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Exclusive Yoga Workout: Healthy In A Hurry Yoga!

Hi everyone – today lets do an exclusive yoga workout! Last week I announced the launch of my new magazine: Fit Over 50: Healthy In A Hurry! And I am soooo grateful for all the wonderful feedback I have gotten about it – I love how much you all are using the quick, easy, and effective recommendations to make your lives healthier – in a flash!! If you haven’t yet, get your keepsake copy of this amazing 100-page magazine today!

One thing I love about my Fit Over 50 magazine series is that I get to bring exclusive workouts to the reader, through the QR codes in the magazine. This Healthy In A Hurry issue includes eight new, exclusive workouts that all clock in at under 10 minutes each! Look for:

  1. An Ab Workout
  2. Cardio Stretches
  3. A Strength Training Workout
  4. Upper Body Exercises
  5. An AM Wake Up Workout
  6. A PM Wind-down Stretch
  7. A Booty Workout
  8. A Legs Workout

And to give you an idea of the workouts YOU have access to when you purchase your Healthy In a Hurry keepsake magazine, here is an exclusive Yoga Workout just for you!!


So pick up your copy of Healthy In A Hurry today, for access to all the exclusive workouts, fitness tips, and more!

Let’s get fitter, together, inside and out!

Exclusive Yoga Workout Video Script

Welcome to your healthy in a hurry. It’s all about yoga today. So let’s practice together. Do the best you can take a nice deep cleansing breath. Bring in the oxygen and exhale out. Any stress you may have. That’s it beautiful. And now legs apart. Reach your legs all the way apart and try to do a nice, beautiful warrior. Good. Your leg is nice and strong and straight. You’re reaching your arms. Stretching up. That’s it beautiful though. Hold it. There. Feel the warrior stretch through the legs. Keep the strong, not reach behind two. Beautiful reverse forward. Try to reach your arm around. If you can reach good and slowly, relax to a side angle pose, hold into your double. Reach out. Feel the side, body stretching. Feel the beach beautiful. And now slowly come all the way up. Turn your toes to the other side and more your reach down.

If you can feel the legs are strong, you’re reaching forward. Your arms are stretched up. Relax your shoulders. Nice deep breath, inhale through the nose and exhale out the practice. Then reverse the warrior. That’s it stretch. You can wrap that arm around. Feel that extra stretch as you’re deep into your stretching, your legs. Lift up more through the upper body and slowly relax to the side. Reach to side angle. This arm is reaching out. This leg is nice and strong and straight. Just do what you feel. The stretch free for the legs and body weight slightly forward. We’re going to do a little twist to revolve a twist braid for the waistline, keeping your legs nice and strong and slowly, relax and switch. Lift up up above. Just do what you can. That feels so good stretch and tell them beautiful, flat back.

And slowly using your leg muscles come all the way up. Beautiful. Now we’re going to turn to the side and reach your hand in a twisting revolve and reach our reach. Beautiful and slowly walk to the other side. Walk your hands to the other side. Reach that leg forward. And now the other arm comes up. Stretch, stretch, stretch, and out slowly place both hands on the ground. Up to play poker, all that black hole that straw body shut down, open up your chest. Oh, it feels so good. So important for better posture. Keeping that chest open.

Curl your toes under lift up to downward facing lift your hips. Stretch them, trying to get the heels down, trying to stretch deeply out of the nose. One more deep breath all the way down to your legs. Beautiful. Slowly, sit up. Nice inhale. [inaudible] stretch it out. Stretch. This is great for your low back, you have full stretch your hands to one side. Can you feel that beautiful stretch. Love it. Good. Feel the stretch. And can you walk your hands to the other side? Feel the other side stretch at single rate and slowly inhale up. Exhale, inhale up.

Exhale, bring one leg in front. We’re going to do a pitch of the stretch, our hips. This is a beautiful hip opener. So good. Especially for us women that have tight hips. Oh, it’s one of my favorite old time stretches. If this is a little too hard on your knees, that’s okay too. This stretch this way. There’s no weight on it. That’s just as good for the openers you can do. Okay. Take a deep breath, inhale and exhale and switch legs because that’s it. If you want to pitch in. That’s great too, but this is the, so your version of an opener, inhale and exhale. Oh, does that feel good? You guys, I love it. I love it. I love it. As slowly. Bring your knees to your chest and roll up. It’s take a deep breath together, bring in the oxygen and exhale out. Beautiful. I hope you enjoyed your small little yoga practice, but at least you got the circulation going.

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