower abdominals, the front of our abs, and the sides of the waistline – we can really make the most out our waistline workouts. The good news is, once you begin to do these movements with consistency, you WILL see a difference! I have over 75 targeted workouts for the abs and waist area in my Whole Body Plan, including my Fit & Lite Yoga TV Series workouts that target the waist, abs, belly and more. A great way to target the waist while getting lean and long!


Try this 5-Minute Waist Whittler for a taste of how a little bit of exercise can go a long way!


Waist-Shrinking Meal Plans
There are two ways to adjust your diet to help shrink your waist. The first is through making healthy choices when it comes to food. By minimizing the less-than-healthy foods (such as chips, fast food, cookies, etc.) and replacing them with options that will still satisfy your cravings yet also provide your body with nutrients, you are ONLY doing your body a favor!! You can find lots of healthy eating options in my Nutrition Blog, and take it a step further with my customizable Meal Plan!

The second way to shrink your waistline is by making sure you aren’t exceeding your calorie intake. My 10-Week Whole Body Plan offer three levels of calories to choose from, making it SOOOOO easy to start and stick with a healthy eating plan! All my meals are tasty, heathy and satisfying – and most are fast and easy to make!! You even get a shopping list to make it simple to eat healthy and stick with your goals. Your 7-day FREE TRIAL is just a click away, so give it a try and start to shrink your waist today!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out!



Video transcript:

Hi everybody, it’s Denise Austin and today it’s all about our waistline. Whittle away your waist, yes, and make it nice and trim so you feel confident because that’s what it’s all about. I want you to feel good about yourself. So here’s some of my favorite five minute exercise that you can do to work that waistline. The first one is a leg lift to the side and to the other side. That’s it. All you do is kind of lean back and just lift your legs up and go side to side. Now this is cinching in the waistline. Working those oblique muscles that really shaped the waist to make it go in. Yes, naturally I’m all about naturally you could work out with me each day. Five minutes, you’ll see a difference. It keeps you going. That’s right. We got two more. Last one, and now we’re going to stay on this side.

We’re gonna lift, really lift, concentrated, cinching in the waistline working on those obliques were combat side of the waist. That’s it. Two more. Last one. Okay, let’s go the other side. Here we go. Come on. Push it out. You got it. Smile. We’re going to really target tone the waistline. Yes, it’s worth it. I promise. Just a little exercise goes a long way. Last one. Oh, okay. Wonderful. Now let’s get on the side. We’re gonna. Lift our hips up, up and back down it and back. Working on the sides of the waistline, right through here. That’s it. Lift and squeeze. If you can, you can place your arm on the outside here. Lift you. Really build it through here as well as here to reach your arm out. You really feel it on both sides. That’s it. We’ve got two more. Last one. Lift it now.

Hold it up and now we crunch forward. Lift. Inhale and touch your elbow and exhale stomach in and lift back up. Good. Inhale, crunch come on belly button in, suck it in, suck it in and lift back up. One more. We do three on each side, now pull down. Exhale and inhale. Beautiful to the other side, this is really target toning right on the sides. Okay. It’s a big lift and lower lift and lower. Feeling it in the sides of your waist line. That’s it, but you have to kind of really pull your belly button in and then contract the abs when you’re doing this. That’s it. And notice my elbow is in line with my shoulder to protect the shoulders. Again, very important. Let’s say you’re just starting out. Just go up a little bit. You could go up like that. Do whatever you can do to make it work for you and then you could see your progress.

Last one, all the way up. Beautiful. Oh, okay. Come back to make sure you’re thinking of good, tight in the tummy while you’re doing this. Okay. All right. Let’s lift it up. Reach your arm out. That’s it. Hold it up. Beautiful. Hold it up now. You got it. Good lift. Lift. Lift. Tighten tighten tighten. Wonderful. Oh, okay. Take it down one more time. Lift it back up, pull in, tighten up those abs and crunch forward. And lift back up, crunch forward, and lift back up. Stomach in though – pull your belly button. Oh, okay. Hold it. And release. Beautiful. Let’s relax now come down to your backs. Relax your shoulders. We’re going to bring your legs to the side, allow, pull them up to your tummy and in the other side. That’s it. Try that again. Pull them onto your tummy, to your chest and the other side.

Up and over. Use your abdominals. Use your obliques. This one’s a great one. If you really concentrate, focus your energy on those muscles here, right here. Pull it in, pull it in. Oh, okay. Lift your legs up. Rotate your ankles. That’s it. And slowly release and relax the body twist. Oh, you worked that waistline. Feel it. Stretch and lift up. Switch legs, the other side. Oh my gosh. I love this workout and now bring your knees to your chest. Roll up using your abdominals. Let me see your beautiful face of yours and stretch to the side, to the other side. You did it – a beautiful waistline workout.


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