Fall Fitness Freebies: Waist Trimmer

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | November 27, 2018 | Workouts


Good morning everyone! I’m so excited for you all to join me today for my Fall Fitness Freebie: Waist Trimmer workout!  We will be tightening up our lower tummies while cinching in our waistlines… Focusing on shaping and target toning our lower abs and sides. Think of them as natural tummy tucks! In just 10 minutes you will look and feel leaner!!

AMAZING job everyone! So proud of you! Strong body strong mind. Your dedication is inspiring…keep it up!

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Fall Fitness Freebie: Waist Trimmer Script

Hey everybody, today it’s all about the waistline, cinch in the waistline, and we’re also gonna focus below the belly button, those lower abs. So let’s get started. Let’s take a deep breath together. Inhale and exhale again. Bring in the oxygen equals energy and let it out and let’s stretch through the waist. Get it nice and ready, able to move a little better. That’s it. Stretch it out. Elongate the spine. Your spine is your lifeline. Keep it healthy, keep it strong. Great, and let’s begin.

Pull your knees around and sit up nice and tall. Now slowly just drop your knees to one side and to the other. Really tighten up through the waistline right now, working those oblique muscles, target tone, shape, and that’s it. Nice and in for the tummy cinch those abs in. And that’s it. Now can you raise your feet up off the floor? A Little. That’s great. Give it a try. Now. We’re really working sides of the waistline. Now. Pull it a little more in like little natural tummy tucks and that’s it. It’s all about natural. I’m 100 percent natural. You got it. Okay. Really pull it in and out in and cinch.

Now we’re going to hold it to one side. Hold it right here, in and out. That’s it. Really feel it. Pull it out. That’s great. Target tone that area, really shape it. Got two more on this side. Last one. Ooh, I bet you could feel it. I can do to the other side. Cinch in that waistline. Come on. Pull it in. That’s great. You got this a couple more. It’s worth it to lose an inch around the waist to come on last one. Oh, okay. And release.

And now slowly just reach your gut up and go side to side. Really keep your tummy tight here. Now can you cross a leg in front and over? That’s it. Great. All the way in front. Cross over, so really get into it. Can you cross a little more? Great. Really feel it. That’s it. Twists the waistline. You got a couple more just like this, pull in those abs. Scoop it in that last one. Great.

Okay. Now slowly sit nice and tall. Place your hands behind your thighs and pull your back strong and straight as if you have a string pulling you up all the way up, up, up nice and tall. Keep your back straight and now use your abs and curl, curl, scooping hollow. That’s it again, straight backs. That’s it spine is strong. Straight. Lift up and if I am a little bit, I’m pulling you in a high ponytail, up, up, up, up, and now tuck, scoop in all of those abs. Make them pull in against the tummy, tummy against the spine, and slowly relax.

Bring one knee to the chest and switch it. Lift your chest high. We’re working below the belly button here. That’s it. Great. If you can keep your chin slightly lifted. That’s better after you have an apple or an orange between your chin and given it that much space. Don’t slouch for like this. It’s a lift. It’s a lift. Okay, now we’re going to work the waistline. Here we go. We’re going to do a twist. The elbow to opposite knee. That’s bicycle. Go, go. Come on, give it all. You’ve got 110 percent goes back, is nice and flat. Your abs are strong. You’re using the whole waistline. Two more. Last one, okay. Relax your neck. Beautiful.

Now it’s time to work below the belly button right below that’s working. That whole area, all you do is a reverse crunch. You could absolutely place your hands right here and make it easier on yourself. If not, you can place your hands right back here so you use a hundred percent effort below the belly button, your lower abdominals, that’s it. Think about it. Never want to swing your legs down like that to arch your back. That’s wrong. It’s always flat and all you’re doing is lifting up so very slow, very focused motion because you’re using the lower tummy area. The area we all need to keep our organs in place. That’s it. No more slouchy, arched lower backs that hurt the tummy, that pushes it out. We need it flat. That’s the idea. We’re reeducating the muscles right now to keep them flat and down, just where you need to be. Great flat belly, last one, and release.

Now slowly pull your knees towards your chest, chest comes up off the floor, hold it up there, that’s it, and reach it out. Great, and pull it back in. Good. Now hold it up, belly button in, pull your tummy and feel it out. That’s it. One more pull in. Pull your belly button in, flatten that tummy, come on, make the belly button go navel to spine and out and release. And now slowly relax the neck and now place your hands right here to relax your back.

And now we’re doing toe taps. We’re now focusing again on the lower tummy. Make sure your back is nice and flat. No air could get through to the lower back, not even a slip of paper can get through there. Flatten it out. That’s it. Toe taps. This is now focusing all the muscles right here below the belly button, around the belly button. No more flab here. We’ll get rid of it. Come on. Target tone the muscles, watch what we eat to some walks of cardio and then you’ll really look great. That’s it. Two more and you could do my 10 week plan. I put you on a cardio plan giving you all my fun workouts that really blast fat. Then I also do target toning for abs and arms everyday. A different body spot.

Okay, we’re going to roll up and come all the way up. Let’s do a roll down and all the way back up, all the way up. Great, and now slowly come up on one knee and lift up to the side. Now you log into the arm, stretch up through the spine. Notice my mind with my shoulder and we’re going gonna. Reach up and we’re pulling the belly button. We’re going to scoop in hollow in the tummy. Reach through and come back up. That’s it. Reach through and come back up. Hold it up there, beautiful. Can you do a balance placing one foot in front of the other and balance yourself? Just like that balance. Come on, T-stand. Work the waistline. Now, pull it up. Pull it up. It’s all in the waistline there. Pull it up. That’s it. We got two more pulls. Last one. Come on. Use your abs. Hold it. Hold it. Strong body, strong minds because you are worth it. That’s it.

And come back down. Beautiful. Let’s go to the other side. Just reach up first. Make sure you’re in good position, good body alignment, wrists in line with your shoulder, reaching your arms straight up, and now let’s do some tummy tucks. Lift up, inhale here. Exhale, pull your abs in, pull it in, pull it in like a seatbelt pulled in and reaching back. Beautiful. Inhale, and as you exhale, scoop and hollow out the abs, retraining them to go in and reach up. That’s it. Now hold it up there. Can you elongate the legs? If you can do a natural T-stand, hold it in a T position. Hold it here first. Hold it, hold it. Come on, lift through the hips. Great and down and lift. Really feel it tighten up through the waistline that’s it, waistline trimmers, waistline cinchers. Come down and have a couple more. Just like that. Lift higher. Come on, you can do it. Last one. Come all the way up and release.

Oh, okay. Now to your hands and knees. Make sure on this exercise you keep your abs pulled up and then inhale up and exhale out and come to your hands and knees. What we’re doing is lifting one leg out and reaching the opposite arm. Hold, hold it, and now we’re doing some crunches and pull in touch and pull back out. Inhale here and as you exhale, exhale everything out and tighten your tummy and inhale one more on each side. Inhale, exhale and release ads which arms the other arm comes out and straighten your legs. Inhale here and crutch. Exhale, pull. Inhale out. Exhale, crunch. One more. Inhale up, come on. Really crunch, working the entire waistline, the lower tummy and release.

And now take a deep cleansing breath. Inhale and exhale and stretch to the sky. Working through the waistline. We use those muscles. Yes, we did the obliques. That’s great. And to the other side. Inhale and exhale and take a nice deep breath together. Bring in the energy, drawing it in, inhale through the nose and exhale out the mouth. Ahh. Let it go. One more deep, cleansing breath. Inhale up and exhale out. You did it a great waistline and tummy workout. Congratulations.


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