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Denise Austin by Denise Austin | April 16, 2020 | Workouts

I’ve been asked a lot lately about how to do a quick at home workout… so here are some quick at home workouts you can do! It’s been tough having to stay indoors, but hopefully you have been taking each day one by one, and making the best of it! A few ways I have been staying emotionally balanced and fit and healthy at home is by breathing every hour – it really helps manage any stress that comes my way. I have also been taking advantage of cooking up some healthy meals, and chatting with lots friends and family – a great way to stay connected when stuck at home!

And of course the best way to stay fit and healthy at home is consistent exercise (you knew I would say that one, right?!?!). Exercise is my personal number one way to manage anxiety, stay focused, promote energy and more. It has become a habit for me, and is just simply part of my day to day. But I know that is not how everyone is, so here are some quick at home workouts so you can stay fit and healthy at home!

  • Climb Those Stairs! If you are lucky enough to live in a home that has stairs – or a building that has some that aren’t highly trafficked – start using them! Walking up and down stairs is a great cardio workout, but it also helps to sculpt and lean up your lower body. Start with one minute per day for a few days, then work up to two minutes, etc. Soon you will really see and feel a difference with this quick at home workout add-on.
  • Do Some Fidget-cisers. These are some of my favorite calorie burners you can do throughout the day. They are controlled movements that take up little space but can really add up and help you keep your weight under control as we hunker down at home and are being less active! One of my favorite quick at home workout moves is a counter push-up – lean against your kitchen counter with your hands shoulder width apart, like you are in a plank or push up position, place your feet behind you a few feet out (make sure your feet are on a non-slippery surface), then lower your chest towards the counter like you are doing a pushup. No need to get on the floor, and you can a do a few of these here and there throughout the day.
  • Jumping Jacks or Walking in Place. Both of these are good cardio workouts as well as provide some resistance to help build muscle. Start by doing 10 Jumping Jacks or walking for one minute (don’t forget to pump those arms!!), and progress each day.
  • Do some strength training. Lift some weights (cans of soup or water bottles will work, too) and do some lunges – or invest in an at-home workout kit like my Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Kit. I’ve been doing this for the past few weeks and let me tell you – even I feel and see a difference! This kit includes an inflatable stability ball, a set of resistance bands, a complete guide on exercises that tone, firm, strengthen and lengthen your entire body, plus exclusive videos!  The best part is it only takes 12 minutes a day and takes up hardly any space. It’s like a perfect quick at home workout to stay fit and healthy! Right now for a limited time this kit is on sale (in my new DeniseAustin.com Shop!!), so check it out today.

And if you already have a stability ball or resistance bands try this workout – part of the exclusive content offered in my Shape, Strengthen and Sculpt Kit! It’s a Pilates workout that you can do without the ball if you don’t have one – enjoy!

I hope these quick at home workout tips help you stay motivated to get in some exercise at home – every lit bit counts! Do a squat here and there, do one minute of sit ups, do some yoga stretches – it will help you stay healthy and emotionally balanced during these times!! Quick at home workouts is what it’s all about right now!!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,



Video Transcript

Welcome to your five minute Pilates with balls and bands. Let’s begin with a beautiful spinal twist, sitting up nice and tall, place it behind you and just do a little twist for the waistline warming up through the waist. That’s it. But think good posture stomach is in. Pull your back in, straighten the spine and really twist. That’s it. Great. Two more. We’re going to really firm and tone and think about our legs, our core muscles, the center of your body. This works your core, two more, last one and release now touch your toes. And we’re going to do Saw. So you’re going to lift up and you’re going to reach towards your baby toe and come back up. Lift up first, twist back strong and straight. Think good posture. Suck in the gut and lift. It’s really important you think about pulling your belly button navel to spine.

When you’re doing this and sit up nice and tall, twist up, make it a C, pull your abs up and in and come back up. Beautiful. Now bring this around and place it under your feet. Now we’re going to do what’s called the Bug to work our upper back muscles. You’re going to lean slightly forward. One arm comes forward and one goes back and you switch. Lift those arms up, make sure your abs are pulled up and in the focus is the core too, as well as your upper back muscles. It’s really helps to strengthen the core. The upper back, that’s it. Stomach is in the lifted up. Good. Your back is strong and straight. The neck is long, your abs are pulled in. We got two more. Last one. That’s it up. Beautiful. I love it. Okay, let’s come down to the side to do a T.

So important because it works your sides of your waistline and with the ball it’s a great cause. It really assists you. So placing your feet kind of staggered so it’s easier on you and you’re going to lift all the way up and hold stomach is in. So this is a really helping you to hold your hips up. Now if you can lift it a little higher up, up, up, stretch your arms up. That’s it. Stretch it up. Abs are tight. Squeeze the buttocks together. Squeeze, tighten the tushi and relax. And now slowly, let’s do a leg circle here. Lift your leg up, hold it up. And little baby circles. Little baby circles, great for the legs. That’s it. But the core muscles are working to try to keep the core strong. Keep it sturdy. That’s it. You’re using those AB muscles and reverse the circle.

Circle all the way around. That’s it. Length in the legs. That’s great. And one more we’re going to do front and back. That’s it. Front and back. Pull your abs in. Beautiful. That’s it. I love this system of the ball here really helps, but pull your abs in. Chorus tight. Pull in and squeeze the buttocks in the back. That’s at one more. Squeeze the buttocks. Tighten it, lift. Beautiful. Great. Let’s go to the other side. Just bring the ball all the way around. The first exercise is T Stand. So you’re going to place your hand right there. You’re going to stay on your your feet and you’re going to lift up. Lift up, beautiful hold, T stand, lift. If you want. Lift your hips up a little more. That’s it. Hold it up, up, up, up, straighten them through the waistline, your side, body and release.

And let’s sit up nice and tall. A little leg circles. You can place this hand right here for support. That’s it. Leg circle, all the way around. That’s great. And let’s reverse reverse all the way. This is great for your outer thighs. Lengthens your legs, long, lean dancers, legs. And now we got to go forward and back. That’s it. Forward. Pull your abs in. Squeeze the buttocks in the back. Oh, okay. Beautiful. Feel you’re legs lengthening. Those leg strengthened, last one. We hold the leg behind us. Hold it. Squeeze your buttocks. That’s it. And relax. And there you did a beautiful Pilates workout.

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