5 Quick And Healthy Breakfast Suggestions

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | May 3, 2021 | Nutrition

I get asked a lot about what I eat for breakfast, so here are some healthy breakfast suggestions that I eat regularly! Add these ideas to your morning routine, for energy, a happy and healthy metabolism, to feel fuller, longer – and of course to enjoy your first meal of the day!

One thing people ask me is if they can skip breakfast to help lose weight. Don’t do it! Skipping breakfast – whether to lose weight or because you are in too much of a hurry – is a bad idea. When you skip meals, you deprive your body of food, and it then starts to conserve energy. In other words, you body burns fewer calories to protect itself from starving. And because your body slows down when it is sleeping, you need food in the morning to give your metabolism a kick-start. Plus your AM meal helps to provide energy and brainpower!

While eating a balanced breakfast is the best option (check out my 10-Week Plan for breakfast options that are balanced, healthy and delicious), there are shortcuts that can get you through in a pinch.

Here are five ideas to try when you are short on time yet want to give your body and mind the energy and stamina they need for the morning – give them a try!

Healthy Breakfast Suggestions

  1. Almond butter and banana sandwich on whole-grain bread. This will give you healthy fats, protein, fiber and a serving of fruit – a great way to start the day when in a rush. You can even make this the night before if you know you will be on-the-go in the morning.
  2. A cup of yogurt, a serving of your favorite flavor of EVER BETTER™ Protein Bites, and a small container of 100% fruit juice. This is an easy one to pack ahead of time and take to the office, as each travels well. Plus you’ll get calcium (good for our bones!), protein and probiotics from the EVER BETTER™ Bites, and vitamins from the juice. This combo of Bites and juice is perfect, as EVER BETTER™ Bites are low in sugar, and helps to offset the natural sugar content in the juice.
  3. Two apple halves topped with natural peanut butter. This is an easy breakfast substitute when you have a lot going on in the morning – you can take a bite here and there until you are done! You’ll be getting a good amount of fiber and protein.
  4. A quick power smoothie. This you can assemble the night before, put in the fridge and just blend it up in the morning and drink while getting ready! I like to use a combination of ice, almond milk or fruit juice, yogurt, a banana, and mixed berries (frozen are fine). If you want, you can sub in kale or other greens for the berries – either way, this smoothie will provide you with nutrients, protein, fiber and a couple servings of produce – a great way to start the day!
  5. Whole-grain bagel topped with a thin layer of cream cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes. This is for the people who prefer a savory breakfast! The cream cheese provides calcium and protein, the bagel will fill you up with fiber, and you get two servings of veggies with this simple breakfast suggestion.

More Quick & Healthy Breakfast Suggestions

Some other quick and healthy breakfast suggestions include hard boiled eggs (I try to always have some on hand as an easy source of protein); pre-sliced veggies and fruit that you can bring with you to tide you over until you have time for a real meal; and cheese slices that you can add to a whole-grain piece of toast. These are all going to be healthier for you than a stop at the drive-thru or the vending machine!

And if you want more healthy eating suggestions, start your free trial of my Whole Body Plan! I have a personalized eating plan as part of my 10-Week Whole Body Plan, with breakfast recipes including:

Spicy Egg Toast
Breakfast Tostada
Warm Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
Smoked Salmon Toast
Quinoa Pancakes with Warm Berry Topping

And more! Over 25 different healthy and DELICIOUS breakfast recipes to choose from, so give it try – your free trial is just a click away!

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