STARTS MAY 9th! Sign Up For The 2-Week Walking Challenge!

Just 30 minutes a day can do wonders for your health and confidence!

Walk Your Way To A Healthy and Fit Body!

Walking is one of my favorite workouts because you can do it anywhere, with little to no equipment, and it’s free!! My 2-Week Walking Challenge includes weekly walking guides that build on each week; additional workouts to help you keep your whole body in shape; healthy recipes to fuel your workouts; motivations to keep you on track and enjoying every minute of the challenge; and more!!

Workouts Walk With Me Workout

From weekly walking guides and whole-body workouts to recovery videos to help your body perform at its best, this Challenge has everything you need to tone up your entire body!

Nutrition Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas

Get nutrition-filled recipes for snacks, bowls and smoothies to help fuel your body and get the most out of this Challenge!

Lifestyle Motivational Tips & Tools

You’ll love my suggestions for making walking work for you, treadmill walking tips, motivations to keep you on track, and walking fundamentals. Everything you need to get and stay on the “path” to health!!

STARTS MAY 9th! Sign Up For The 2-Week Walking Challenge!