4 Easy Ways To Get And Stay Fit!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | May 4, 2019 | Workouts

How to stay fit and healthy ?

It’s National Fitness Month – one of my favorites because – surprise – I loooove fitness! I think getting and staying fit is the key to so many of life’s pleasures. When you feel good physically, you feel like you can accomplish anything! Plus being fit naturally lends itself to aging gracefully… your balance will be better, your heart function will be healthier, your muscle tone will be improved… the list goes on.

So what better time than this month to start your path to getting fit?!?! How to stay fit? There are four simple ways to get fit:

Cardio. Cardiovascular workouts – also called aerobic workouts – get your heart pumping, helping to move blood through your body to carry oxygen to your cells. Cardio is also good for weight loss, promotes a healthy digestive system, helps you to stay fit and so much more. While there are a variety of ways to get your cardio in no matter what your age, I really love walking. It’s easy to do, accessible, and all you need is a pair of shoes! My 10-Week Plan has a 30-minute Walk With Me Workout, start your free trial and give it a try!!

Strength Training. Stay fit and promote strong muscles with strength training – it’s one of the best ways to boost your metabolism! Muscle burns three times more calories than it does fat, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn, so anyone who wants to lose weight and get fit should be doing some form of strength training. Strong muscles are also important as we age: since our muscles shrink at a rate of about one percent each year after the age of 40, regular strength training exercises are important to do, as they help protect your bones from osteoporosis, improve your posture and more.

Try this strength training routine, from my 10-Week Whole Body Plan:

(And if you like this workout, start your free trial for almost 100 strength training workouts!!! Tone up and get firm, head to toe!)

Stretching. Stretching is an important part of a healthy, well-rounded work out. But it’s also important for your health, too: Stretching can help improve the range of motion in your joints, and when you stretch before and after you workout, it can help to minimize your risk of injury. I love stretching exercises like yoga and Pilates – they not only help protect your body, but promote flexibility, and can be a workout within themselves!

While stretching is great, using the right form is key. All my 10-Week Plan workouts always include at least two stretching segments – one as a part of the warm up, and one as a relaxing cool down stretch. Plus I have almost 50 yoga workouts to help you get an even deeper stretch into you day, for a fitter life!

Sticking with it. This last one may not seem like an exercise, but it is! Sticking to your workout game plan is KEY for getting and staying fit. Some people schedule in their workouts for the morning, so it’s up and done! Others opt to try new workouts every few weeks to keep them on their toes (and work different muscle groups). However you go about it, consistency is important when it comes to a workout plan. Try these tips for staying motivated to exercise, and join my 10-Week Plan! I have curated workout plans for three levels of fitness, so you are getting just the right amount of cardio, strength training and stretching workouts each week in order to stay fit.  Plus weekly motivations to help you stay on track!

So if getting fit and staying fit is a goal of yours, start your free trial today! Do it with me – you can do it!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,



Video Transcript

Welcome to the warmup for the total body, toning sculpt and strengthen. Now I would like to introduce you to buy team. This is Lindsey and this is chad and they’re cute couple. So let’s begin with a good warm up. Take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale out. One more strong. Inhale and exhale right out and let stretch to the side and do the other side. Warming up for the whole body. Head to toe. That’s right. Great warming up. Really get your body ready. Your muscles prepared for toning. Workout every spot. That’s right. Head to toe to more, just side to side. That’s great. And last one and turn it to the side and that’s lunge it down slightly. So we get a good hip flexor stretch right here. Feel that stretch. Excellent stomach is in fact a strong and straight. That’s it. And shift your weight back and let’s get a hamstring stretch. Hold that stretch. Feel it. Toe is up. So you really feel wonderful. Stretch right through the hamstrings.

That’s it. Come all the way up and switch legs to the other side. Just hold it out there. That’s it. Ooh, I love this stretch. Who my favorite stretches, stretch, and really wonderful stretch for the upper body. I want you to bring your arms forward and stretch your shoulders. Stretch it out. That’s it. Great. We’re going to work all the major muscle groups, your arms, your chest, your shoulders, and to the other arm. Stretch for the shoulder. You can do it a wonderful he did already and now stretch it back up and out for the chest and forward. Upper back and chest. That’s it. Really reach forward. Open up the chest. Gloried. That’s it. Side to side. Open and lift, cross. Lift two more mass, one OK and stretch it all the way over. Full body reach, whole district, rib cage and the other side. Reach up and over.

Feel the length through the spine. stretch it our, warming up those muscles, stretch, stretch, and that story all the way up and place your hands on your hips and hip hinge. Just shift your weight to the back. Notice our back is straight feeling a little stretching back. This it lifted up using your buttock muscles. Squeeze the buttock muscles as you come up. Great. Let’s do that again. Hip Hinge, getting a good stretch in the back of the leg. That’s it. And now come all the way up. using your buttock. Squeeze the buttocks. That’s it. Take a nice deep breath. Bring your legs together. Inhale all the way up. Inhale and exhale. That’s it. One more. Great Inhale. Lengthen through the spine all the way up to the tippy top and relax. That’s it. Now you’re all warmed up for our strength workout. Let’s begin our upper body workout.

