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My Approach Tone And Tighten With Tried-And-True Techniques

This two-week challenge will help minimize sagging and drooping by toning up those problem areas! My 10-minute workouts will target the arms and back, legs and thighs, abs and waist, and more. Plus stretches to keep your body lean, healthy recipes and inspiration from me! Join me for 14 days of fitness in my Total Body Toning Challenge!


Quick and Effective Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

  • A Target-Toning Challenge — This challenge will help keep your body firm and lifted while incorporating fat-blasting cardio. It’s a win-win!
  • Stretches To Lean and Lengthen — My 2-Week Total Body Toning Challenge offers daily stretches based on yoga and Pilates moves. Keep your body strong and flexible!
  • Full Library Access — As a member you’ll get full access to my workout library with over 170 videos. Strength training, cardio dance, Barre and yoga, and so much more!
Target Toning

Keep Your Body Fit And Youthful

  • Tackle The Problem Areas — We all have them, and these workouts will help you firm up and get fit from the privacy of your own home.
  • Boost Your Metabolism — These targeted workouts will help to promote muscle development, which can lead to an increased metabolism!
  • Continue Your Targeted Focus — And as a member, you can access all my other targeted workouts. Let’s work those hips, thighs, chest, shoulders and more!!
Recipes + Inspiration

Promoting Wellness Inside and Out

  • Eat Clean, Stay Lean — Get healthy, delicious recipes, including snacks, to promote health from within.
  • Let Me Cheer You On — Use my mini-videos for tips on staying positive and motivated so you achieve your goals!
  • Continue Whole-Body Wellness — As a member, you have access to a customizable recipe database, weekly inspirations from me, and more!

Workouts 10-Minute Legs - Cardio Kickboxing

Get your heart pumping with this quick, upbeat retro cardio routine! Then finish with a hip and thigh routine to firm and tighten your bottom half!

Workout Quick and Effective Arm Workout

Firm up and get nice, toned sexy arms in just a few minutes! This workout uses light weights to work the arms, shoulders and back to help you feel confident in a sleeveless blouse!

Workout 10-Minute Abs and Waist

It’s trim and tone time! This workout focuses on the front and side abs and below the belly button. Feel your waistline shrink and tighten with every move!

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