June Good Morning Wake Up Stretch

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | June 4, 2020 | Workouts

Welcome to the June Good Morning Wake Up Stretch – a good way to workout in the morning! This stretch will get you moving, get your blood flowing, get the tone set for the day… so let’s make today a GREAT day! You can do this workout inside or out – it’s really a simple but effective way to burn some extra calories and give your metabolism a boost. I love these AM workouts, and I hope you do, too!

Here’s a few reasons YOU should be moving a bit first thing in the morning:

Four Reasons to Workout in the Morning

  1. It warms up your muscles. After a night of sleep, moving around will help warm up your muscles, which can help promote flexibility and prevent aches and pains associated with stiffness.
  2. It helps burns some calories. Many people are asking me right now about gaining weight during quarantine, and exercise (and watching what you eat!) is the best way to lose weight – and maintain weight loss! Make exercise part of every day, and it will benefit you in so many ways. Start small if you haven’t been working out regularly – this workout is a great one to begin with, as it is low impact and only five minutes long. Then work your way up to some 10-minute workouts, then 20-minute ones. My DeniseAustin.com Plan is perfect for beginners because my 20- and 3-minute workouts can easily be done in 10-minute bits. I have a free trial going on right now, so check it out! You can cancel at any time, but I think you’ll love my retro and studio workouts, short challenges and more. No strings attached – it’s free to try for 30 days for a limited time!
  3. It helps boost your metabolism. Also important for weight loss, you want to keep your metabolism humming. Along with fat-burning foods, exercise helps you build muscle and keeps your metabolism running along!
  4. It sets a great tone for the day! I find that when I workout in the morning, I tend to eat healthier and move more during the day. It’s a mindset that may work for you, too!

So check out my all new June Good Morning Wake Up Stretch and take five minutes to do your body good!

And don’t forget to try a free trial of my DeniseAustin.com Plan – right now you can get 30 days FREE and access all my calorie burning workouts!!!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,

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June Good Morning Wake Up Stretch Transcript

Welcome everybody to your June Wake Up workout today. We’re going to have a great five minute workout. So let’s begin. Wonderful month of June. You can do it over again and doing little more cardio in this one. Wake up those muscles. The oxygen is flowing to the brain that think better to feel better. That’s right. Curling in. That’s twisted out. Use your whole body, stretching your back. That’s it. Ladies, your hips, your thighs, your buttocks. Beautiful. That step touch. Step touch. That’s it. Your whole goal is to get your energy flowing, to feel good, to wake up and get going. And that’s what we’re doing today. Come up. I go for you is to do this every day. You can’t get it done. Anytime it’s worth looking, reach all the way up and around beach. That’s a one more circle and the other way, stretch your back. Stretch your waves. Lift up one more circle, least sides of the wasteland right here. That’s it. Great side to side. Beautiful. That’s it. Now let’s reach your arm out and out. Beautiful lunge this way at work, your legs, your buttocks. That’s it. One more. Okay. Do the other side.

That’s it beautiful. Now open up your chest to improve that posture. Oxygen is flowing. That’s it to every cell in your body to keep moving and bring your oxygen. And although you pack, just move your legs. Tap, tap, tap out. Now let’s turn your hips a little cooling and now punch it out. That’s it great. Working every muscle in your body is 640 of them. Wake them up. Give them energy. Oxygen equals energy. That’s it. Two, one last one. Okay. Hold it right here. Let’s get it to an average. That’s it. Pull the crock beautiful cinch in your waist line. Pull it up in. That’s it. Good. Stretch it out. Stretch out and tighten the apps. Good. We’ve got two more. Last one on the side. Gook switched in the other side of pull and Paul beautiful really feel in the waistline. If you can.

The second that knee comes up, you’re working the lower belly. Yes. Flattening the tummy since she and those waistlines come on last one. Oh, okay. Release. Okay. Take it out of tap. Now this time, I want you to reach both arms overhead. Get the energy through the whole body reach stretch. That’s it straightened your arms late. The, those beautiful arms. That’s it till molar that’s one. Oh, okay. Let’s just take it down a little and lunch or Marie and the Baca. Notice my back. Stay strong and straight. I’m not going to low morning workout. Just getting everything flowing. That’s it. Cardiovascular. Get that oxygen to flow and prove that immune system we all need help. Two more. Last one. Good. And to the other side, notice that my back is strong and straight. I’m going down and back up. That’s it. God good posture here.

Think about your shoulders down and back stomach and zip up our apps. That’s it. Good. We got one more. That’s it. Great. And let’s do some inner thigh toners stretch side to side. Beautiful sitting. Way back, lunge down. That’s it. Side to side. Good. Now, can you reach your arm fingertips towards your inner knee? That’s it. Good. Reach. Really reach, sit back. Almost feel like you’re sitting way back there with the buttocks. That’s it. Smile. We’re going to burn some extra calories. Good. We’ve got two more here. Last one. Okay. Stretch it out. Stretch out our legs. Can you tow up feeling the inner thighs? Great for leg circulation. That’s it beautiful. Let’s go to the other leg. Flex that toe. If you can flex it up, that’s it. Stretch it out. Sit back and feel the inside of your legs. So important. That’s it. Awesome. Sit way back there. Inhale and exhale. Inhale. Bring in the oxygen and exhale. Beautiful. I hope you make it a wonderful day because you are worth it. Happy June.

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