Fall Fitness Freebies: Total Body Toning

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | October 2, 2018 | Workouts

Total Body Toning

Hi Everyone! It’s another in my Fall Fitness Freebie series – where I encourage you to join me for invigorating, EFFECTIVE workouts – the perfect way to start the day! Each workout clocks in at around 10 minutes, so all you have to do is get up a little earlier and get your heart pumping with me!

Today we will be doing my Total Body Toning workout. From head to toe, we are going to be toning every zone. Lace up your shoes and get ready to get fit – you are worth it! And if you want to work out with me every day, start your FREE TRIAL of my DeniseAustin.com membership for healthy workouts for all fitness levels! I have a 10-Week Plan to help you eat right and stay fit, plus mini challenges including a Total Body Toning Challenge!! It’s a great way to really firm and tone those trouble spots – right in the comfort of your own home! Plus a Yoga Challenge, a Natural Body Bootcamp, a 7-Day Eat Like Denise Challenge and more! There is something for everyone, and I am there to guide you every step of the way. So start your free trial now!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out!
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Fall Fitness Freebies: Total Body Toning Video Script
Hi Everybody! Today it’s Total Body Toning from head to toe. We are going to tone every zone. Are you ready? Let’s get started, bringing your knees in. We’re going to start with a good bicycle. Let’s bicycle it out to the side. This is getting your legs pumped. That’s right. Getting the oxygen flowing and it’s working the waistline to the abdominals. Working the areas of the body. We all need tummy and legs, so pump it out. Come on. Really bicycle it out. That’s a great way to get warmed up to lower body. That’s it. Tighten your tummy. Can you kind of pull in your abs? Tighten up that tummy. C’Mon! Suck it in, suck it in. Good. Okay. Let’s move it forward to the other side. Pump it out. Come on. You can do it. Get the blood circulated. Get it all the way up to the heart. Great. That’s it.

Great for those thighs. Your tummy. Can you feel it right here and your waistline right there? I sure can. Come on. You can do it. We got two more pumps. Let’s go. Last one are right now. Let’s bring your knees towards your chest and we’re going to do a tummy tuck. Pull it in and push it up. Pull it in, and push it out. That’s it. In and out. Working the lower tummy now and your thigh muscles. Push it out to really flex the foot. That’s it. We’re working different muscle groups always here. Come on. You can do this. Thinking about good posture. Abs are tight. Come on, last one. Push it out. Oh, okay. Now slowly release. Now legs come all the way up. Reach your hands all the way to your tippy toes. If you can do little baby pulses up. Now we’re working the entire rectus abdominis muscle right here to flatten that belly.

You got it. Come on, come on. You can do. If you have any pressure with your neck, just go ahead and place your hand right there and release. That’s it, work it, come on. Tighten up through the tummy. Flat belly. Come on. Flatter is better. That’s it. Last one. Oh, okay. Release and now slowly placing your feet down on the floor. We’re going to work that tummy and the tushy to lift those abs tightened up through the abdominals. Now squeeze the buttocks. That’s it, and squeeze up and release. That’s it. Lift and lower. Really use the back of those legs. Really squeeze the buttocks. That’s it. Great for the back of the thighs, the rear end, and your abs. If you tighten up your abs to, that’s where we got two more last one and bring your legs together. Hold it up there with one leg up and down and lift and down, make sure that leg stays nice and strong.

Really great for those thigh muscles. Great. Well, now we’re working on this cheek, the buttocks and this thigh too, you’re getting a good workout, making your time most effective and efficient. That’s what I’m all about as a working mom. I know what it’s like everyone. You want to make your time most efficient. That’s one and release. Lift the leg up. Point your toe straighten out those thighs, and lift and lower. Working. Now this cheek, that side of the buttocks. Come on, look great from behind. This is worth it. Come on. Your work in the back of the thighs and then this light skin, nice strong, toned thigh muscles through the quadriceps. That’s it. Great. Lift and lower. We’ve got two more. You could do it. Last one. Get it up there. Come on. Up, up, up, and release. Okay. Pull your knees in and exhale.
Now, flatten that belly flat. Belly. Come on, you got it. You got it. And release. Now slowly bring your legs up and let me see that beautiful smiling face lie on your side, working the sides of the waistline. That’s it. As well as the outer thigh. Lift your abs in. Pull up and in. Don’t slouch. None of this. It’s all lifted it. Reach out. Feel it all through the hips and thighs. Flex that foot so you really feel it all through here. That’s the greatest exercise. Outer thighs slimming our saddlebags. That’s it. Beautiful. Great workout. We got two more here. Come on last one. Hold it up. Great. Now slowly hold that leg if you can. If not, just hold it up and now straighten out the bottom leg. Now it’s time for inner thigh toners. Lift and lower. That’s it. This is now working the inner thighs.

