Staying Fit For The Fourth Of July!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | June 27, 2021 | Workouts

Happy Fourth of July! I am excited to share some staying fit for the fourth tips with you!  I’m also so excited to spend it with lots of family and dear friends!

I love when people come up to me wherever I go and ask me health and fitness questions. Over the years, I’ve been asked every question in the book, from what’s the best way to tighten your tummy after 40, to tips on how to have younger looking skin, and, of course, everyone always asks me about what I eat. I am always happy to share my advice on health and fitness! I love helping you all and your stories mean so much to me.

For years, many of you have asked me: “How do you stay fit during holiday breaks? And most importantly, how do you deal with all of the BBQs and parties?”

Fitness is a lifestyle and to make it yours, it requires a bit of extra juggling.  That’s why I’m a big believer in just 30 minutes a day to squeeze in your workout.  It really will positively affect your health and well-being. So over any holiday break – including the Fourth of July – make it a point to set aside 30 minutes for a quick workout each day! If you do it in the morning you can get it done and then focus on friends and family for the rest of the day. Or – one of my favorites – get everyone involved! Go for a group hike, power walk or bike ride. Everyone will benefit! You can even do one of the 10-minute workouts available in my Whole Body plan – start your 7-day free trial NOW and you can all work out together!!

If you are extra overloaded, and working out for 30 minutes is stressing you out, you need to release yourself from the guilt! As a busy, working mom and wife, I totally get it! So just remember that even little bits of exercise is better than nothing – take advantage of the time you DO have and squeeze in some fitness. Trust me, you will feel so much better afterwards. Baby steps can easily grow into a habit, so even if you start with only 10 minutes each day and then gradually work up to that 30-minute goal, you will be boosting your energy – and that will help you get through the day, and will help to keep you motivated!

Here are a few 10-minute workout ideas you can do over a holiday break or anytime – alone or with your friends and family! Don’t let guests stand in your way of getting in your fitness, get them to join you!

Fourth Of July Fitness

  • A 10-minute morning walk. Make the coffee and grab whoever is up for a fast-paced walk around your neighborhood! If you have the time, double up and do it again – burn twice the calories!
  • Put on two songs and dance away! Choose something everyone will enjoy and then get moving!
  • March in place or even try some squats while you are getting ready in the morning.
  • A 10-minute walk up and down the stairs. For an added challenge, try skipping a step to tighten your tushie!
  • Or you can do one of the many 10-minute segments of low-impact cardio on my 10-Week Whole Body Plan! All my workouts are broken up into 10-minute segments so you can easily work some quick, focused exercise into your daily regimen. Start with some abs in the morning when you wake up, then do upper body after lunch, and maybe a 10-minute Barre toning or legs workout before you get ready for dinner. There are so many to choose from to get you started!

So there you go – some simple ways to keep getting your fitness in even over holiday breaks!

Now for food – one thing I make sure I do on Fourth of July is to have a little of everything so I don’t feel deprived in enjoying the moment. Maybe I share that hamburger or hot dog so I can also have some sweet treats and not overdo it. I never eat less or skip meals leading up to a get together. Going into a gathering hungry will always cause you to eat more than you normally would! Enjoy your regular meals and maybe even grab a small snack before your gathering. My EVER BETTER™ Protein Bites are one of my favorite snacks to have in this case. Just a small handful is loaded with protein that will curb your hunger and cravings. I always make sure I eat lots of greens on the side also! I’ll be making a big green salad and have lots of raw veggies on hand to snack on. If you balance out the healthy and the not-so-healthy, you will be sure to put yourself on a good path for a yummy holiday feast!

Happy Fourth of July – I hope you enjoy it with friends, family and loved ones!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


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