Fall Fitness Freebie: Fat Blast Cardio

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | November 9, 2020 | Workouts

Fat Blast Cardio:

Today’s Fall Fitness Freebie Workout is all about Fat Blast Cardio! Let’s burn some fat and calories together – you can do it! This short, effective workout will help you stay in shape this holiday season… All it takes is 10 minutes, and you WILL feel the results!!

This is a great, high intensity workout that will get your heart pumping (so good for cardiovascular health) and will get you to build up some sweat, but just long enough that there is no reason NOT to do it!!! Plus it will set a great tone for your weekend activities! (It’s also the perfect workout to do and then enjoy my all new EVER BETTERâ„¢ Protein Bites as a post-workout treat!!)

This week we start with my Fat Blast Cardio workout. Grab some water, and get ready to get your heart rate up!

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Let’s get fitter together – inside and out!


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Fat Blast Cardio Video Script:
Are you ready to get fit for fall? Today we’re going to do a fat blast. Quick Cardio workout. You’ve got 10 minutes. Join me because this is what I do. So grab your weights, make sure you’ve got about three to five pound weights, have them handy, and let’s get started. All right, get fit for fall. We got it. Let’s stretch that body, warm up the muscles from head to toe. Our total body toners. That’s it. You can do it. I promise you’ll feel so good after this 10 minutes. Jump start your weekend. Have a good time today. Yes, because you did something good for your body and let’s twist it out all the way out. No more love handles back there. We’ll get rid of them. Come on, you can do it from my home to yours. I’m here for you. That’s right. Jump start your weekend to have fun and it’s free. Why not? Last one.
Okay, let’s take it over the top over side to side reach your legs get lower. The lower you go, the more muscles you use, so the more calories you burn. Blast, . really blast away that fat, we’re going to get rid of those calories. We might’ve eaten a lot last night like I did, so we got to really work it off. That’s it right now. Together. We can do it last one. Okay, let’s go side to side. Pump up those arms. Get that heart rate up. Now you’re really blasting fat, that body, work those muscles, target tone your whole body. That’s what it’s all about and have fun. That’s the key, right? Last one. Okay.

To the other side. Pump up those arms. Reach up and back. Really use those legs. Get low. That’s it. The lower you go, the muscles you use, so the more calories you burn to hold up burning those calories. Burning fat, burning butter.! Yes, you can do it. Last one. Okay, let’s get those heels up. Come on. Get the back of those legs going. No more cellulite back there. Come on, you can do it. It’s worth it. Heel to the butt. Heel. That’s it. Really firming up back there. You got it. Use it or you’ll lose it. We need those muscles to lose weight. That’s one. Okay. Inhale up and exhale out. Wonderful. One more. Inhale and exhale out and stretch it out. Nice.

Deep lunge. Get down there. Use your thighs, your butt, shape and tone, right? Why? Slimming down our body. That’s it. You could join my 10-week plan and get workouts and full workouts every single day a different workout. Doing it 10 week, 360, and I put you on an eating plan too. All the best recipes, good nutrition. Eat how I eat and I really feel energetic and you can too, eat and exercise and have a positive attitude. That’s one. Okay. Inhale, exhale out.
Okay. Grab your weights. Let’s tone. Here we go. It’s all about those biceps, arms, target and tone, those advancing up the biceps. Beautiful, sexy arms right now. That’s it. Now it’s time to target tone. We are going to tone every zone right here with me right now. Come on, get up there and join me. That’s it. Two more. Last one. Now target tone the back of those arms. Keep it moving because it’s all about keeping that heart rate up. That way you really metabolize your fat, keeping the heart rate up while your target tone muscles, the fastest ways to see a difference in that body. That’s it. Shape and tone, the back of those arms, tricep kickbacks. Lift those elbows, lift them. That’s it. If you wave goodbye and something will jiggle, you need to do this exercise. Come on, it’s all what we need. That’s it. Did you know the tricep is one of the most underused muscles in the body, so you’ve got to put it in a position to target tone them, to firm, to shape up, sculpting muscles. Work miracles on our metabolism. Okay, shake it out.

