September Good Morning Wake Up Stretch!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | September 3, 2020 | Workouts

Welcome to my September Good Morning Wake Up Stretch! This month’s 5-minute wake up stretch is perfect for warming up each for my 2020 FREE Walking Challenge, which begins September 6th – so sign up today and let’s walk together!!! Stretching is important for a variety of reasons, but when it comes to walking, you definitely want to stretch out both before and after your walk, to loosen up your muscles, get your legs and body ready to walk!!! Afterwards, a stretch can help to cool you down and prevent any possible muscle soreness.

So if you aren’t yet signed up for my 2020 Walking Challenge, do that right now!!! It is free, you can do it in your home or outdoors, and it comes with all sorts of fun extras!!! It’s one of my most popular Challenges, so don’t miss out – it starts September 6th, 2020! Then add this stretch to your morning routine for the whole month – even if you don’t walk, it’s a wonderful way to wake up and feel great for the day! Enjoy!


Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,

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September Good Morning Wake Up Stretch Video transcript:

Welcome to your September morning stretch. Are you ready for a quick five minute workout to kind of loosen up the joint?. I love this five minutes to do right before my walk. So if you’re doing my challenge, get out and walk. You could use this as a five minute warm up or a pull down. So let’s begin. Just relax. The shoulders, stretch it out. Use your thigh muscles. They really circulate the bloods quicker. That’s it. That’s great. Now stretch up and over with your arms. Really feel the reach. It really feels good. Stretching and toning would have been great way to wake up every day, too quick, five minute way to get us good circulation way to get energy, feeling better about yourself. And it’s a perfect way to begin the day. A mindset to stay healthy, to stay, fit, to eat healthy.

Great. Okay, now side to side, really reach out there. So you really feel the lift through the waistline. That’s it. This is great for your legs, your waist and your arms, verb and tone those arms. We got two more. Last one. Great. Now standing up nice and tall. Lift the knee. Just like this. That’s it. Zip up those abs. Keep your back strong and straight think good posture and try to get that knee up towards you. This is a great stretch, especially before you go out for a walk, all sorts of wonderful down relaxes the low spine. We’ve got two more lift your chest time. That’s it think tall last one. Oh, okay. Beautiful. Now let’s stretch out those legs. Hips, thighs, and buttocks. That’s it. You’re shifting your weight back almost as if you’re lifting that rear end out and you’re stretching your legs.

This is great for your calves as well as your hamstrings, the back of your thighs. Now, if you can place your hands right here to support right. Lean a little lower. Oh, feel sorry. Oh, good. Stretch and tone. That’s it. From up the thigh muscle here, contract the quads. So you get the better stretch for the hamstrings. It all works hand in hand. So when you’re tightening up the front of the thigh, you’re really loosening up and getting flexible on the back of that, that great. Let’s go to the other leg, shift your weight and zip back way back. That’s beautiful. Smile. Going to have a great day because you did something good for you for your whole body stretch. That said Lux ability takes regularity. So do this every day with me. Yes. Stand up. Okay. Hands right there and relax. This one is all for the quadriceps, the front of your thighs.

So stretch it out. That’s it. Lift up the chest. Try to relax and balance. That’s it. Can you squeeze your buttocks a little and pelvic tilt forward there. Now you’ll feel it in the hip flexors and era, we all need to keep flexible because if we sit for long periods of time, it gets too tight there and it could cause pressure on your back. So opening up this area really helps it all benefits. The spine. Your spine is your life. That’s fine. Keep it healthy. Keep it strong. Okay. Now squeeze your butt there. Tighten up that tushie. Wow. Can you feel the difference? Push your hips slightly forward and you really feel that stretch in the front of your thighs as well as your hip flexors. That’s it. Hold it, hold it and release. Now it’s time to work. Those inner thighs. That’s it really stretched the inner thighs.

That’s all great for circulation, especially when you’re outside for a walk. You really want to target inside here to begin that walk really loosens up the joints. That’s it. Keeping your hips healthy. Correct. Keep stretching side to side. Now reach with their arms. Really reach great. Get that full body stretch. That’s great. Oh, it does not feel good. We got two more last one. Oh, okay. And just, let’s try it now. Twist side to side. This is great for your spine rotation. That’s it? So where you work the back from all angles side to side, as well as the twist extension. That’s it inflection. Last one, take a deep breath together. Inhale exhale. Did it go out and make it a fabulous day? I love you guys.

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