May Fast and Fit Workout

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | May 1, 2021 | Workouts

It’s National Fitness Month, so what better way to kick it off than with a new Fast and Fit Workout – let’s do this quick May Fast and Fit Workout together!

And check back in allllll month long, as I will be rolling out new workouts every week right here on my site, will be running special discounts on select fitness items in my Shop, and my all new 2-Week Walking Challenge kicks off on May 9th – it’s free, so sign up today!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,

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May Fast and Fit Workout Video Script:

Hi, everybody. Welcome to your May Five minute fast and fit workout. You can do it a great way to wake up happy. Get in your little five minute workout. It makes you feel great for the whole day. Plus it gives you that right mindset to be positive all day and to keep moving. That’s the key. So let’s begin. Okay. Let’s first start off with a good stretch overhead. This is working your legs and your arms all at the same time, our 640 muscles of the body. Let’s go have fun. Hey everybody helping mothers day, all you out there. Yes. Wonderful. And babe, I love it. Also. It’s a national fitness month. Yes. Woo. Okay. Two harms down, reach overhead side to side. Really feel the length through the spine. Wake up those muscles. Yes. Good. Give you oxygen. It equals energy. Keep moving. That’s the goal.

We got one more. Oh, okay. Swing it out. Tap it to the side and swing it out. Really? Use your legs. Go down there. You’ll really burn up the buttocks shaping and Tony. Good. Getting that circulation going circulation is what helps heal your body. So keep it going. That’s it. Two more go side to side now, Brent and live and breath. Now that, that lay behind you and squeeze that bottom. Take that tissue. Yay. Good. Hold it here. Now. One more. Hold, hold, hold, hold, and release. Now tucked under your hips. Feel the stretch. That’s it. It also helps tone through your thighs. Your buttocks. Good workout. Yes. Did she go in for the day? Yes. Optimistic. You got this? Okay, let’s go. The other side left and back lip elongate. The spine, everything lives. Squeeze that tushie behind you. Lift the leg when your toe that’s it good.

Really? Feel it. Lift last one. Hold it up there. Just hold it up. Oh, okay. Great. Now let’s go to the sock. Really feel the lift. You got this? Just take it down. Back up. Squeeze your bottom. Tighten through the thighs. You can do this good shape and tone the bottom half to make it your better half. Last one could hold it there. Squeeze, squeeze, tighten that tushie girl raid. And let’s go side to side. We’re going through the inner thighs. The may legs. That’s it. Your waistline. Add a little twist to it and look up. That’s a twist. Really feel the stretch and the tone. That’s it. Beautiful trimming and slimming. Good days a month to get out there and beautiful outdoors nature. That should be all good. Improves your mood. Your attitude uplifts you. Yes, we got two more. Last one. Okay. This time go side to side for the waistline and side.

This is slimming. The sides of our waistline. Really good exercise. This is like a standing AB exercise reaching through the size of the waistline. Tighten up the tummy, all the navel to the spine. That’s it. Last one. Good. Now hold it right here. And it’s pulled down. It’ll pull down to the sides of the waist cinch in that waist. God, can you get that elbow towards your knee? Yes. Since you had pulled the belly button in, as your pull, your knee to orange, you pull the tummy and you got it. Pull that’s one. Okay. Let’s go. The other side, reach and pull. That’s it pull. You can do it really stand up tall though. Hold down. Great one. Good. Come on, get it up there. Couple more. It’s worth it. Since you can go up. Get that knee up. Good. Last one. Okay. Arms behind you.

Now. Now lift your knees up. Just lift your knees. Now we’re working on the lower tummy to target tone the belly. That’s it. Pull your abs up and in good posture here. That’s good. Straight back. Good body technique. You’ll start to feel this and the tummy. Okay. That’s it tighten up through the abs your core muscles. We got two. This one and release. Now we stretch out her legs. Reach your fingertips down the front of your flatten. Your back. Reach it to the shins hall late than your spine. Neck is long vender knees, and slowly come back up. You losing your muscle. There you go. Let’s do one more stretching your back of your thighs and hamstrings reach for your shins. Back is flat. Neck is long. All the stretch. Greed. Use your buttocks to come up, tighten up that tushie beautiful. And that stretch to the side you got, you didn’t have a great day because you did something that’s good for you. That’s right. Self-care take good care of yourself. You are worth it. You deserve to feel good. You deserve to look good. Yes, you are worth it. That stretch. Okay. Take a deep breath. Inhale, exhale out and go. Enjoy your day. Love you guys.

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