Yoga Refresh – Finding Your Balance

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | June 3, 2020 | Workouts

I love yoga, and this Yoga Refresh workout is a great way to start if you are new to yoga… or if you are already practicing yoga, it is a great workout to help you stay balanced, calm and focused.  This 10-minute Yoga Refresh is a wonderful and EFFECTIVE way to stretch and tone the body, keep your muscles flexible, get your stress in check (important right now), and more! This Yoga Refresh is part of my 7-Day Lean and Lengthen Yoga Refresh Challenge, which has even more yoga workouts for you to try. Sign up for your FREE TRIAL of my Whole Body Plan, and you can access all 7 days of this challenge today!

This Yoga Refresh Challenge will provide you with a daily yoga video, focusing on a new element such as detoxing, strengthening, flexibility, core, and more! In addition to a full body yoga video, you will also receive a quick and easy recipe that is both healthy and delicious, plus a motivational message from me to keep you on track!

Join me for a week-long yoga refresh – for a lengthening and strengthening experience we can do together! Start your free trial today, and in the meantime, check out this video, part of the 7-Day Lean and Lengthen Yoga Refresh Challenge!




Yoga Refresh Video Script:
Welcome to our yoga practice together. Today, it’s all about balance, so we’ll be using some balance poses of yoga to really strengthen and lengthen our bodies. Let’s begin with a deep cleansing breath. Breathing in the oxygen at equals energy deeper into the lungs. Inhale and exhale out. That’s it. Release any tension. One more time. Bring in clean oxygen, exhale out any stress. Let it go. That’s it. Beginning with an eagle pose. Bring your arms, wrapped them in front, lift up and home hole in the belly button. Lift up through the chest and really opened up through your back and now slowly cool down in a little ball, releasing any tension off your low spine, elbow to knee, and pull it back up. Hold. That’s it. And release. Let’s go to the other side. Now. Wrap the other arm in front, that’s it. Hold it up there where the spine.

Hold it up. You’re opening up through your shoulder blades. No more tension. Lift up, hold the stretch, and now roll forward. Round your back. Pull your belly button in and the whole so important to stretch your lower spine and come back all the way up in your body all the way up. Hold it, hold it. Relax with a chest and release. Beautiful Eagle. Let’s turn to the side now. Now clasp your elbows behind you just as open and now slowly fold for strength in your legs. It’s all about balance here. Feel your core. Your neck is nice and long. Your nose is down. Focus right slightly in front of you. That point. Look forward. Lengthen your back, strength in your muscles, balance, breathe. Really be mindful of your breath. Breathe into it and lowering. Lift all the way up. Go to the other side and stretch.

Release your arms. Place the other one in front. Your legs are strong. Think about good balance. Now flatten your back, your back late in your spy strength in your legs, hold, breathe, focus. Inhale, exhale. Very important to really be mindful of your breath and slowly lift up. Use the strength of your legs. That’s it. Beautiful. And now we’re going to use the blocks. So if you do have a block, it’s really nice and handy to use it. The first exercise you’re going to be doing a half moon, so you’re going to reach forward. Use the block, lift the leg up and balance on the one leg balance on your arm. With the strength of your body, your foot is flexed, spread out your fingers, focus, balance, strengthen and lengthen your body lifted up higher. And Bend your knee now and push it back. Beautiful. Let’s switch sides.

Place the block on the other side, and slowly lean forward, reach towards the block, flex your foot and hold up. Hold it up. Really feel the balance. Breathe into this breathe. Inhale and count of three. Inhale one, two, three. Exhale, three, two, one. Push away and release. That’s come down now to the ground. We’re going to do now a plank pose with the use of our blocks. If you have them, great. If you don’t, that’s okay too. They just help out a little bit. I love to use them or right here we’re going to balance into a plank pose with one leg point your toe, lengthen through the spine and score huge about muscle. Tighten up through that tushy that’s left strong body, strong mind because you are worth it. Practice Yoga with me every day. Switch legs and you will feel the difference. Refreshed, calming of the mind, strength of the body, and flexibility and release. That’s it. Beautiful. And now let’s take the blocks. I want you to place one between your thighs. If not, if you don’t have one, that’s okay, and now slowly released down. Breathe up and in and screes your inner thighs together with the balance of the block. You’re really working your inner thighs. And now straighten one of your legs. Hold it up there, strengthen the thighs balance, balance, and release. Try the other lake up. Come on balance.
Squeeze your inner thighs together.


Come all the way down. We’re going to roll over to our tummies now and I want you to come all the way down to your tummy, airplane. We’re going to lift the arms up and bow. The neck is long, so look down at the floor, lift your chest up, lift your toes up, inhale up, hold, breathe. Exhale out and relaxed. Great. Again, inhale up, hold it up and flutter kicks. Little baby flutter kicks. Neck is long. You’re lengthening little baby flutter kicks, that’s it to one last one, and release slowly come all the way up. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful. Relax your back by child’s pose. Hold that stretch. Great. And now we’re going to try a little frog stand if you want to give it a try to strengthen, give it a try. It’s a balance. Let’s get up on her tippy toes. Place your hands in front of you and just give it a try. Lift up and release. Try it again. Lift up balance, hold it there. If you can, balance your tummy in and release. Beautiful. Standing up nice and tall. Inhale, exhale to mountain pose. Let’s begin, or balancing stick. Bring one leg in front of you and reach all the way forward and see if you can balance and really try it again. Just do what you can now lift up

and all the way. Let’s try the other side. First of all, engage your core. It’s really helps with balance. If you engage your core, that’s it. Lift up. This is a very challenging move and slow. They come up. I’m a little better on this leg. One more time. Give it a try and slowly come up. Beautiful. Inhale up and exhale out. That’s it. One more deep breath. Really focus on these moves. We got one more pose of the dancer, so break your leg behind you. Hold there. That’s it. Arm reaches up if you can, and now slowly try it. Pose of a dancer. Focus a point right in front of you and release. Let’s try it on the other side. First of all, bring your heel towards your buttocks and slowly come down just a little bit. Do what you can and release. Taking a deep cleansing breath. Inhale and exhale. One more. Inhale all the way up and pull your elbows out. Bring it right here to exhale and you did great.


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