Now we’re going side to side with shoulder raises. That’s it right here. Overhead presses it. Nice, sexy shoulders. Keep your legs moving. Notice I haven’t stopped. It’s nonstop cardio while your target tone your muscles. That’s it firm them up right now. We got two more last one and we hold it. Inhale and exhale up touch. Bring it down. Inhale up. Inhale, and exhale. One more, just like that. Inhale up all the way and exhale, hold it there, hold it there and released. Okay, place the weight down, hold onto this one of them now, and we’re going to do a little kettlebell workout.

Lift and lower lift the arm, chest is high. That’s it. Shape and tone. Notice I’m sitting back working the butt. Come on, sit back. That’s it. Drive up. Great. Hold it. You can do it with that weight and you’re really working the heart rate to really getting that heart rate up to burn fat because it’s fat blaster! Last one, and switch to the other arm, down. Lift up. Show me your strength. Squeeze your butt. If you don’t squeeze it, no one else will! Come on target on that rear end. The last thing that leaves a room back there, come on, back there, last one.
Okay, hold it around and now we’re going to target tone our waistline. Up and around full circle. Up and around, squat. Use your butt, your thighs. Go all the way around. We got one more. Okay, switch sides. Woo. All the way around. This is a good one for the waistline, for your spine for your rear end as you squat. That’s it. We’re working all the major muscle groups. Double the workout in half the time with me. We got one more. All the way around. Hold it up there and release.

Okay, crunches. Here we go. Standing crunches. Think about your abs. Pull them up. Pull them in, zip up those. Yes. Get it going. You got it right here in the privacy of your own home. You can work out with me. Feel so personal trainer, just like my TV show, but now it’s right online. All there for you. I love it. From my home to yours. We got one more last one and we hold it right here. Inhale, and exhale. Target tone.

Now it’s time to firm up the back of those arms. For those of you that really want to firm up your upper back, this is a good one. This is firming up the back of the arms as well as the back. The Lat pull down. This will give you that beautiful shape in your back. No more bra overhang. You know what I’m talking about. We got two more. Come on, pull it up. Last one. Give it all you’ve got and see, shapely upper backs, sexy back. Okay, switch arms. Now, for those of you that are just starting out, stay with just the one way, but if you’re advanced, go ahead and grab both weights and really feel the muscles working that way you really target tone your back muscles. Pull it. It’s a one arm row. Pull it hard. Total body tone right now, fat blast, that’s it. A little interval training for you, a little HIIT, which is a high intensity interval training workout. We got two more last one and release. Great.

Let’s hold it right here. Inhale up and exhale out. Press the chest, inhale open. That’s it. Open your chest and press. For those of you that sit all week at work, open up your chest. That’s the exercise. Improve your posture. That’s it. Start your week off right with me. You can do it. Two more. Got one more open up through the chest, last one. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful, and bring those weights down. Inhale, I want you to stretch it out a little. Inhale up.
Let’s take it down all the way down and little mountain climbers. Are you ready? Go pull it in. Pull it in. That’s it. Target tone the tummy. Your lower Abs, burn tone. Tighten up those arms firm it up two more. Last one, and release. Then get all the way up.

Inhale and exhale out. Wonderful. Let’s stretch out those hamstrings. Ooh, good workout. Just a quick cool down. Stretch it out. Oh, I love stretching, firms and stretches and tones and slowly to the other side. Shift your weight. Sit back, feel the back of your thighs stretching, you used those muscles. You did it. I’m sweating. I don’t know about you, but it’s warm today. You can do it. That’s it, and slowly release. Let’s stretch out those quadriceps. Standing up tall, front of your thighs. Hold that stretch, great stretch, hold it, beautiful balance, and try it with the other side. Hold it up. Beautiful balance, strong and lean. That’s it, and take a deep breath. Inhale up. Exhale. Give yourself a big hand. Congratulations, and I’ll see you right here next week.

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