New April Fast and Fit Workout!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | April 3, 2021 | Workouts

A new month means an all new Fast and Fit Workout! These workouts are so popular with my readers and social community, and it’s no wonder – they are quick, fun to do, and good for you! I loooove filming these, knowing they help put people in a  good mood, get people moving so they stay healthy, and it’s just a great way to give back in general… free fitness for all!!

So take five minutes and do this April Fast and Fit Workout!

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Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,

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April Fast and Fit Workout Video Script:
Welcome to your fast fit workout. Are you ready for a great morning Pick me up? This is an excellent way to get your day started. So let’s begin. Always. I love to begin working on those abs. It’s all about the core. So throughout the day, always feel those muscles engage, tighten up through the tummy. That’s it. The more you practice that the more naturally they’ll stay tight – always think good posture. Great through your spine. Lengthening through the abdominals through the back. That’s it standing up nice and tall. You can do it now. Let’s add the arms. Pull down, pull down. Really reach great. Try not to really slouch your state up this way. It really works on the tummy. The lower part of those apps, the area, all of us needed. Good. Two more last one. Okay. Now it’s time to work.

Side to side lunge, your body weight side to side. That’s it really reach out to the side. You’re now stretching out through the sides of the waistline. Beautiful smile. You can have a great day today. You don’t. Why could you start it off with a little workout? Five minutes gets the blood circulated, boost that energy, the metabolism going, a great start to the day in the right way. That’s one. Okay. Let’s stretch it. Overhead, overhead and relaxed and over and relax. That’s it. Stretch it up and over. Reach it back. Great stretch elongate through your spine. You got this two more dynamic stretching. one. Oh, okay. Let’s just hold it there.

The other side, reach and reach. Reach your motion. Stretch you a little bit. You got it. Beautiful. Really? Move on your two more beautiful, beautiful stretch. reach up at the ceiling, you get the extra stretch, the muscle so good for you. Keeping those hips healthy later, you’re shifting the hips all the way back and feel the inside of your legs. Stretching excellent for your inner thighs. Great for leg circulation and the other side, reach all the way up. Twists great for your spine. Moving your back in all directions. Isn’t important. That’s it? Good stretch. A little lower. Feel the length through the inner thighs. Excellent. And down slowly you reach down

Great. Okay. put your legs together. Stretch your arms up and overhead and squeeze your inner thighs together here, your thighs are together and move through your hips. Good circulation through the back, the low back and also the pelvic floor muscles. Pull up circle all the way around and reverse. It’s all about keeping it in motion. Just sitting is not good for your body, so get up to move. That’s all. Okay. Now just shift your weight side to side, shift your weight. Can you twist, that’s it reach for the inner part of your thighs? And can you go down to the calves now? You got two more. That’s it. Last one. Oh, okay. Wonderful. Let’s take a deep breath together. Bring in that oxygen for the day. Inhale and exhale out. Any stress, just let it go and go out and make it a beautiful day.

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