Grab your wait and let’s get started. Okay, let’s first begin with the reverse fly, so hinge at the hips and let’s start with it. Up and down. That’s it. The up and down and when you reach it to the top, squeeze at the top. That’s it. Great. And your back sexy back that’s right. That’s berm and strong and sculpted. Keep it going. Lift and down to your tummy in is your back. Straight your neck. Long nose down to the floor like that. Lift. We’ve got two more. Last one. Now we’re going to do a power up. Power up and slow down. That’s it. Be centric and con centric. Changing the tempo really changes as a shape of the muscles. That’s what we want. Variety and a little mixing it up really to make a difference in the shape. We got one more. Give it all you got lifted up and down.

down single at a time. Lift and down and the other one lift. Can you now feel it in the corner? Really activating the AB muscles and core. That’s it. We got two more. Last one on this side. Lift and lower. Okay. Stand up nice and tall. Let’s begin our overhead. Press hips a little further apart with the fee and let’s don’t press it up and press it and damn, that’s it. Lift and lower. Strong arms. Strong shoulders, sexy upper body. That’s it. Keeping your body nice and strong. Great. We’ve got two more of these. We’ve got a power move. Last one. Good. Now we’re going to power it up. Powered it up, slow it down. Beautiful. Power up and really work through the upper back and the lats. Lat. Pull down, power up, power up and damn, that’s it. One more power up and down to hold it right here strong and just slip it up here.

Reach. That’s great. Lift the arms. Great. Keep your shoulders nice and strong. Your back straight. That’s it. We’ve got one more on each side. Last one. Oh, okay. And let’s begin our bicep curl system. Bring it up and all the way down. This is full range. All the way up and all the way down. Beautiful looking biceps. That’s it. Muscles were miracles on your metabolism. That’s it. Let me see those arms. Okay, now we’re going to change it up. It’s power up and take it down. That’s it. Power Up. Beautiful you long game. Power Up. Show me those muscles. You got them. Use Them. If you don’t use them, you’ll lose something. We all need them. Last one, power up. Good. power up and take it down. Beautiful. Now halfway up and take it to him. That’s just halfway. Great two more of these halfway. Good. Last one.

Great. Okay. Turn to the side and let’s begin our tricep kickbacks. Elevate both elbows behind you and press and pull and press. This is one of the best exercises to shape those arms, the triceps, great strong, sculpted arms and a couple of more than we do pulses on last one. Now hold it up there. A little pulses, little pulses press them is you to back straight, abs in. Make sure your ads are tucked in. That’s it. Notice how well his elbow state, so important for the triceps is excellent. Great. Last one, and hold it. Release. Great. Okay, now we’re going to do our front raises and laterals. Lift your arms all the way up and damn, sexy shoulders, shapely shoulders. That’s it. And the strong lean lifted. Beautiful. That’s it. Good to really feel the ABS tighten up. That’s it. You want the core muscles to be gauged here. Wonderful. Good. We’ve got one more good. Last one on this side. Beautiful. And now just lateral raises out. Hold it out and really pulled it out and release. That’s correct. Well, the out pull down, strong arms, upper back, shoulders working. It all got two more. These last one and that. Hold it up there. Just hold it up there. Turn your hands up and little pulses up. abs are tight. That’s it. Keep your abs tight. Little pulses. You’ve got it. That’s it.

Okay, let’s come to the floor. Bring your weights and let’s begin in a plank position with the weights. Legs apart. Hold yourself in a nice, tall plank. Your abs are tight. Let’s begin. Renegade row, up and down the other arm, up and down. Lengthen through the spine. Here it’s all about the upper back. Beautiful, sculpted, shaped, sculpted nicely. Good. Really pull. I want you to really squeeze at the top. That’s the way to do it. Squeeze. You got one more. Squeeze it. Now I want you to squeeze it up. Open all the way up to a tee. Stan, bring it back down and fold again to the other side. Lift. Open up the sprees, pull it down and release. Lift Open. Tighten those abs. Bring it down and release. I can row reach, row, row. Reach up, reach down, lift up, release and down. That pulled it all the way up.

We’re going to add a little push up to this. Ready? We’re going to do a push up a row and opened up. Great. Ready? Push up row and open. Last set, pushup, tricep pushup, row. Open up and take it down. Push up and row, open up, row jam and take a break. Okay, let’s come down to our backs. Now it’s time for our chest by slowly release all the way down and open up through the chest and squeeze all the way up, hoping up, working the chest muscles and really squeeze all the way up so it’s open. Really feel it and they’ll squeeze. Beautiful. Open up and now squeeze and open. We got two more of these and we did do our power move. That’s it. Last one. Really pull that up and down. Now this time I want you to power up and slow. Three, two, one. Power Up.



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