August Good Morning Wake Up Stretch

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | August 1, 2020 | Workouts


Welcome to the August Good Morning Wake Up Stretch! I love doing these 5-minute wake up stretches every month – it keeps me on my toes and excited to do something new each month!! I hope you like them, too – they really are a wonderful way to start the day. A little movement in the morning. helps to warm up any stiffness you may have, helps to get the blood flowing for a little burst of energy, and I find that when I move a little bit first thing in the AM, I am more apt to move throughout the day! So it sets a good, healthy tone for your day. So try to do this mini workout with me most days this month – you will feel great after!

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Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,

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August Good Morning Wake Up Stretch Video transcript:

Happy August everybody. Are you ready for your wake up workout? Yes, you are. Let’s begin. Take a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. Circle those shoulders. No more shoulder tension. August is a fabulous month. Yes, my daughter’s birthday. You can do it. You guys stay healthy. Keep up your immune system by exercising, moving every day. But what a great way to start your morning with a little stretch. That’s a stretch. Open up your chest. That’s two more last one. Okay. Stretch forward and side. That’s it work that waistline we can trim and slim right through here. Feel the lift through the chest. Think the tummy and zip up those abs and reach side to side. There you go. Come on. Really use your thigh muscles. They give you energy. That’s right. Are your muscles of the body? Use your oxygen and oxygen equals energy. We’ve got two more.

That’s one. Okay. Let’s take it to the side and forward. Reach out. That’s it. This is working. Those love handles back there that we don’t like. And your inner thighs. It helps firm and tone your head in her legs. That’s it? Tone and burn those muscles. It’s important everyday to work those lines. So if you rest you’ll rust, that’s it. Exercise gives you. Energy gives you stamina, improves your immune system. Something we need to work on everyday. That’s right. Boost that metabolism. Two more. Last one. Okay. Let’s take it to the side. Now. All you have to do is a mini lunch down and squeeze your butt on the way up. That’s it think good posture is your back strong and straight. Beautiful squeeze. That touching look great from behind. If you don’t squeeze it, no one else will always keep it lifted muscles, work miracles on your metabolism.

Also starting out with five minutes every day gives you that wonderful mindset to be healthier, to take care of your body, healthy mind and spirit. Two more. Last one. Great. Let’s take it to the other side. Thank you. Good posture back is strong. We can straight squeeze the buttocks, go down and up. Just like an elevator. You’re working your thighs, your buttocks. Also. You’re stretching out through your hip flexors. Something. We all need to work on it. Especially if you sit for long periods of time, you’re real tight and short here without lengthening through the legs. Nice. Sexy legs. Come on. Got it. A couple more. You could do it. Work on those things. Muscles. You’re beautiful. You have them use them. Yes. They’re there. As long as work on him, you will feel conditioned, firmly toned. Last one, squeeze up. Oh, okay. Wonderful. Now it’s time to work on those arms.

All you can do is what are your arms up? That’s it palms up to the ceiling and notice my back straight and strong. You’re telling me that’s tucked up again. That’s it Naval to the spine. It’s an ab exercise to listen is working the back of your arms. Really lift, lift, lift. If you focus on the muscles, you really don’t need the weights right now. As long as you’re really berming and toning the muscle focus, mind to muscle. Think about lifting higher and higher. Good. Right. Also think about shoulders back and up. Two more. Last one. Okay. Let’s take it to the side. Let’s stretch to the side. Okay. Just get this by now. Your spine is your lifeline. Keep it strong. Keep it healthy. Keep it flexible. Oh, okay. Let’s do it to the other side. Thinking about good posture. Lift up, stretch over now.

We’re stretching your side body as well as your legs feel so good. That’s it. Beautiful stretch. Take deep breath. Bringing in the oxygen. Deeper, deeper, exhale out. Any stretch. Exhale. Let it go. Be positive today. Be optimistic. That’s your right and switch. Great. Now I want you to say slowly, sit back on your thighs. Sit up nice and tall. Lift through the chest. Hold your chest high and stretch back. That’s it. One more stretch off the spine stretch, stretch, stretch. And, and now slowly come all the way up. Taking nice deep cleansing breaths in here, exhale to the side, elongating the spine, inhale up, exhale out to the other side. That’s it just stretch and inhale and exhale. Have a beautiful day. Everybody go out and make it healthy and happy.

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