Fall Fitness Freebies: Sexy Arms

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | October 23, 2018 | Featured

October 23, 2018

Sexy Arms

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my Fall Fitness Freebies series! We did a Core Crusher workout, Target-Toned the Butt and Thighs, did a Total Body Toning session, and today it’s all about firming up our arms! Let’s target-tone our chest muscles and upper back to improve our posture and get our upper body firm, toned and sexy! You will look great in those party dresses this holiday season, with toned, firm arms. It’s only 10 minutes, so let’s do this! Grab your weights and let’s firm those arms up!


You did it! AMAZING job! I’m so proud of you.

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Fall Fitness Freebie Sexy Arms Transcript
Hi everyone, so glad you’re here with me on my blog. Today’s Fit For fall Freebie is all about your upper body, your arms, your chest, and your shoulders. So let’s get started. Do you have your weights handy? I hope so. Let’s firm up that upper back. Let’s get started. Hinge slightly forward. Bring your weights right down and lift the arms. This is called a bat fly. Firming the muscles of your arms, your chest, also the upper back. This is so important to look great in the back. Yes, backless dresses sexy. That’s it. No more flab in the back. We’ll, look so firm and toned, just shape those arms shape the upper back. That’s it. This is a 10 minute target. Toning workout. Really to firm up right here in the privacy of your own home. From my home to yours. That’s right. You can do this.

These are my free workouts just for you for the fall to get you ready. That’s it. To look your best, to feel your best, to help you lose weight, to give you energy, to wake up happy and feel good about yourself. That’s what it’s all about in life. We’ve got one more. Give it all you got, last one and release. Beautiful. Now, slowly lean slightly forward with one arm before you and stretch it out and one arm behind you. Now alternate your arms, back of the arms. Firmer, shapely, sexy arms. You can do that. Yes, firm it all up. Is your back nice and strong and straight. Good posture. Suck in the gut, that belly should not be leaning on your thighs. It’s up in it’s lifted. Remember, good core muscles are so important for every day. That’s it. Last one, and now pulse. Pulse up and lift. Lift, lift. It’s all about pulsing. Now straighten out your back, lifted higher. Great arm exercise. Beautiful. You can do it.

Couple more, just like that. A couple more firm it up. That’s it. Last one, and release. Beautiful. And now we’re going to do our row. So stand up nice and tall. Hinge slightly forward and it’s just pull it up. Pull it up and down and up and down. Notice my back is straight. You’re sitting back. That’s it. Kind of getting your rear end in the exercise to firming up the bottom for a minute, the back, and this is great to improve your posture, so any of you who sit all week long, do this exercise with me because you’re going to firm up the back muscles. That’s it, so you have better posture every day. No more slouchy shoulders. We’ll firm it up right now. Together we have two more of these pull hard, pull. Squeeze the shoulder blades together, last one, and release. Beautiful. Let’s work those beautiful biceps that’s in front of those arms so you stay nice and toned and firmed up.

We’re going to target every zone. That’s it. The shapely arms. You’re really working on those arms to have sexy from arms, so when you wave goodbye, I promise you nothing will jiggle. Nothing will go south. That’s right. We’re going to fight gravity together. Keep everything firmed and toned and taught so nothing droops or sags. That’s what I’m all about right now, trying to keep all our muscles firmed. Keep them shapely and toned and strong so you stay young and vibrant. We got two more you guys. Come on last one. Great. Okay. That’s do our sexy shoulder workout. That’s it. Notice I only go halfway up. Shoulder level, keeping your shoulder muscles very strong. That’s it. And keep them safe. Good. That’s it. Think about good posture though. Its your back strong, back straight. Zip up your abs right now. Target tone that tummy. Suck it in.

