Get Your Booty Lifted With This Quick Booty Lifter Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | July 31, 2021 | Workouts

I get asked all the time about how to tighten that tushie and lift that booty – and this booty lifter workout can help! Targeted moves can make all the difference when it comes to a toned rear end, and this workout has everything you need!

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So do my free, 6-minute Booty Lifter workout with me today! You will see a difference after you do this a few times a week!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,



Quick Booty Lifter Workout Transcript:

Welcome to your Healthy In a Hurrry! Now it’s time to lift our booty. So let’s get started thinking about good posture, feet a little wider than shoulder width apart. You’re going to sit back down and then on your way up, squeeze the buttock muscles. That’s it. Just do a mini squat if you want. That’s fine too. This is working that tushie, let’s look great from behind. That’s it. These are all easy moves that you can do. Take your time. Do the best that you can, sit back. Good. Never let your knees go over your toes. You’re sitting way back almost like you’re sticking that rear end, and on the way in, squeeze the buttocks. That’s it. That way you work a hundred percent of your buttocks by squeezing.

If you don’t squeeze it, no one else will!

Okay. Can you hear the beautiful birds chirping?! It’s a great day. You can get fit. That’s it. Two more. Last one. Beautiful. Hold it down. Hold it and release and place your legs apart. We’re just going to do a little lunge and come back up.

Notice I’m only going halfway. You’re still working the buttocks. Okay. Make sure your back is straight and strong stomach is in, and zip up the abs. We all need to be reminded. Right? We got two more down and last one. Just hold it there. Hold it there. Can you bring your arms up, lengthen, squeeze the buttocks? And release.

And let’s go to the other side and make sure you have good posture. Stomach is in, back is strong and straight. Just go halfway and come back up just a little bit. A little works. As long as you’re squeezing this part, tightening up that tushie. That’s it, back is strong and straight. Good technique. That’s it, do it right, do it correct. Never let that knee go in front of your toes. Last one. That it hold on, hold on, and lift your arms up over through the spine, lengthen through the spine. Squeeze the buttocks. Almost do a slight pelvic tilt. Just squeeze some, and then relax. Ok let’s goo all the way down.

And lift the leg. Just start to lift, little pulses. If you like, you can always go drop down on an elbow. Placing your hand here. Stomach is in, back is striaght and little pulses. Just pulse it that’s it. Squeeze the buttock muscles. Tighten up that tushie. Lift it, tone it. That’s it. We don’t want to droop or sag. We want to lift it. Yes, you can do it. Good. Just little lifts. That’s it. Stomach is in, let the buttocks do the work. Not your back.

The back is very stable. That’s it, control through the strength of your abdominals. Okay. Now what I want you to do is with both hands down, little baby pulses up and down, lift, now we are working the back of the legs to give you beautiful separation between your side, the buttons, the buttocks so you look great in your jeans. Yes. Notice the stomach is in it has a tendency to always tighten it up. We got two more. Come on. Last one. Great. Oh, okay.

Let’s switch sides. All right. Leg straight and little baby pulses. Thinking about good posture. Straighten out your leg. Can you point that toe? It really helps to firm and lengthen from the back of your thighs, as well as the buttocks, that’s it. You’re doing great. I promise. Just keep it up. You will see results.

That’s it. Toning really works and you don’t have to do too much of it. Just a little goes a long way. I promise muscles work miracles on your metabolism. That’s it. Last two. Last one. Stretch out there. Okay. Place both hands down on the ground. Make sure your arm is in a straight line. Wrist to shoulder. Bend your knees. Squeeze at the top,, down, and squeeze at the top, straight back, zip up the abs, zip up the abdominal muscles. That’s it. The more we practice the flatter our bellies, Good. Control the muscles doing it right. Is so important, effective and safe. We got two more, one more lifted up this time. Really lift and squeeze. That’s it. Great. Okay. Come on down to the floor, on your back. And we’re going to lift that booty up here we go. Little lifts up, pulse. That’s it. Lift and lower, lift and lower.

Great. At the top, you can do it good, right? great for that rear end. Remember the rear end is the last thing to leave the room, so leave a great lasting impression. We’re just trying to firm it up, right? We’re not trying to do anything, just to get a little stronger, a little firmer, keeping our muscles – 640 of them – strong and lean and toned. Okay, now we hold it up. Now we just squeeze the legs. Tighten up that tushie real quick. Squeeze right now. Hold it all up right here. That’s it. Good. Good, good, good, good. Oh, okay. One vertebrae at a time. Come on down. Come on down. That’s it. And please come all the way up and bring your feet in front of you and reach your hands to the side. Feel the stretch through the buttocks. Oh, does that feel so good stretch. That’s it take a deep breath. Breathe in the oxygen. Let it out. Beautiful. There you have your booty workout.

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