25 Days Of Fitness Starts December 1, 2021 – Sign Up Today!!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | November 21, 2021 | Lifestyle

I’m soooo excited to announce my 25 Days of Fitness Challenge is starting on December 1, 2021… so sign up today for this FREE Challenge!! 25 Days of Fitness is such a popular Challenge, and for good reason – it’s FREE to join, offers up quick, fun ways to make the holiday season a little bit healthier, plus… GIVEAWAYS!! Isn’t that always the most fun part??!!

I know how hard it can be to navigate the holiday season when you are trying to lose or maintain weight: delicious appetizers, festive drinks, bowls of candy to nibble on… not to mention the stress that can accompany the holiday season and how that can lead to excuses not to exercise or overeating to release that stress.  So if you want to help prevent that average six pounds of weight gain that people experience during the holiday season, sign up for this free Challenge! Every workout is six minutes or less…every healthy recipe is quick and simple to make… every stretch is designed to help ease stress and promote wellbeing… Plus – it’s FUN! And we are having giveaways every day to make the challenge even more festive!

Sign up now, and starting December 1st you will have four pieces of holiday goodies to “unwrap” each day, including:

  • Quick toning workouts. 3-minute, 5-minute and 6-minute workouts that will help you blast belly fat, tone those upper arms, lengthen and lean your legs, and lift the booty!! You will look amazing in your holiday outfits, and feel great inside and out!
  • My fan-favorite “Fidget-cisers.” Take a few minutes each day to add these quick and simple movements to your routine, and you will burn calories and tone at the same time! You can do them anywhere – while cooking, watching TV, talking on the phone…. I do some of these every day, and they WORK!! 
  • Quick and healthy recipes. With an emphasis on healthy proteins, fats and carbs, my breakfast, lunch and snack suggestions will help fill you up with nutrients, so you don’t overeat at holiday parties. And you can feel free to indulge, because you know you ate healthy during the day!
  • Tension Tamer videos. Make holiday stress a thing of the past this year! Stretches and movements that you can do whenever you feel yourself getting stressed out (think about long lines at the stores – trust me, I have used these before in that situation) and also as a way to help PREVENT stress. They feel wonderful, and can help promote better rest, too.

And more, including weekly emails highlighting what to look forward to!

PLUS – free giveaways every day!! This year, each week brings some really exciting gifts that you could win – all you have to do is sign up! We will be giving away:

YOU could be a lucky winner, so sign up today and let’s do this together!! It all starts December 1, 2021!

Happy Holidays!


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