Don’t let that tummy just pooch out now. Come on, last one. Lift up and down, beautiful, and let’s turn it out and reach it up. Pull it in. Pull together. That’s it. Good. Now, we are really keeping our muscles around our shoulders nice and strong. That’s it. Rotator cuff workout. So important. So when you reach for something and your arms are strong, your shoulders will be healthy for life. Great notice, good posture. Zip up those abs. We got one more good. Just bring it together. Press it out, stretch it, open up, pull it back together.

Great. Come on down to the floor. Now we’re going to do a renegade row to really strengthen the upper shoulders and your upper back. Now legs apart, straighten it up and get in a plank position. Nice and long and lean. All you’re going to do is elbow and down, and let’s alternate.

Now we’re working the whole body. Total body toner with special focus on the upper back. That’s it. No, more back fat. Come on, we’ll bring it up. Hold it up there. Strong abs. Come on. It’s all about that tummy. For those of you that are beginners, you can go ahead and put both knees down. That’s okay too. You’re still getting the workout. Okay? That’s what I’m here for you. That’s why I want you to really try every day with me. You could do my monthly plan, get all access to all of my workout videos, all newest workouts, and all my TV shows. We got one more set up and last one. Beautiful. Okay, let’s take it down. We’re going to work on the chest to lift and really tone our chest muscles. We are. We are up here. Come on. It’s all about good posture.

Good. Okay. Is your back straight? Your tummy is flat. We’re going to do a fly chest open and together just opened and together. That’s it. Do the best you can. Now as you go open, tighten up your tummy and pull together and do a little really last squeeze for the cleavage so you get nice toned cleavage. That’s it. You want to have a nice lift, your muscles of your chest. The pectorals really help to keep your breast uplifted so you have to have some muscle to keep them uplifted and also it improves your posture. Keeping your muscles strong through the cleavage area. We have one more. Bring it up and hold it.

Now we’re going to do what’s called French curls. All you do is bring your elbows down here like this, but notice how I keep it straight. So what you’re doing is targeting the triceps. One of the best ways to firm up the back of the arms – an area we all need, right? That’s what I’m saying. We’ll have nice from arms. That’s it. That’s what I want for everybody. So you feel comfortable in the clothes you wear. It’s all about feeling confident and firming up your 640 muscles. The body will help you be more confident. Good. We only live once, so live it the best you can. Feel good about who you are. Inside and out. Last one, we got one more stamp there, good, and now slowly bring it all the way down. And roll all the way up. Let me see your beautiful smiling face.

Bring your weights all the way down and we’re going to roll over to our tummies and we’re going to shape and firm up the back of your arms, the back of the shoulders. We’re going to pull them up in and lift. Notice my feet are still on the ground. It’s all in the upper back. Squeeze your butt tighten it up. Your tushie right here. Oh, this one of the best exercise for the spine. Your spine is your lifeline, keep it strong. And release and up. Hold it, and now can you touch your fingertips behind you and hold it up and release.

And now slowly let’s do some pushups. Here we are. Did you know the pushup is one of the best exercises for your upper body? Stomach is in back is strong and straight. If you’re just starting out. Start on your knees like this. Push up you enough. For those of you that are advanced, go ahead and get up on your tippy toes. Come on, you can do it. Two more. Last one, give it all you got. Oh, okay. Well let’s work. This side’s. Hold it up there. That’s it. You’re looking good. I’m proud of you.

And to the other side. Stretch your arms, stretch your legs, lift up, up, up, up. Hold it there. Hold it, and slowly reverse, bringing your body upright. Lift your chest up. I want you to hold it up there. Hold it up. You’re doing great. Do you feel the strength in your arms right now? Great. Tighten the tummy. Squeeze your butt. Total body toner, good and release. Taking a nice deep breath. Inhale all the way up. Exhale all the way out. Beautiful. Give yourself a big hand. I’m so proud of you. You did it. Your arms, your chest, your shoulders looking good. Did you know you have lots of muscles in the upper part of the body and we just kept them all burned and toned? Okay, I’ll see you right here next week.

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