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Denise Austin by Denise Austin | November 30, 2021 | Lifestyle

If you have been working to get healthier through exercise and eating well, you may be asking yourself how to stay on track at parties. Well, you wouldn’t be alone, because I get asked this question a lot! The good news is that with a little preparation and knowing how to navigate your choices, you can stay on track at parties!

Stay on Track At Parties: Prep Ahead of Time

The easiest way to avoid what often are empty calories at parties (or calorie-laden option) is to preplan your day! I do two things: focus on eating healthy, filling foods and getting in a workout.

Healthy foods. The key is to eat foods that won’t leave you feeling to full or bloated, but will fill you up so you can minimize how much eat, yet still enjoy the offerings! I would start with a filling breakfast – oatmeal or scrambled eggs will fill you up and offer protein and fat, which can make you feel fuller, longer. For lunch focus on leafy greens and lean proteins like a spinach salad with some tuna in it. Then while you get ready for the party, stay on track by eating an apple or a hard boiled egg: both will help fill you up with making you feel too full. I also like to drink plenty of water throughout the day, to help flush out my system and make my skin look plump and healthy! (If you drink alcohol, this also will help to keep you hydrated.)

A workout. Almost any workout will make you feel better, whether you do cardio, stretching or strength training. Try one (or all!) of my popular Fall Fitness Freebies workout series below to help burn calories and fat. Each are 10 minutes long, so you can stack them for one longer workout, or just do the ones you want!

Fall Fitness Freebies: Fat Blast Cardio

Fall Fitness Freebies: Total Body Toning

Fall Fitness Freebies: Yoga

And if you are wearing a sleeveless outfit, try my Fall Fitness Freebies Sexy Arms Workout!

Stay on Track At Parties: Making Healthy Choices

Then once you are at the party, I follow these rules:

  • Always have a glass of water in your hand. It help to keep you hydrated, cuts down on how many cocktails you have, and makes mindless nibbling a little more difficult.
  • Survey the options, then choose what you are really craving. I am all about enjoying food, and I don’t scrimp when it comes to yummy appetizers, but by really contemplating what I am in the mood for, I end up being satisfied with the choices I make.
  • Choose at least one healthy option. Almost any party will have a crudite plate – make sure you grab some healthy veggies to fill you up!
  • Limit the amount of cocktails you have. Enjoy – but in moderation!

I hope these tips help YOU stay on track at parties this holiday season… enjoy!

Let’s live EVER BETTER™ – together!

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