Fall Fitness Freebies: Barre Toning

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | October 30, 2018 | Workouts

Barre Workout

Hi Everyone! I’m so excited for you all to join me for today’s Fall Fitness Freebie!  Today we will be doing a Barre Workout. I love a good Barre workout – it’s fun to do and so effective. My 30-minute Barre workout on my 10-Week Plan is one of the most popular workouts I have, and for good reason – this type of Barre workout is so beneficial in many ways:

  • Strengthens and lengthens our bodies, helping to give us those beautiful ballerina legs!
  • Works on multiple muscle groups and is GREAT for our core, helping to keep our bellies flat.
  • Promotes flexibility and balance, which is important as we age.
  • Can help to improve your posture, so you are standing taller and feeling more confidant!

Plus it’s a fun workout, so grab a chair and get ready for 10 minutes of Barre workout – the perfect way to start or end a day!


And if you like this quick and effective 10-minute workouts, you will LOVE my target toning workouts in my 10-Week Plan! Members have access to hundreds of workouts. You will not only target-tone, but dance, do cardio and yoga, stretch and more. Plus – my popular TV shows for getting fit on the beach and in nature – beautiful to watch as you get fit! It’s all personalized for your level, too – so make the commitment to get a toned, healthy and fit body – TODAY! Start your free trial now!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out,


Fall Freebie Barre Workout script

Hi everybody, happy Halloween! Our get fit for Fall Freebie is all about the legs. We’re going to firm and target tone our hips our thighs and our buttocks with Barre workout. It’s wonderful. You’ll feel so good and you’ll lengthen your legs, strengthen and tone them. So all you need is a chair. So grab a chair and let’s get started. We’re gonna work on the inner thighs, the outer thighs as well as the back of the thighs, all the angles for the legs. That’s it. This way we’ll get nice and tone so we can have some Halloween candy. I love candy, but everything in moderation. Remember, balance is the key and that’s why I’m here for you today. It’s all about getting it in, shaping and toning. Okay, we got a couple more. Just like that. Lift the leg and lift behind you. When you lift up, squeeze the buttocks. The thighs. This is back of the thighs. That’s it. No more cellulite back there. We’ll burn it all off right there. Last one and let’s just hold it here. Hold it here. That’s it. Beautiful.

And lift the leg out. Quadriceps strength in the thigh muscles, that’s it. Pull it back in. That’s it. Out, and think about good posture, be graceful, be light. That’s it’s all about lifting and Tony and strengthening and lengthening. We’ve got one more. Hold it up there and now shift your weight forward and let’s work the back side. Lift and lower. That’s it. Just baby lifts, lifts, that’s it. Great. Stomach is in back, is strong and straight. It’s all about the tushie and the back of your thighs. That’s it we’ve got one more. Hold it up now. Hold it up. Great. Lift up, up, up, up, up, and release. Great, and now let’s take it all the way down and back up. Squeeze the inner thighs.

Now we’re going to target on the inside of our thighs, the area we all need to squeeze it. If you walk or run, you still don’t get to target the inner thighs. This is a very specific area that we all need to firm up and this one exercise, a little plie, really works on the inner thighs as you come up. Really squeeze everything inside. Feel it. Lift, squeeze the quadriceps. Good, two more and last one to hold it up there and relevate all the way up. That’s it. Relevate. Can you balance? Lift up your chest, squeeze your inner thighs together. Back is strong and straight. You’re beautiful. You’re lengthened you’re strengthened and release.

Let’s go the other side. Just place your chair to the other side and let’s begin our leg swings. It’s a lift and over. Just lift your leg and pull up behind you like sweeping, and switch. Feel as though you’re a ballerina. That’s it. Feel nice and graceful. You’re feeling good about yourself. That’s it. Great workout. I also have full barre routines on my 10-week plan. For those of you that want to join, go ahead and join. You’ll love it. You’ll lose weight even before the new year. You’ll keep your weight off and you’ll lose a lot of weight. The average person has been losing about 22 pounds at 10 weeks. If you follow my plan and it’s worth it because I give you meal plans, some exercises every day, and also some great inspiration because that’s what I really want to help all of us with, motivating ourselves, inspire you. Last one and lift it up back is strong, back is straight. That’s it.

