3 Best Ways To Flatten The Belly

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | June 7, 2021 | Workouts

I get asked a lot about the three best ways to flatten the belly – which is not surprising, considering a lot of us tend to gain weight in our mid-section, especially as we get older and menopause belly becomes a reality! The good news is that you CAN tone up those abs and flatten the belly. All it takes is some commitment and consistency!!

I recommend people do ab exercises at least three times a week to help flatten the belly: This will help to strengthen the abdominal muscles, keeping them strong and healthy. Did you know that for most people, getting out of bed is the only time we really challenge our abdominal muscles? This is why the abdominal muscles are some of the weakest in our bodies – and why we should work on making them stronger and healthier!

Benefits of Core Exercises

Your abs are the core of your body – the center. Doing exercises to flatten the belly will:

  • Work those ab muscles helping to make them lean and strong
  • Give you a flat, sexy belly
  • Promote a healthy spine and back
  • Encourage better posture

To really flatten the belly, you need to add in cardio workouts (my DeniseAustin.com membership gives you plenty of cardio workouts to choose from, including walking, dancing and kickboxing!); eat healthy, whole foods and limit the amount of junk food you eat; and practice target-toning exercises that are focused on flat abs. I have mini-challenges, like my 2-week Total Body Toning Challenge, which is a toning plan that includes ab-specific workouts. Start your free trial today to begin toning up your whole body, including toning your abs!

Three Moves To Do To Flatten The Belly

For specific workouts to target the different areas of the abdominal muscles and help flatten the belly, keep the following in mind:

For the rectus abdominus, which is your “six pack” area, you will want to do a traditional sit up or crunch.

For your internal and external obliques, or sides of the waistline, do a Side Plank. This will help keep your back strong and healthy – important as we age!

For the transverse abdominis, which is deep inside the abdominals and stabilizes our core, do a Low Plank – it is really effective for this area.


Remember that just an extra five minutes per day working on your abs will REALLY help! You WILL see and feel the difference – flatter abs, a strong, healthy back, and better posture. So let’s banish the “pooch” and embrace a flat, lean midsection! Start your FREE TRIAL today for access to all my ab-specific workouts, cardio workouts and healthy eating plan – all important for flat abs and belly!

Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out!


P.S. And don’t forget to join my FREE Total Body Toning Challenge!!

Core Move Transcripts

Video Script: Do It Right Sit Up

Let’s do it right a perfect sit-up today ok a crunch but let’s make sure you’re using 100% of abdominal strength to help flatten out those bellies so sitting up nice and tall make sure you place your hands behind your neck just for support of the weight of your head now as you come up I really want you to exhale out and as you exhale you flap without the building you just like that belly and you press the small of the back against the floor and you come back down you inhale here inhale and as you come up you exhale out and as you see I’m not straightening my net forward it’s a little imagine an apple or an orange right between your chin and your chest that’s it a simple set up is a perfect way to really strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Video Script: Do It Right Side Plank

Hi everybody it’s Denise Austin! Let’s do it right today it’s all about the side plank ok so important to keep your abdominals and core strong and your shoulders – so when you first get up to a T stand make sure you’re holding your body upright lifting through the chest notice my wrist in my shoulder is in one straight line this is the advanced version for you just starting out go ahead and just drop a knee hold it up you’re working the waistline lift it up zip up the tabs and hold it that’s it also if you like to start right on your elbow that’s fine too just lift it up and hold you can do it and always do both sides this is a fabulous way to tighten those core muscles.

Video Script: Do It Right Low Plank

Let’s do it right today’s move is a low plank one of the best ways to flatten that belly working your transverse abdominis muscle the muscle that holds your tummy in throughout the day so important to nice flat bellies so let’s make sure you’re doing that exercise correctly now when you’re getting down to your elbows you want to make sure your elbows are in line with your shoulders your hands can be flat like this your hands can be together whatever way it could be fist whatever ways most comfortable for you now lift up your belly squeeze the buttock muscles strengthen your thigh muscles and hold the position by tightening up the abs  hold hold suck in the gut pull it up fight gravity don’t let your tummy droop down like this or up like this that’s wrong it’s all about strong straight low plank it’s a fabulous way to tighten the belly


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