Let’s Do Some Disney World Workouts Together!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | July 16, 2020 | Workouts

People love my retro TV show workouts, so I added some new ones to my DeniseAustin.com membership area – and these are extra fun, as I filmed them all at Disney World – so let’s do some Disney World Workouts! When I filmed my Denise Austin’s Daily Workout TV show, I was so lucky to travel all over and film at some beautiful places…. and one of the most fun (no surprise here!!) was filming at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida! My Disney World Workouts are a combination of a warm up, low-impact aerobics, and then some target toning, for a toning and cardio workout set. Each of these Disney World Workouts are only 20 minutes long, and are so effective when it comes to weight loss, heart health, fat burning and toning!!

I recently added eight of these fun Disney World Workouts to my membership area, so start your free trial today and check them out! (If you are a DeniseAustin.com member, you have access to these right now!!!) Some of the Disney World Workouts I added are filmed at the waterfront overlooking Coronado Springs Resort at Disney World, as well as the Disney World Boardwalk:

Tummy Toners.
Pilates stretching
This one includes an ab-specific section. So if you want to blast that belly fat, tone that mid-section, shrink your waist and get rid of menopausal belly, this is the Disney World workout for you!! A quick ab workout that is effective!

Interval Training.
Pilates stretching
Let’s work the entire body while overlooking the Disney World Boardwalk! This Interval Training Disney World Workout includes aerobics and body sculpting, for an effective calorie-burning workout in just 20 minutes! This one will really help you tone up!

Arm and Buns Workout:
Pilates stretching
It’s the last thing that leaves the room, so let’s create sculpted arms and better looking tushie! You can burn about 300 calories with this workout – give it a try!

Trim and Slim Waistline:
Pilates stretching
Whittle that waistline with this fun and effective workout. A great way to work the entire midsection, but especially the side of the waistline.

Plus more, including Disney World Workouts that target the hips, thighs, legs and booty, start your free trial. All with a low-impact aerobics workout, too! So let’s HAVE SOME FUN while we do some Disney World Workouts form my Daily Workout TV Show!

And here’s a FREE Disney World Workout just for you! It’s my Disney World Aerobics and Weight Training workout – enjoy!!!

If you are a member you have access to all my Disney World Workout now via your Member Dashboard, and if you aren’t yet a DeniseAustin.com member, sign up today for a free trial and check them all out!

Let’s get fitter, together, inside and out!


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