Why Stretching After You Walk Is Important And 3 Walking Stretches To Try

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | May 3, 2021 | Workouts

Have you joined my new 2021 2-Week Walking Challenge? It’s free, fun and soooo good for you – join today, to lose weight, blast fat and calories, and get in a GREAT mood!! And to help prepare for your walks, check out my 3 Walking Stretches To Try! In addition to getting in a daily, 30-minute walk, stretching is important – it can help to:

  • Improve flexibility. Even if you seem stiff at first, if you make it a priority to stretch daily, you will become more flexible and less stiff over time.
  • Improve your posture. Stretching elongates your muscles so you stand straighter, making you look taller, leaner and more confidant!
  • Prevent injury. Muscles that are stretched can make movement easier, which can help prevent injury.

This video shows you 3 stretches to do after a walk:

  1. A lower back stretch to help release tension in your lower back and lower tummy.
  2. My favorite thigh stretch for your quadriceps and hip flexors – a great way to stretch the front of your thighs and keep your lower half healthy during this 2-Week Walking Challenge!
  3. A stretch for the neck muscles to help keep your upper back feeling good!

This video is a sneak peek of what my DeniseAustin.com members get in the Walking Challenge!

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Transcript: 3 Walking Stretches To Try

Okay. I just came back from my walk. I wanna show you three of my favorite stretches after your walk. The first one releases tension from the lower back. So grab your hands in front, pull them forward, and now tuck under your hips. Round your back like a see and feel the lower back stretch. Eel It. Stretch, stretch, or feel. So good. Inhale, exhale. Tummy is tight. Go from side. Hold it. Feel it in the lower tummy, in the lower back, and to the other side like a c. Pull in your tummy. Tighten up through the abdominal wall and slowly roll up that ones for the low back. Now here’s my favorite thigh stretch. This really helps stretch out the quadriceps and the hip flexors. Try to balance this. Hold this for a few seconds. Hold it, hold it. That’s it. Work up to about 20 seconds on each leg.

Excellent. And of course, always do both sides. Thinking about good posture. Hold. That’s it. Beautiful. You’re now stretching the front of your thighs as well as your hip flexors. So great after your walk. That’s it. And my next favorite one is clasping your hands behind you. Open up your chest and now slowly come forward, stretching out your legs, drop your neck and let your head just relax the neck muscles. Look, hang like a rag doll. Just relax. Hold that stretch. Your knees are slightly bent and you’re stretching the hamstrings in the buttocks and then slowly come all the way up. Feel that stretch. So hold this one for about 20 seconds and then hold this one for 20 seconds. Those are all my favorite stretches after my walk.

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