July Good Morning Wake Up Stretch

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | July 2, 2020 | Workouts

Welcome to the July Good Morning Wake Up Stretch! These 5-minute wake up stretches are popular, and I think a GREAT way to start the day!!! Try this mini workout every morning this month – you will feel wonderful afterwards!  One thing to remember is how important stretching is – it’s so good for you, and really makes a difference in how you stand, feel and walk.

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Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,

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Video Transcript

Hi everybody. It’s Denise Austin. And welcome to your July Wake up workout. Yes. 4th of July. Let’s begin doing that. A great workout. Five minutes. Each of them morning, this month of July to feel good, to have energy and to get you on the right track. So every day you’re thinking healthy, healthy foods, staying fit. Add a good healthy attitude. So let’s begin. Take a deep breath, inhale up, exhale out, relax the shoulders. That’s it. Reach your shoulders up and back down the back break for circulation and stretch your arms. That’s it. Stretch all the way. Open up the chest gives you more ways to breathe. Deeper. Oxygen will flow more freely inhale and exhale. Reach back, open up through the lungs. That’s it beautiful. We’ve got two more. Move those muscles and stretch side to side. Just stretch page. That’s it. A nice flow. Nice movement through the body flow, stretching and tone.

That’s it. Give the oxygen to every cell in your body. Staying healthy, feeling fit. That’s it. Last one and release it’s worth the now stretching up through your legs, your hips, your thighs, your buttocks. Sit back to really feel all your beginner ties is your back strong and straight. Good posture today. Okay. I’m pulling in the area. Straightening your pack, giving space to each vertebrae. That’s it. We got two more older right here. Let’s stretch that tilt up. Alexa puts you get an extra stretch in your inner thighs. That’s it? No more. Two lesions. Good in the ship to the other side, the toe comes up. Keep these muscles quads, burned and lifted. Don’t stretch and reach your hands all the way down. Reach one arm up, ALA stretching their hamstrings, and now let them walk the arm up. Oh, feels good. Doesn’t it look up.

If you can stretch and release to the other side, try to keep those legs lean straight thin long legs. Good flexibility. And now slowly keep your back flat and stand all the way. Turn your toes up and over now into a beautiful Crescent pose. Raise both arms all the way up, extend through the spine, lift through the back and stretch through the legs. Reach your hands all the way down to the floor and get a little lower stretch into it. You don’t lean it through your inner thighs and now full range of motion or in a circular position. That’s all the way around. Range of motion. All three hips, three years, right? Your hips healthy. Add your hands, flexible and stretch back. Standing up nice and tall. Switch to the other side. Lift your arms all the way. Light, deeper into the stretch through the spine, lift up, feel the lifting reach that’s it.

And now just float your hands to the floor and now a good circular motion. Your thighs stretch. Great for circulation. And you’re great to keep your hamstrings. Flexible. Keeps your back strong and flexible pliable. Absent flexibility takes regularity. So exercise do a little stretch. Last one as well. Stand up nice and tall, stretch up and over your head and stretch to the side. Now getting the side body stretching room, the side of your waistline. Can you bring your legs together? Can you squeeze your inner thighs together? Tighten up your tissue and now bend the good lift up first and over squeeze your at your thighs together. Squeeze everything together. Tighten up through the buttocks. Squeeze through your inner thighs. Tighten up the quadriceps. Think about stretching now. Oh, it feels so good. And let’s take a deep breath cleanse together. Bring in the oxygen, inhale and exhale out. Any stress you may have, just let it one more. Take a deep breath, inhale and exhale. This one. I want you to open up through the chest elbows, go back, squeeze your buttocks to protect your low spot and really bring your arms together. When we’re talking open up the chest, lift up lean slightly back, opening up to the chest. Great for posture, pull back. Beautiful. And there you have wonderful morning stretch. Have a great day. Everybody see you next time.

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