May Good Morning Wake Up Stretch

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | May 2, 2020 | Workouts

It’s a new month, so let’s do my May Good Morning Wake Up Stretch together! It’s all about movement, getting the blood flowing, feeling great … setting a wonderful, positive tone for the day! Let’s make today a great one! We can do it! Let’s think positive and put a smile on our faces, give someone a compliment to make them feel better, reach out to loved ones. Staying connected right now is so important, so do this 5-minute good morning wake up stretch with me and we will tackle today in a positive, healthy way!

The great thing about this workout is that you can also do it at night – it’s a wonderful wind-down as well. Gently gets your circulation going, a good thing before bed as well as in the morning! Enjoy! And enjoy the nature sounds of the birds in this one – I love it!!! Nature’s soundtrack for a beautiful, natural stretching routine!



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Let’s get fitter together – inside and out,


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Video Transcript:

Hi everybody. Welcome to your May wake up or down or you can do it at nighttime too. Whenever suits you, it’s for five minutes to get you going. Let’s begin with a deep cleansing breath. Bring in the oxygen and release. It’s may beautiful month, mother’s day, month special to so many of us and also the flowers are blooming and you’ll feel good if you do something good for your body, good for your heart and good for your brain. That’s it and that’s what exercise helps you with. Good. Just bend side to side. Now get the circulation going to every cell in your body. That’s it. Beautiful what you love. That’s it. It’s such a great way to start your day. It really is cause you cut to get the blood circulating. You start to feel good. It gives you a great mindset to be positive for the day, to keep moving, to eat healthy, all of the things we need to kind of make it a lifestyle.

That’s it. Side to side. Now reach side to side, side and side, great for the waistline. That’s it for our core muscles, the tummy, the back. That’s it. Good reach side to side, side and side. We’ve got two more. Last one, and let’s stretch it forward and to the other side. Shift your weight to work your hips, your thighs, and your buttocks. That’s it. Think good posture. Zip up those ads. That’s it. Put a smile on your face. It’s contagious and we all need that these days. A good smile. That’s it. You got to last word stretching down. Now just hold it there. Feel the stretch for you. You need to fall. Can you twist up and home for the waist and the other side twisted. All birds are making beautiful noises outside all. I love it and stand up nice and tall. Let’s walk our hands all the way down.

Down. Good. We’re going to hold a plank position. Get those abs strong today. You only pull up. Squeeze your bottom. Tighten up her Tricia. That’s it. Then lift your hips to downward facing dog. Stretch your hip, Zack. Good. Push away. Now can you bring one leg up in the air? Hold it up. Up, up, up, up. Good. Related dog. Now bend your knee. Open up your hips. That’s it. Open it up. Good stretch. That’s great. And release that rig and pick the other leg up. [inaudible] stretch it out. Beautiful. Bedroom me with. Open up your hips and now slowly relax. Bring it all the way down to what we call a pigeon. And this is a stretch three, the opening of your hips. So important. Did you know a lot of stress really builds in your hips and your back. But this exercise is such a good stretch.

Release and open up the hip area so great, especially for us. Good. And now slowly just switch legs, switch legs, chest stays, high. Good posture. That’s it. Feel the stretch. You could kind of feel the range of motion when you rock side to side all she felt all through bottom and now slowly bring your legs together and roll onto your back. Elevate your feet and really lift your in lanes. And let’s work on the core muscles. Those cells there. So they’re ready for better posture. Good. Just reach out. Do what you can. That’s it. We’ve got two anymore. Last one. Stir. Acts it out straight to them. Beautiful. The other leg in the legs. Great, obsessed, pelvic tilt, great for your tummy, great for your buttocks, really tones and tightens up that rear end and hold it up there. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, and slowly bring your knees to your chest and roll up. Let me see that beautiful, happy, smiling face and take a deep breath together. Bring in the oxygen. I call this my moving meditation that’s advanced. Exhale out any stress together. Bring it in. Inhale as deep as you can at all. Just let it go. Let it go out and make it a fabulous day. I love you guys. Stay fit at home.

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