Think about your thighs now. Strengthen and lengthen. It’s all about those quadriceps. That’s it. This’ll keep your muscles of your thighs nice and strong, so if you want to get fit for fall and get yourself ready for ski season, this is the exercises to do. You know why? Because it strengthens the muscles surrounding your knees. Keeping your knees strong, ready to ski. We got one more lift it up. Hold it up and sweep it forward and hold it up. Baby lifts up with the lifting of the leg. Is your bottom nice and tight? Lift. Squeeze the buttocks. If you don’t squeeze it, no one else will, come on. You got that! Feel it, firm it. Suck in the gut. It’s all about those abs too. It’s all about the core. Always be aware, very aware, focused on sucking in the gut. That’s it. We got two more lift it, higher, higher. Squeeze the bottom hold it hold it. Beautiful. Come all the way up. We’re relevate up. Hold it up there. Squeeze your inner thighs. That’s it. Hold it, hold it, hold it, and release.

And now place your chair all the way to the side. We’re going to lengthen your spine and you’re going to do a modified down dog. Hold the stretch through the spine. Lengthen through the back. That’s what I want you to do. Feel it. That’s it. Now can you lift one leg behind you now? Oh, in the buttocks. Come on, squeeze your butt and take it down and squeeze back up. You’ll need a little space here though. Making it the long and lean. That’s it. Long lean legs. Stomach is in. Got two more here. Last one. Hold it up there. Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, and release. Bring the leg down and let the other leg up. Lift it up and bring it back down. Lift up, squeeze the buttocks.

Notice my neck is long. The back is strong and straight. That’s really important. We got two more. Lift that leg. Last one. Get all. You’ve got, here we go. Hold it up there, hold it up and release. Beautiful. It’s worth those outer thighs. Now it’s all about those saddlebags that we don’t like right here. That’s it. Lift and lower. Notice my foot is so important to really shape and tone the outer thighs, lose an inch around those thighs. Yes, it’s all about beautiful, lengthening those legs, lengthen and strengthen, tone and firm, that’s what we’re doing right here. Working our muscles. Did you know that the more muscle cells you use, the more calories you burn and larger muscle cells burn more calories quicker. So this is a quick 10 minute leg routine that really targets every angle of your legs and thighs. We’ve got one more and release.

Bring it across and release. Now, squeeze as you sweep it through your inner thighs. That’s it. No more jigglies and your inner thighs will firm up right now. Squeeze as you lift the leg. You want to squeeze everything inside your legs. That way you’ll really be firm, no more cottage cheese look, come on. We’re firming up our legs having beautiful legs. Great. Get fit for fall. So you feel so good for Thanksgiving and New Years, you’ve got a headstart. Jumpstart your routine right now with me last one, and release.

And switch the chair over to the other side. It’s all about those outer thighs. Now, standing up nice and tall. Flex the foot. We’re now target toning. The outer thighs right here. That’s it. No more saddlebags will slim them down right now with the legs slimmer, but notice the other leg I’m standing on is really strong and straight too, I’m not slouched. It’s all about lifting, squeezing, working every second to maximize your 10-minute workout because that’s what it’s all about. You can do this today. Go for a walk or do one of my other workouts, but now it’s focused. It’s Barre workout. That’s it. That’s one.

And now we go across. Sweep across work your inner thighs, no more jigglies inside there, sweep it, keeping your knees strong and healthy so you’ll be able to move and play sports and ski, whatever you want to have strong legs. This is a fabulous way to from all the way from the pelvic bone down through the ankles, especially the inner thighs. Squeeze it. We got one more, last one. Squeeze it across. Squeeze. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Wonderful.

Okay. Now slowly lean down. Notice my back is strong and straight. Lift up, little stilettos, your heels or high off the floor. That’s it. Lift up, go a little lower. Can you see that back? Is straight back and straight and lift it up. And down, lift it right down. Notice my heels or high heels up. Hi. Hi. Hi. That’s it. Great. Suck it in, and release. And let’s stretch to the side. Hold it side stretch elongates the spine and to the other side. Elongate. That’s it. Wonderful. Stretch and tone. That’s what it’s all about. Okay. Turn your toes out and I’ll take it down and pull together and take it down in second position. And squeeze your thighs, your legs, got two more. That’s it. Last one. Hold it there. And release. Now to the other side. Just work those legs. Okay. Second position. Go down, squeeze in. That’s it. Down. Squeeze in. Are you nice and tall? Make yourself taller. That’s it. We only have a couple more of these and then you’ve done it. You successfully did your legs. Last one. Take it down and release. Let’s just stretch it out. Oh my favorite hip and thigh stretch and buttocks. Good. My favorite stretch of all. And reach up and take it to the other side of the leg and take a nice deep breath. Inhale and exhale. See you next week. Have a great day.


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