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My Boot Camp Approach A New You From Head-to-Toe

This two-week challenge has the workouts you need to help transform your body! Yoga sculpt, core, leg, arms and tushy workouts, stretching and lengthening options and more. Join me for three, 10-minute workouts, five days a week over the next two weeks – for an exclusive Natural Body Boot Camp experience we can do together!


Guided Workouts You Can Do At Home

  • A Whole Body Challenge — This program covers cardio, stretching, toning and balance… plus target toning to keep your body firm and lifted!
  • Exercise Made Easy — My 2-Week Natural Body Boot Camp offers three, 10-minute guided workouts, 5 days per week. Do all three at the same time or spread them out during the day, depending on your schedule.
  • Full Library Access — As a member you’ll get full access to my workout library that has 170+ videos. Strength training, cardio dance, Barre and yoga, and so much more!
Targeted Toning

Targeted Toning To Tackle Those Pesky Trouble Spots

  • Tackle The Trouble Spots — We all have them, and this plan will help you tackle and tone your problem areas, with short workouts you can do anywhere.
  • Firm Up, Head-To-Toe — From your arms and abs to your tushy and legs, my 2-Week Boot Camp will get your muscles burning with effective movements for maximum results.
  • Continue Your Targeted Focus — And as a member, you can access all my other targeted workouts. Let’s work those hips, thighs, chest, shoulders and more!

Stretching Is A Critical Component Of Every Workout

  • Long and Lean — With any intense workout, a stretching wind down is vital. This plan offers an effective 10-minute stretching workout to help you achieve a long and lean body.
  • Balance and Flexibility — My balancing workout is designed to help you stay flexible and fit… a perfect complement to any intense workouts!
  • Hold That Stretch — Join me for a variety of stretching workouts set in beach, desert and garden locations. Free for members!

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