Great. If this is too hard for you, that’s okay. All you have to do is place this foot down and do inner thigh toners. From this position, you’re still working where we need it or right inside there. Now squeeze it. That’s it. Squeeze together. Really squeeze like scissors coming together. That’s it. Last one. Beautiful and release. Let’s go to the other side. The first one’s for the outer thighs and area. We all need to target tone. Stretch it out. That’s it. Outer thighs, right through here. Stomach is in back is strong and straight. Good posture. Always pull your abs in. Don’t release down here on the shoulders. No slouching. That’s it. Good. Good position. Very important. Every Tuesday and Thursdays on my 10-Week Plan, I do Target Toning Workouts. Thirty minute workouts that target tone. Okay, so join the Plan and you’ll love it!

I promise I have different workouts for you. All through the 70 days, I take you on a journey to lose weight, to firm up and to get in the best shape of your life. And two times a week I come to you and give you some motivational pep talks. Last one, okay? Grab the foot and bring the leg towards you. That’s it.

So if you need that day-to-day encouragement, I will be there for you in those 70 days, 10 weeks. If not every month, you could join. It’s all access to all of my workouts. Just become a member and it’s easy. It’s easy to be right there on your phone. You can be working out with me on your laptop, your home computer, wherever you are, even hook it up to a TV set so you can work out with me, over 130 different workouts on my all access Denise.
You got two more. You guys come on. Inner thigh toner, last on!. Oh, all right. Good work. And now let’s strengthen and tone your upper body. Guess what’s the best exercise? A pushup. So everybody come up high on your feet. Let’s begin right here if you can. If not, start on your knees and let’s do a good pushup. Go down, push up and down and up. If you’re advanced, go ahead up on your toes. Come on, you can do it. Two more. Last one. Oh, okay.

Shake it out. We got another set. Come on. Pushups. Work your upper body, the arms, the chest and the shoulders. Let’s go again. Think about good posture when you’re doing this so it’s back as strong and straight. Your abs are in, tucked in. That’s it. It’s very important. Good posture while you’re doing techniques of pushup.
Back is strong and straight like a board, last one. Oh, okay. Beautiful. Now let’s go to the side. Stretch it out. Elongate the spine. That’s it. Beautiful. Hold that position. Great, and now slowly come all the way. Let me see your smiling face and let’s work the sides of the waistline and lift up. That’s it. Stretch and left. Now really target tone. Really squeezing sensation. That waistline right there. There you got it. Good. Just bend and lift up, but as you begin, I want you to tighten up that tummy. That’s it. Contract the abdominal muscles. Good, belly button in, the last one. You got it. Okay. Just simply switch legs. Go to the other side of that. Stretch it out first, oh it feels so good to stretch. I love stretching, stretch and tone today. Yes, and lift all the way up. I’m a true believer in three forms of fitness and that’s what I give to you each day.

You want to do some cardio, three days a week at least. Some toning at least two days a week, and then I love on the weekends to do toning and stretching and go outside. Go for a little walk, play some tennis, any different type of activity. Make it fun for yourself. Some Yoga, some bar Pilates. I’ve got it all for you. I promise right here on my Denise Austin website. Just join my plan and you’ll love it. I promise we got one more. You can do it, and release. Let’s just stretch it out slowly. Come bring your legs together and let’s stretch out through the quads, but mainly through the buttocks and the back of the thighs that’s it. Oh my favorite all-time stretch right now. Can you feel it right there? Woo, I sure can! Hold it upright and hold it up. Sit up tall. Good posture. That’s it. Great. Oh, okay. And switch legs and stretch the other leg. Come on. You can do this. Stretch it out. Flex that foot. Good. I’ve got two more. Hold it. Hold it. Take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale. Beautiful. And let’s take a deep breath together. Bring in the oxygen equals energy, and let out any stress. You did it. I’m proud of you. Keep fit because you are worth it.

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