Are You Doing the Pilates 100? Why You Should!

Denise Austin by Denise Austin | April 6, 2019 | Workouts

The Pilates 100 is such a popular move for a reason – it works!! With consistency, it really works those abs, to tighten and firm all the different areas of your tummy! So try this all new video, where I show you how to do the Pilates 100, and read on for all the Pilates 100 benefits it offers! And if you want more Pilates moves and workouts, become a member! I have hundreds of workouts that target all different areas of the body, including Pilates (and yoga) workouts! So good for keeping your body healthy, lean and flexible. Start your 7-day free trial of my plan today!!

Pilates has been a mainstay in my workout routines for a while… it helps to really connect the mind and body through movements. Instead of rushing through a hard-core workout, you are encouraged to focus on every movement, making each movement precise, controlled, and perfectly executed. It’s refreshing in this day and age of so much going on, to actually take time to do something 100%!

It is also so good for people with body aches and pains, as it can help to ease you back into health. It’s something I have recommended for years to friends and readers who have written in about back pain, because it can really help!

I hope you like this workout – add it to your routine and you will see such great results in no time at all – flatter abs, a stronger core, a healthy back… you can do it!!


Let’s get fitter, together – inside and out!

Video Transcript:

Hi everybody. Today it’s all about the core to flatten our belly. Let’s begin with one of the best exercises, the 100 I’m going to teach you an easy way and then a more challenging way, so knees at 90 degree angles pressed the belly button down into the floor. Raise your head and shoulders up. Arms right here and little baby presses. Press down, arms. You’re strong, you’re working the powerhouse, those abs, but you have to make sure the navel is down and now breathe. Just like that. You have the over. Exaggerate the breath. It flattens it. Belly when you exhale

just like that. Now for those of you that want to do about 50 here and then another 50 here, this is a little harder. This is the challenging move of 100 hold it up there. Press press. You’ve got it. That’s it. Breathe. You should also turn up your toes and try it like that. It’s a little different. Gets right in the pelvic area and release. My other favorite is chest up and switch and switch. That’s it. Notice my chin is up. That’s it. Using your abdominals, the core muscles to get you up. And for those of you that want to go to the next level, who didn’t straighten out your legs. Straight leg, straighten. Exhale.

That’s it. Beautiful. Really lengthen through the legs. You got it. Really use the abdominals, the center of your body, the core, the powerhouse. You could do it last one and release. Now bring your knives into your chest and reach it out and lay eggs into your chest and reach it out. Try a couple of these. They’re a little more advanced, but you could do it. You could always stay here and then go to here. Pull using your lower tummy out. Double crunch. Oh, inhale, exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Two more. Work in the belly, working to flatten that tummy. Last one, and release and slowly relax. Now when rule like a ball roll up, this massage is your spine also works your lower tummy. That’s it. I’ve got two more. Last one. Roll like a ball and come all the way up this time. Beautiful. Can you hold it? Can you hold it? Hold it up there, hold it up there and release. So those are some easy Pilates moves that you can do.

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